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The New Horizons Project is beginning this week, so I thought I'd write up a bit more about it and what you'll be doing for those who are going to be taking part!

This is a joint project between SAI, Duel Academy and LDS which will allow students from LDS, Duel Academy and Domino High School, as well as graduates, to take part in gaining experience and learning about the supernatural, including Duel Spirits and those with unusual abilities. We hope by the end of the project that you'll have a better understanding of our mission and of the supernatural in general.
For the duelists among you, LDS' side is there to help give you more experience in your dueling, especially with the Action Duel system and will be aimed at giving you a better chance of getting into professional dueling. You will be able to compete with your fellow duelists on the project in exhibition matches and may even get to show off your skills to potential sponsors who might visit and watch.

At SAI, you will be working in groups in various different areas of our work, including;
- Working in our 'Spirit House' in order to help look after and interact with the smaller spirits that reside there and help in the assistance of the guided tours.
- Helping with public talks in areas such as schools, community centres, town hall ect.
- Helping to handle small controllable problems on the street, under the guidance of a SAI employee/volunteer. This might include helping to diffuse small issues peacefully, or doing such things as re-locating a small spirit that may have made it's home in an unwanted place.
- You may also get the chance to help educate some spirits in human customs and culture.

SAI employees and volunteers will also be providing you all every now and then with talks on various areas of our work; our goals, the issues we wish to tackle, things like that.

The project will take place twice a week, allowing those still at school to attend regular classes for the rest of the week, though this project will help to count towards your grades at the end of the year.
For those who are graduates, if you happen to find an area of work at SAI that you feel passionate in, you are more than welcome to do any extra volunteer work for the extra experience!

I think that about covers it! I am really looking forward to the start of this project!

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