I just had a really fun duel with Shikou! It was the first win I've had against him too! But whether it had been a win or a loss it would of been fun either way! Thanks for the duel, Shikou!

Haaa, well I spent most of the weekend moping up the floors of the Academy and helping to fix the doors Jin and I trashed. Everything is pretty much fixed up now!
Chronos-sensei just stood there and watched, then complained when I missed a spot... haha... it was kinda like being back at the Academy all over again!

Also I gotta tell Neos that he shouldn't let Hane Kuriboh into the coffee pot in the kitchen, she was bouncing off the walls this morning and it took me ages to calm her down.
...well looks like I'm spending the weekend cleaning tire tracks off the floors of the Academy. It was nice of Chronos-sensei to not make me pay for the damage, at least.
College has kept me kinda busy this past week, among other things, so I haven't had much chance to update this! I visited Kouyou-san in the hospital recently and he seems to be doing okay, I'm gonna visit again tomorrow and spend some time with him! He said if I brought a deck along for him the next time I visited, we could have a duel like how we used to when I first met him! That's gonna be so awesome!! So I've been going through my spare cards to see what deck I can build for him!

So... it seems the weird happenings at Duel Academy seem to be in full swing already from what I've seen of my friends page. What happened recently? I saw Chronos-sensei's post but...
...I dunno, maybe it would be for the best if I DIDN'T know...
...whatever it is, I hope everyone there can handle it.

Oh! And a late happy birthday to Souha and Shikou!
So, my practical exam today was against Chronos-sensei. It's the first time I've dueled him since my first year and... it just felt right to end my last school year with a duel like that... I totally forgot I was even being tested on it actually.
Weird thing was... it ended just like my first duel with him did, just...
...it was really nostalgic.
Then he kinda broke down crying in front of everyone, heheh ^^;

But thank you, Chronos-sensei! For being my final opponent as a student at the Academy and for being a great teacher.

A lot of people turned up for the memorial for Ryuuji yesterday in the lobby, it was... sad but... it was nice to share memories too so...
...talked to Chronos-sensei about maybe putting a memorial somewhere in the academy for him too, he said he'd see what he could do about it.

I think they're giving the written tests out tomorrow... guess that's when I'll be heading home. Tried calling home another three times today, still no reply so... guess my parents aren't there at all, looks like I'll probably be home alone then...

I think I'll just go take a shower and nap for a while or something.
*Juudai walks up the corridor and stops at the door to Chronos' office. After standing there a few seconds, he knocks on the door*
Well, guess I did end up going to that barbecue party for the first years yesterday, Johan and I kinda got dragged along but it was fun at least! Lots of good food and I had been studying most of the day before that!
After I left I went back to my dorm and tried writing this report for Duel Theory, I don't remember how long I stayed up writing it...kinda lost track of time and it seems I fell asleep while writing it, I woke up at my desk this morning. I was almost late for Duel Theory class too!! But I made it with a minute to spare! HAHA!
Urgh, trying to stay awake during the class was hard, guess I shouldn't of stayed up trying to write that report... I have the first of Chronos-sensei's extra classes for me today too.

This is going to be a really long day.


Aug. 9th, 2006 11:02 pm
ARGH! The TV gave out on us while we were watching the title match between DD and Dr. Collector!! Chronos-sensei keeps telling to to stop hitting the TV but how ELSE do you fix something like this!? >/
I didn't realize we were going back to the Academy so soon! But Chronos-sensei told me we're going the long way back to enjoy a nice cruise or something, he looked kind of stressed out actually :/ But the ice-cream party is still on!! Chronos-sensei said we could hold it on the Obelisk blue white boat!! Before we left I managed to find an ice-cream shop near the harbour and bought every flavour ice-cream they had I won't be buying cards anytime soon, I used all my money on it ;___;. So the party is on Saturday!! Everyone can come!!

Anyway the duel with Mizuchi was so awesome! Especially the Dark God! Whoooo! It was a really fun duel!
I just wish she could of escaped the virtual world with us...but I'm really glad Shou and Kenzan are safe.

Filtered from Saiou and the rest of the Hikari no Kessha, unhackable cos Ed made it so!! :D )

Filtered from Ed )


Jan. 26th, 2006 04:42 pm
The duel between Vice Principal Napoelon and Temporary Principal Chronos was so awesome!!!
Also, why is there white paint all over my dorm room?? :/


Jun. 6th, 2005 11:48 pm
Today a bee flew into class and stung Chronos-sensei! He kept trying to swat it with his hands and when he caught it, it stung him!! :D :D
Yeah, he said a lot of words I didn't understand after that :/
Then he blamed me for letting the bee in >>; I didn't let the bee in!!!
Well I beat the Vampire Lady and got back Chronos-sensei and Kasier Ryou. I'm so glad they're both safe now. Chronos-sensei is still freaking out a little and Kasier is still unconscious in the medical bay.
As for Carmulla, when she lost her Phantom Gate did something really weird, then she just exploded into dust kinda like how they do on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...
And thankyou Fubuki, for giving me your bling other half of the pendant, it really helped out! :D
Oh yeah, I have the item Carmulla had around her neck now more shiny bling for me! :D

Everything is over with, for now anyway...
I've been kinda having these weird nightmares recently...I'm kinda hoping they'll go away now I know everyone is safe and that Carmulla is gone...
...though this whole thing is far from over. I just hope we can take some time to relax a little...

It's a shame the castle had to collapse, that was a good place to hold parties... :D
Right now I'm just sat under a tree watching the stars in the sky. After everything that's happened, Chronos-sensei losing the shadow game, the party at the Vampire Lady's castle, Fubuki torching the medical room only to rebuild it with things he bought off Ebay, it's kind of nice to relax...

...with most people still at the Vampire Lady's castle it's really peaceful here on the island. The stars are quite pretty tonight...
Urgh, okay, so much stuff has happened...

That nurse went and drugged Fubuki, Kohara and I with cookies she snuck into the ones Asuka made for us, she then spent the next few days torturing us with needles while we were under sedatives We seriously need to get her fired... but soon after she was dragged away kicking and screaming, leaving the three of us in really bad shape Shadow games I can handle, but her? Nooooope

So we had to stay in the hospital wing and rest. There was all these rumors about there being a vampire at the school, then last night Hayato rushed into the hospital wing to tell us Chronos-sensei was gonna have a shadow game with this Vampire Lady. Shou, Asuka and Hayato watched the duel on the PDA for a bit but eventually I told them I really wanted to go down there to watch and support Chronos-sensei, so Hayato carried me on his back and we both went down with Shou.

Chronos-sensei was amazing and it was such a cool duel....but he lost...the lady took his key and his soul is now trapped in some doll. I think the lady is after Kaiser next, she kept looking at him weirdly...
...but for now, what should we do? We currently have a vampire on the loose and a chronos doll on our hands. Maybe we should have a meeting, yes a meeting, maybe we could negotiate with the vampire lady to give Chronos-sensei his soul back, after all the doll is a bit annoying. I couldn't stop Pharaoh from trying to use him as a play toy, so we eventually just gave him to Manjoume to look after...

Ow...okay.....I'm still in pain from my Shadow Game and the numerous needle punctures on my arms I really need to sleep right now...but we should arrange a meeting with the vampire Lady maybe we could try getting her high on coffee which could hold her off for a week like with Darkness...it's okay....no coffee for me....I don't think my body could handle the caffeine rush right now...

I wonder what Manjoume will do with the Chronos-doll now he has it...
Hummmm, I spent most of last night talking to the little rabid Hane Kuriboh hallucinations caused by Chronos' drugged chocolate that he gave us. That was kind of a relief, I was worried my flu was coming back Even if it was there is at least no nurse right now to make it any worse

Ugh, Pharaoh just coughed up a hairball on my bed... --;


Apr. 2nd, 2005 11:34 am
Hahaha! Our Chronos humiliating himself on TV party was so much fun! :D :D Manjoume and I rigged up Chronos' TV to play it and you could hear his screaming all the way at the Osiris Red dorms :D


It was the most fun EVER!
After watching the show we decided it would be fun to duel each other, just with placing the cards on the floor of our room and not with the duel disks though, but I can't remember any of it cos I fell asleep, yeah I think the only time I'll fall asleep when any kind of duel is going on is when I'm sick with a high fever. I vaguely recall someone trying to wake me up but all I remember is mumbling something about "Flame Wingman" and "Pie" before going back to sleep.

Then when I woke up this morning I found I had pen doodles over my face...
....which one of you did that? Whoever did they were some awesome drawings...then again it might have been more than one of you who did, I at least recognized who the drawing of the pretty Chronos of my forehead belonged too Shouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
It took me forever to wash them off though Oo;

Afterwards, I started on my way to the Library but on the way I bumped into Daitokuchi-sensei and he told me that I looked kinda pale and that I really should rest some more but I said I was fine...
....yeah kinda wished I took his suggestion now, I really do feel awful and I guess throwing a party while I was ill probably wasn't the best thing to do... but nothing stops me from having FUN!!!! Not even an extremely high fever!!!!!! :D :D :D

Oh look....there's some little Hane Kuribohs dancing on the keyboard! :D :D
Okay....that either means I'm delirious or have gone insane...
....or both...

Talking of insane.... yeah...Fubuki... all this talk on Shadow Games and managing to control things within the academy....yeah... I don't feel comfortable with any of that.
So your challenging me to a Shadow Game? Well I've always believed that a man should except any challenge thrown his way and I've never been one to turn down a duel... but... from what I've learned about Shadow Games, the loser always suffers. I don't think Asuka would be happy if anything happens to either of us, she's the one who's really suffering here! You should really take a look at what all this is doing to her! She's your little sister! Doesn't that mean anything to you!?
I don't know anything about having a real little brother or sister, Shou is pretty much the closest thing I have to one, but I know the reason why older brothers are born first, to protect those who come after...

Though, something tells me I'm not actually going to have a choice in whether I duel you or not... and I personally don't like the way your screwing around with us. I'm worried you'll do something to hurt my friends and everyone else at the academy and that is unforgivable!
If worse comes to worse, and a Shadow Duel is the only thing that'll stop you...then yes....at the risk of Asuka hating me for the rest of my life or having my soul sucked into something, I'll except your challenge. Both are high prices to pay, but the safety of my friends and the whole academy is worth it.

That said, I really think I should go back to bed...the little Hane Kuribohs are starting to bite me now...

((OOC: Yeah, I'm guessing Juudai has no real brothers or sisters of his own. Nothing has been revealed about his family so I'm allowed to have a creative license with that :D :D))
Well today, despite everything, I managed to pull a prank on Chronos-sensei. I put a whoopie cusion on his chair and everyone laughed when he sat on it. Then he spouted a lot of Italian words....some I don't think he should of said in front of a class of 15-year-olds, though I'm not sure as I don't understand a word of Italian.
Yeah it is like the oldest trick in the book, but hey, it's April Fools! :D

I still feel terrible over what happened with Asuka's brother, I haven't felt like this in....well... ever, really. Sure I've felt guilty over things before, but not like this. Hell, I think a Yami no Game is less painful than what I feel right now, after all I've probably screwed over Asuka's life, I've broken her brother thanks to my stupid idea and Kaiser Ryou seems to hate me now. Asuka is trying to move some of the blame to herself, but I don't think anyone would blame her and I personally don't think anyone should. Being from Osiris Red the blame would automaticlly go to me anyway.
Whatever blame I continue to get I'm not going to mope about it, what's done is done and neither I or Asuka or anyone else can change that. I can only say I'm sorry and carry on with my life here.

Earlier I went to the library and I figured out how to make one of those neat cards. So I made a card of apology and left it outside the forbbiden dorm...I'm not even sure if Fubuki is even there right now... I can only hope he reads it...

On the way back to the Osiris Red dorm, I really started feeling unwell and I've spent the time since then sat in my bed shivering with the covers around me. I'm updating this journal from my PDA thingy which has really come in handy...
...so it seems I may have caught the flu that's been going around the academy. I very very rarely get sick, I've never been sick one day since I came here, then suddenly I get this.
Well, they say bad things come in threes, first the thing with Asuka's brother, then I get the flu...oh and on the way to the forbidden dorm one of the monkeys through a coconut at my head....I'm not sure where it got the coconut, but it really hurt --;
I hope, if anything, that I'm better for next week. Daitokuchi-sensei mentioned he might be taking some of us...somewhere, he didn't exactly say where though... but I'm looking forward to it! :D :D

I think right now I should just try and sleep, maybe I'll feel better in the morning...



Mar. 29th, 2005 11:39 am
*yawns* Morning class was cancelled because Chronos-sensei is still mumbling about ghosts. Datiokuchi-sensei told us this morning that he had seen him and he's slowly coming out of it so I guess his classes will be back on tomorrow.

Right now I'm sat under the tree in my favoruite spot, who knew these hand held things we have can also access the internet :D Well, I can update this thing on it anyway.
It's actually kinda breezy and cool today but even that has it's calmness to it. I like relaxing out here, it's peaceful.

Pharaoh is nearby, stalking around as usual, chasing the odd butterfly.

This is the life :D :D

I'm gonna make the most of it before I have to go to Daitokuchi-sensei's class this afternoon. :D


Mar. 28th, 2005 12:48 pm
Chronos-sensei was really on edge in class today. He kept mumbling things about the academy being haunted, then whenever one of us acctidently made a noise he'd jump off the ground and start yelling random words in Italian...
....eventually he had to be taken out of the class. So we got out early :D :D

Ey, Manjoume! Did you happen to get that on video?

I gotta start bringing a camera to class or something :D

Fubuki, you rock! :D


Mar. 25th, 2005 12:19 pm
Whaaaaaaa! I overslept and was late for class again!!
But I like sleeping ;_; And the fact that Shou had washed the towel had made it extra comfy... >>;
Thanks to that, Chronos-sensei issued me with a 30-page dueling essay --;;

After class, I talked to Kagurazaka and he said a bunch of monkeys came in through his dorm room window last night :D It took him a whole hour to get rid of them! Guess we know where the Monkeys went then

I best get started on that essay....arrrrh....I hate essays ;_;


Mar. 24th, 2005 11:34 pm
Today in class, Chronos-sensei tripped over and KOed himself...
...I love this school! :D :D



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