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It seems a bit 'one thing after another' at the moment with the Numeral Hunters, rank-up cards and then the demons. I also feel that I've lost the friendship of someone who I was very close to through all of this, which I won't lie and say it doesn't hurt, because it does, but right now our opinions differ greatly, so I'll respect the wishes or her and her partner to keep my distance, unless I have a good reason not to.

The issue at the momentum reactor was solved, but we now have the issue with a woman named 'Labrys' who is apparently searching for some 'Legendary Numbers'. What they exactly are and why she needs them, we don't know, but apparently they exist.
I don't have anything against Labrys, she did help out with the demon situation which I'm very grateful for, but I'm suspicious over these 'Legendary Numbers'. A title like that makes them seem like they aren't like the regular Numbers.

I also got to speak to Labrys myself and I questioned her a little on the Rank-Up cards. She said the one she gave to Yuma was something she was given with expectations that she was to give it to someone who was fighting against the demons, but that it was also a prototype for 'something more', but didn't know what that something more was. Nor could she answer anything on the other Rank-Up cards that have been around, though she seemed more surprised about Inner Demon's Force being mentioned. I feel like that one she definitely didn't know about.

For now we'll be investigating into the 'Legendary Number' that we have a location for.

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