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So this morning I found that there was a hole in one of the windows at the Spirit House at SAI where something had obviously broken in. I also found a bunch of the smaller spirits basically unconscious and seemingly drained of their energy.

I don't understand why the security system didn't go off to alert me though! For something like this it should of gone off straight away. It doesn't look like it's been tampered with. The security camera in there also didn't pick up anything at all.

I'm really not happy about this. Especially about the spirits. A window can be replaced, but these spirits were innocent and were preyed upon by something. They're in a terrible state and it wasn't pleasant having to tell Tomoko that a bunch of her spirit friends that she works so hard with aren't well right now.

I'm going to have to isolate these spirits for now, keep an eye on them and see if they gain any energy back, but I am really angry that this happened to them and I have no leads on what caused it.
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I don't understand how this could've happened...the security system should've picked up something, there should be some kind of trail...! I looked all over the spirit house and the surrounding area and there's nothing!
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I don't know. It's almost like the break in and the attack all happened simultaneously before the security systems could detect anything.

This is very irritating. We have no trail, no leads and our victims can't even communicate to us what happened to them.
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....if it really was that hunter the High Court sent, then I'll personally be delivering a very tersely worded reaction to the Judge Man's doorstep only as soon as I can find the next opportunity.
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... What sort of creature or person could of even done all that.

Could this be related to that rogue Duelist sent by Judgeman?
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Maybe his time engine needs the power of Duel Spirits to feed it or something?
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He and Wakahisa are probably our best bets at the moment.
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Do you guys need any more funding?
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I meant for additional security.

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... There's probably someone who could do so.

I'll look into it.
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... I am sorry to hear that this occurred.

I saw mention though, that you may think this is that hunter's doing...?
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... It is possible.

I just simply wonder to what aim it would be. While the idea of needing Duel Spirit's energy is probable, I would feel that someone under more direct orders like this would have... more direct access to such means, without this.

... However, that is merely speculation. It is clear, at the least, that there is a problem. And it needs to be fixed.
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I could offer my personal services, however, given the uncertain state of this, it would not be viable to be present there at the times that're necessary.

... I could, however, think of something... I might be able to summon a monster that could be capable of operating outside of time, and then Shian would be able to retrieve it's memory, if what you wish for is proof of the occurrence.

But I would need Noriko to be able to make certain it could exist, even if I am some distance away. Currently, even if it were a small, single monster, it would not be able to persist if I am outside of the city, for example.
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I will speak to Noriko on it, then.

... I just hope it will help... This is all by the chance that they will return, after all. Whoever did this.
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Of course.

The ability to move through time, and to stop it in a centralized area, is a difficult obstacle to overcome. I can only hope to stop others from abusing it for such means as this.