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Private to Icarus

I need to speak with you rather urgently.

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What is it, owlhead.

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Yeah. Mostly just when she's passed out in her hotel room, but we've been texting. Why.

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Are you sure it's her.

Because that's some pretty serious shit to be flinging around if you're not absolutely sure it's Alexandra that's responsible for this.

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...for the past couple months, she's been holed up in her hotel room, doing meaningless stuff like making tons of decks to keep herself occupied. She doesn't want to get involved in the conflicts here, but she didn't want to just leave and go back to America either, for a reason she didn't want to tell me.

...she also seemed nervous about the idea of running into Tori and Yasha. I was gonna talk to her about it again, but she just wasn't there when I went to check on her the next day. Since then, I've only seen her in person when she's asleep in her room. She hasn't been there in a few days. I assumed she was just tired of being cooped up and was out doing things all day. Like I said, we've been texting. Nothing out of the ordinary. She's just said she's been out doing things in the city.


Our connection's gotten gotten a lot less deep since The Astronaut went back to sleep and I turned back into a Dark Armed Dragon. I can't sense everything she does like I used to. So I can't tell you exactly where she's been or what she's doing, but I know Alex. She's been living peacefully for the past few years and in that time, she decided she was done with fighting messed up battles like you guys do all the time. She wouldn't get involved in this Numbers shit. You're probably mistaken.

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I'll bring her to see you. When you see it's not her, I'm taking her back to America myself.

I have the option to make it so she's not involved and after this, I'm taking it.