Argh! I shouldn't of left most of my homework and what I had to catch up on when I was sick until the last minute!!
There goes my weekend. Most of it has to be in by Monday... ;o;
i_like_red: (Awkward Smile)
I got my finals results back, I passed them! Only just in a few cases, but I passed them!! I owe Asuka big time for helping me study for them.

Hmm... looks like I might have an unexpected visitor coming around tomorrow if that new girl can actually find where I live. She's got good spirit! Just kinda hope it doesn't get her burned. It's nice to have someone so interested in duel spirits though! She just needs to know all the dangers.
Finals are FINALLY over, I'm so happy!!
Now it's time to relax!
Well... I guess I need to start looking for a new job... or get the pro thing off the ground or... I dunno... find something. I guess I could always take Ichirou-sensei's suggestion and ask around the Academy, see if anyone else needs an assistant, but...
...urgh, I really don't know.

Finals are soon too.
Haa, things have been so busy lately, between college and working in-between that! Haa, my classes gave me loads of work for this week too, I keep telling myself to work on it, but I keep putting it off or getting distracted. Guess I know what I'll be doing most of the weekend, urgh.

Oh, at the weekend, Asuka and I went round to my parents house so they could meet her and stuff.
They got the baby pictures out, just like I thought they would...
At least on the up-side, they really seemed to like her!

...I'm still at 3 medals for this tournament.
Urgh, haven't been updating or around much on here these past few days. Been trying to catch up with college work to try and get it finished before I head off to America.
I really can't wait!!

Makes me wonder though... would I need to know a lot of English for America??
Skipped college today, I... wasn't feeling well, I feel a little better now though I guess. Gonna see how I feel tomorrow and if I feel up to it, I'm gonna go sign up for a new class I was told about... it seems really interesting!

Ah, Kouyou-san, if you see this, I need to talk to you about something.

Hmmm, I need to keep my mind off a few things, so I'll post this that I found!

Meme )

Just thought it would be fun to see how you all fill it out!

Private )

((OOC: If you want to post the meme in your own characters journals, limit it to having only one of your characters do it, to prevent spamming up the f-list too much 8D Thank you!))
College has kept me kinda busy this past week, among other things, so I haven't had much chance to update this! I visited Kouyou-san in the hospital recently and he seems to be doing okay, I'm gonna visit again tomorrow and spend some time with him! He said if I brought a deck along for him the next time I visited, we could have a duel like how we used to when I first met him! That's gonna be so awesome!! So I've been going through my spare cards to see what deck I can build for him!

So... it seems the weird happenings at Duel Academy seem to be in full swing already from what I've seen of my friends page. What happened recently? I saw Chronos-sensei's post but...
...I dunno, maybe it would be for the best if I DIDN'T know...
...whatever it is, I hope everyone there can handle it.

Oh! And a late happy birthday to Souha and Shikou!
So, first day of college!
I was late to my first ever lesson! But that was mostly because I got kinda lost in the building... it's like a maze!! The first class was mostly just us introducing ourselves and being told about the class and stuff anyway.
I like the uniform for the college, I'm happy I get to wear red again!! Well... okay it's mostly white, but it still has red! Kinda reminds me a bit of the Osiris Red uniform Hayato used to wear.

Talking of Hayato, wonder how he's doing, haven't heard from him in a long time.

Haha, well I should probably go and get some sleep!!
So college starts tomorrow. I'm actually really excited about it! I think this break has done a lot of good, I feel a lot more refreshed and ready to start completely new!!

I made some new friends over the past few days, one of which had a red Motorcycle that looked so awesome! Seriously, I think having a Motorcycle like that would be kinda neat!
I've not been doing much lately, just kinda been in one of those moods where I want to do something but can't really bring myself to do it, ya know? It's really annoying.
Though I did actually look at my list of stuff I'm supposed to have by the time college classes start, so I went to get some of the things on the list... mostly stationery.

Kinda got knocked over by a Sonic Duck on the way there. It came out of nowhere, knocked me flying, ran OVER me, then ran up the road where it vanished soon after. I guess I can't blame it for not really being able to avoid me, there were a few people chasing after it (Guess it got into somewhere it wasn't supposed to be) and those things move really fast @_@

Kinda hard to believe college actually starts in a few or so weeks time.

...what's this I've been reading on my friends list about Jean being held hostage?



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