Well, at least watching that duel took my mind off things for a little while at least.

Now I just have to figure out why I keep having this nightmare over and over again. It seems so real everytime, even though I know it's not.
Urgh... I wouldn't feel so bad if it wasn't waking Asuka up everytime too.

How this guy still manages to find ways to taunt us from even beyond the grave I have no idea.
Urrrgh, that was an un-pleasant dream and I've been feeling sick all day because of it.... guess I finally met Asmodeus though.

Though "focus on the boy cursed by the Gods and the underworld of the city"...? What did he mean by that?

*Hey Rua!! Juudai was your secret santa and he got you an awesome build your own (toy) robot set! It moves and everything! ... if you build it right, that is!
...you may want to get Yuusei to help you, it looks complicated.*
Hey guys. Does dreaming about spiders mean anything?
Eh probably not, but that was one weird dream and I wasn't sure where it came from. There was like this HUUUGE spider (Seriously it was gigantic!!), though I couldn't see it very clearly and there were lots of little spiders around the big one too.

OH! I think there was an image kinda...etched into a wall or...ground... I can't remember where it was, just that I remember the image. Kinda looked like this!!


Sort of anyway... it's hard to draw things you've seen in dreams! I think I kinda made it look like an ant with eight legs...

It's too early, I'm gonna go back to sleep z_z
Geez, I have been having really strange dreams lately. I guess they're better than that nightmare I was having before, though. I've been sleeping a bit better since then too, still kinda in and out of sleep during the night and I keep waking up at really stupid times and not being able to get back to sleep but... I think it's getting better. I'm just trying to relax as much as I can really.

Went outside for some fresh air earlier and noticed how cold it was today. Haha, I keep forgetting it's December already.


Nov. 27th, 2008 05:04 pm
The fact that I'm still struggling to sleep is worrying...
...then when I finally managed it...

...what the hell was that...

Kinda Cold

Oct. 22nd, 2006 10:37 pm
It's been kinda cold most of today :/ Guess I won't be sleeping outside under my favourite tree for much longer now winter is coming. Private )
Hopefully I won't spend Christmas and the New Year lost on the island this year! :D;

This year sounds like it's gonna be so much fun!! :D
Today has been such an interesting day!! First I was just er...taking some time to relax on the academy roof and when I woke up, Hane Kuriboh and I saw a duel monster spirit, it kinda looked like a purple cat. Turned out it was a friend of this new guy called Johan, he seems really awesome AND he could see Hane Kuriboh too! Oh! And at the assembly earlier today I was chosen to duel him!! He has such an interesting and exciting deck!! :D WHOO!

Private )

((Mood is read as "Excited" to everyone else 8D))
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Well, it at least got the best friend right! But do I really have to be married to Chronos-sensei... >>;

Anyway since the Obelisk Blue Girls dorm blew up last night, Asuka is now staying with us :D I slept on a mattress on the floor and let her have my bed. Though she looked kinda tired this morning, Shou seemed to think it was because I was snoring to loudly, but that can't be it cos Shou and Hayato sleep just fine....hummmm...
...as for my bad dreams, well...they haven't gone away completely, although this one was milder. Last night I just dreamt I set rabid monkeys on the strange shadowy figure before he could defeat me :D But...then they turned on Shou and Hayato...hummmm...

Fubuki and Mary Sue are acting weird....
Oh and Daitokuchi-sensei filled his class with weird purple smoke today, so we had to evacuate his class :D
Those nightmares I mentioned, they never did go away after all the stuff with Carmulla. It's the same everytime, I'm in a Shadow Game and I lose...

Private )

DAMNIT! Duels are supposed to be fun!!

((OOC: Just some Juudai angst to entertain you all. I think I'll have him worry over these dreams for the next few days then hit the thing with the hotspring and Kaibaman :D))
Well I beat the Vampire Lady and got back Chronos-sensei and Kasier Ryou. I'm so glad they're both safe now. Chronos-sensei is still freaking out a little and Kasier is still unconscious in the medical bay.
As for Carmulla, when she lost her Phantom Gate did something really weird, then she just exploded into dust kinda like how they do on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...
And thankyou Fubuki, for giving me your bling other half of the pendant, it really helped out! :D
Oh yeah, I have the item Carmulla had around her neck now more shiny bling for me! :D

Everything is over with, for now anyway...
I've been kinda having these weird nightmares recently...I'm kinda hoping they'll go away now I know everyone is safe and that Carmulla is gone...
...though this whole thing is far from over. I just hope we can take some time to relax a little...

It's a shame the castle had to collapse, that was a good place to hold parties... :D


Mar. 24th, 2005 11:48 am
Yesterday, I spent some time relaxing in my favoruite spot under a tree that over looks the ocean. It was a warm day and the ocean looked awesome, I would have been crazy to have missed that :D It looks like a nice day today too and class doesn't start for a while, maybe I'll go relax a bit now aswell :D

Also, last night, I had a dream that the bear and the seal got married :D I can't remember what made me dream that, oh well but the best part of the dream was when the Bear dueled one of the monkeys, then afterwards we all ate cake :D It was tasty! Well actually, it tasted like my pillow

Well I'm gonna go and relax under the tree now :D :D



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