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I've not really made a big thing of my birthday the last few years, aaand there's been a few years where I've even forgotten about it entirely.

I wonder if I should do anything big for my 30th next year.

Guess I have a whole year of being 29 to figure it out!

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the Duel Festival! Seems like something really fun for everyone!
Ruka came to me with an idea about possibly setting up a small duel spirit 'petting zoo' for the festival, so people can meet and learn about Duel Spirits and get to interact with them. I think it's a pretty good idea, so it's something we'll be looking into!
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Well, at least I didn't forget that it's my birthday today, unlike last year. There's a bit too much going on to really celebrate it though.


Event Post

*If you want to wish Juudai a happy birthday in person, or give him a present, he can be found either in his office at SAI or around Sakana!*
I didn't even realize it was August already, let alone it being the 10th! I kinda did a double take when Asuka wished me a happy birthday this morning, haha.

*If you want to say happy birthday to Juudai in person, or give him a present, he can be found either at the Spirit Foundation, or the park!*
Did anyone else get a letter recently about some kind of card hunting game? It sounds like it could be a lot of fun, so I sent the form off to confirm my participation today!
I wonder how we find these duelists with these "Number" cards though. Hm, I guess we just have to duel who we can and they'll use the card if they have it.

I'm really looking forward to this!

Oh, I forgot to mention my birthday that was a few weekends back. Asuka and I ended up going on a spontaneous weekend trip to the beach to celebrate it. I'm really glad we did, I think it was good for the both of us. We haven't had much of a chance to go on a trip together for a while.
Well, I'm officially 23 now!!
You know what I kinda miss from the Academy? Tamagopan! I wonder if Tome-san still does that there and if everyone has just as much fun trying to get it as we did!
Heh, random thought for the day, I guess!

We're already into August, I swear it was July the last I looked. My birthday is next Friday. I'll be 23. Geez, when did I reach that age?
I dunno if I'll find time to do anything for it, I might do, but I've had my mind on a lot of things lately, like Ghost, the WRGP, the Spirit Foundation and the masked woman who attacked the park the other day, though that's more Isabel's fight than mine. Don't think I was much help the other day anyway.

The Spirit Foundation is going great! There's still some things that need sorting out, but the building itself was finished a while ago. We still need someone to help us with the paperwork for the place, which will be a paid position at the foundation. I was gonna advertise about it after the WRGP, but if anyone reads this and you're interested, let me know! We'll be opening up to anyone who wishes to spend any free time to help us as well!
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Y'know, I barely even realized we were in August already. My birthday is on Tuesday!
Mostly just posting to say...


Have an awesome day!! :D
Haha! Well, I guess I'm 20 today!

Event Post

*Do you want to go wish Juudai a happy birthday? Maybe even give him a present? Well now you can go visit him at his apartment in Sakana! Let's make this birthday a happy one for him! I kinda owe it to him :<*
*Hey Sakana Peoples, Juudai is in the kitchen, wearing an apron and looking down at a plastic bowl and various ingredients like eggs, flour ect. awkwardly.
He's going to try and bake a chocolate cake for Asuka for her birthday tomorrow!! Only... it's Juudai, even with instructions he's bound to mess it up! Feel free to come and help him or just to talk to him while he's here! (Or sit by and laugh at his attempts)

And yes, this is the closest you're gonna get to Dark Signer Haou Juudai baking muffins ;p*
College has kept me kinda busy this past week, among other things, so I haven't had much chance to update this! I visited Kouyou-san in the hospital recently and he seems to be doing okay, I'm gonna visit again tomorrow and spend some time with him! He said if I brought a deck along for him the next time I visited, we could have a duel like how we used to when I first met him! That's gonna be so awesome!! So I've been going through my spare cards to see what deck I can build for him!

So... it seems the weird happenings at Duel Academy seem to be in full swing already from what I've seen of my friends page. What happened recently? I saw Chronos-sensei's post but...
...I dunno, maybe it would be for the best if I DIDN'T know...
...whatever it is, I hope everyone there can handle it.

Oh! And a late happy birthday to Souha and Shikou!
Haha, well the party was interesting! And despite some of the things that happened, I still had a lot of fun! Aawh, Isabel, it's too bad you were busy, I think you would of enjoyed the party! But I'm sure we'll have others.

Though I'm never agreeing to play "Spin the Bottle" ever again and Manjoume really needs to get his duel arena fixed.

Anyway, the party finished kinda late, so I walked Asuka home, then went home myself. Only I was woken up at about almost 5am this morning by a REALLY loud knocking on my door... actually someone had been hitting it with a bat, but when I looked outside there was nothing there except the bat and a note.
It was nothing bad, so no need to worry, the note was kinda helpful actually.
Though, if anyone is interested, I'm looking for having some friendly duels, just to test something out. I'll be hanging out in Domino Park tomorrow, so just come and find me.

I have quite a busy week ahead of me! Taking Asuka to the zoo on Monday, going to the Arcade with Ayumi on Wednesday and at the end of the week, I finally plan to go and see about this apartment place Fujiwara recommended!

Things feel really good right now!
...I'd ask why Jean has a twin all of a sudden now, when I'm sure she never had one, but... I really think I'd be better off not really asking.

Guess I haven't been around much this weekend... what with Shou's birthday on Saturday and ... well... guess I just felt like not really paying much attention to the community for a while. Hanging out with Shou was fun though!
Hey, to all those who know Shou, we're thinking of hanging out in the Osiris Red dining area for his birthday tomorrow afternoon, just like a small get together with snacks and games! So come by if you want to wish him a happy birthday!
Another Monday, another week started. Been a kind of a boring day actually.
I hope health class this week isn't as embarrassing as last weeks was.
Taking Rei to Xi's coffee shop later as a late birthday present... Shou's birthday is this week too!

Also, what happened to Jean last night? Seems she's stopped trying to be evil at least...
Hummm, so I tried out this online shopping thing today!
I managed to buy some things for the festival, decorations and such, they look pretty neat!! Hopefully I've bought enough to cover the places I want to decorate on the island!
While I was at this site I also ordered a birthday present for Ayumi and a little present for Asuka...it's nothing much but I think it's pretty cool so hopefully she'll like it! It said it would take 3-5 days for delivery so... guess we'll see when everything turns up!!

Having all this DP has come in really handy!

Time Flies

May. 21st, 2008 08:05 pm
It's been quiet these past few days. I'm kinda glad about that, it's allowing me to work on the stuff I missed when I was on holiday.
Well, kinda... I keep getting distracted from it.

I should use this quiet time to think up some more ideas for that Summer Festival! I'm thinking we could hold it in maybe late June or early July!! I think it was suggested that we should do a costume contest so I've noted that down!! If you have any other ideas for the festival then feel free to throw them at me!!

Huh... just kinda realized how fast this year is going. We're already near the end of May.
My 19th birthday is less than three months away. Graduation is about 4 months away.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASUKA!! I hope you have a really fun day! I'll make sure to give you your present when I see you! :D

((OOC: Just so you know, his present to Asuka is this bear he asked Ayumi to make: http://i28.tinypic.com/alj0qo.jpg ))
I should be able to do another duel tomorrow! So I'll choose one of you and let you know...or something like that :D I'll need to keep Wednesday free though, it's Asuka's birthday that day, but I'll take more duels for the rest of the week!!
You know, I really feel with this dueling practise idea that I'm moving more forward!



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