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Journal Entry + Event Post 61

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Well, at least I didn't forget that it's my birthday today, unlike last year. There's a bit too much going on to really celebrate it though.


Event Post

*If you want to wish Juudai a happy birthday in person, or give him a present, he can be found either in his office at SAI or around Sakana!*
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Oh, uh.

Happy Birthday.

... Do you usually forget it?
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... Well, uh, better late than never, there?

What do you even do for birthdays.
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Well, at least you celebrate them at all, you know.
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I guess we'll have to celebrate during a later date.

Which is about par for course.
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We really do. But... considering the work we both do, it's a somewhat acceptable loss.

But I wish we could be more selfish, some times.
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Hrm. Maybe end of September between the end and start of Semesters? Or maybe end of August?
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If you say so.
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Wouldn't mind a play or ice skating.
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And will be less embarrassing then you wearing an eyes open mask, snoring in the audience.
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A lady never forgets.
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[Event Post]

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::Has a fairly brightly wrapped box with your name on its tag sitting at her desk where she does your paperwork.::
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Re: [Event Post]

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Well, it's good manners for one and you're the boss, so, yeah. Present. ... And sorry that you got chewed out recently.

Re: [Event Post]

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::It's a mug with Flame Wingman on one side and Neos on the other.::

Re: [Event Post]

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No problem. Neos is like your buddy and if I remember, Flame Wingman is your favorite monster...?

Re: [Event Post]

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Enjoy, sir. And I hope you have a better birthday next year.
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Happy Birthday.

... I do hope that an upcoming year will be more pleasant, for you.
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Indeed. I am certain that many people would rest easier.

But... Do try to enjoy today.
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[personal profile] unluckystar 2015-08-12 10:23 pm (UTC)(link)
[Desdemona brought cake! She made a chocolate cake and brought it to SAI for Juudai's birthday. Everybody gets a piece but because she doesn't wanna embarrass Juudai, so she doesn't drag him out for a happy birthday song or anything.

Instead, she pokes into his office with a plate and a piece of cake.]

Afternoon, Juudai-kun. Fancy some cake?
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[personal profile] unluckystar 2015-08-12 10:35 pm (UTC)(link)
[She sets the plate on his desk and sets a fork next to it.] It wouldn't be a proper birthday without some, after all.

How's the day finding you so far?
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I'm glad to hear it. [Desdemona finds herself a seat on an unoccupied corner of Juudai's desk.]

And how have...other things, been going? [As she asks, she tries to keep her pleasant smile, but it fades a bit, tipping what 'other things' she's probably referring to.]
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[Desdemona lets out a low sigh. She knew Alex was resourceful, but that she's proving to be this slippery is concerning.]

...are you sure you'll be able to face her with your full strength, when she does come here?
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[Desdemona speaks softly, and without missing a beat:] I'm not referring to your deck, Juudai.