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I haven't posted anything about this yet, but gradually we've been converting the former Spirit Foundation building on Sakana's grounds into two 'luxury' apartments. They're not super fancy or anything like that, they just have slightly more bigger rooms than at Sakana itself and both apartments will also have kitchens of their own.

So far the upstairs apartment is finished. It was the easiest to convert as it was already set up into separate apartment-like rooms.
This apartment has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area and a bathroom.
The upstairs apartment also has access to a balcony at the back that goes across the top of the former spirit house, which is now being used as an indoor temperature controlled greenhouse for all Sakana residents.

The bottom apartment is still being worked on, but it's nearly finished. We're expecting that one to be done by the New Year. This one just needed a little more converting due to it's layout.
Just like the upstairs, it'll have two bedrooms, a living area, kitchen and bathroom.

Both apartments will have some basic furnishings, like beds and sofas. Just items of furniture that we used at the foundation which we didn't need for the SAI building, and since it's still good funiture, we decided to re-use them for the apartments.

I think that's all the details I needed to cover!
If you want any further details, just contact either Kawasaki Sayuri-san or my wife, Yuuki Asuka who both co-run the Sakana apartments together.

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