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i_like_red ([personal profile] i_like_red) wrote2016-12-07 12:37 am
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Event Post 63 - Hospital

*Laying still in his hospital bed, all Juudai could do was stare up at the ceiling of the room he was in. It'd been a while since he had last found himself in this kind of position, but his luck was due to run out eventually, right? He'd been unconscious since returning from the warp and had only just regained consciousness a few days after it. All he knew was that he definitely didn't feel 'right', he felt like there was more wrong with him than just physical injuries and even though he could still feel Yubel's presence in his soul, he hadn't heard from them. He'd even noticed that some of the injuries he had sustained while protecting Alex's life energy were not healing as fast as they usually would.
Somehow he felt like he had a long recovery ahead of him.

Feel free to come and visit him.*

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