So as usual, Pharaoh woke me up for college this morning. But then I noticed he kinda... smelled.
What in the hell has that cat been doing!?

Urgh, so after college today I tried to give him a bath... that was harder than it should of been.
My arms look like they've been attacked by a wild animal now, though I guess that's not too far from the truth.

They're gonna be sore for a while.
You know, there's this store just across the road from the hotel that sells awesome coffee!! I've been in there almost every day since we've been here!! Haaaa, I wish I could take the entire store home with me ;A;
Nice to know I'm screwing up a lot lately.

Urgh, my head hurts, I feel kinda crappy, I'm just gonna sleep or something.
Wolverine is totally posting on the Duel Academy community!! :D The X-Men are awesome! Even if I can't read most of what they're saying in the comics I have of them at home.
I want to be in the X-Men too, I would be called "The Crimson Duelist" :D

((Sorry, couldn't resist XD Would the ability to God Draw be considered a mutant ability? XD))


Aug. 9th, 2006 11:02 pm
ARGH! The TV gave out on us while we were watching the title match between DD and Dr. Collector!! Chronos-sensei keeps telling to to stop hitting the TV but how ELSE do you fix something like this!? >/
>> <<;;;

I just squashed some of Mitsuki-sensei's plants with my Duel Disk while throwing it around like a frisbee.

Do you think he'll just think they died naturally? :D;;


Jun. 23rd, 2006 01:31 pm
I needed to go and look something up on the school computers but this one I'm one is really slow for some reason, my PDA works faster :/ Oh well, I shouldn't be on this long, I don't really like messing with computers too much, especially these big ones, the PDA's a much easier to use :D!

EDIT: Um....Okay? What the...

EDIT 2: Not good! Not good!

EDIT 3: This weird program keeps popping up warning me of stuff!! What's it warning me of!? ...Virus!? Argh...

EDIT 4: Um....are computers supposed to start smoking and sparking??

EDIT 5: ...this is why I don't mess with computers...

EDIT 6: Hey! I could get to what I wanted on my PDA after all!! :D Er... I guess I should tell someone about the smoke... >>;;
I needed to go and look something up on the school computers but this one I'm one is really slow for some reason, my PDA works faster :/ Oh well, I shouldn't be on this long, I don't really like messing wth computers too much, especially these big ones, the PDA's a much easier to use :D!


Jun. 11th, 2006 11:29 pm
I think I feel sad for some reason...
....'s just hunger!! :D! Hummm, I wonder if we have anything to eat somewhere...AH! I hid a sandwich away in a drawer the other day I can have tha---
...okay...I think that's been in that drawer longer than a few days :/

Gah, I guess I'll go fishing again :D I'll have to go on my own though, Kenzan's asleep and Shou is...
...where IS Shou? Is he STILL hiding?? :/

Ah well, if a duelist challenges me on the way to the pier that will be even more awesome! :D

Edit: Meme! :D
<td align="center"> Juudai --

A person who laughs at anything (even this entry)

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at</td>

I've heard loads of people talking about this today.

What's a "Mother's Day"? I've always wondered what it was :/
So yesterday Resa was stuck up a tree so I told her to jump down and I'd catch her. Er...I kinda missed catching her and she landed on my back. She was really helpful though and carried me back to my dorm and gave me a lot of stuff to help my back.
Then I woke up this morning expecting my back to feel much better and...I...can't I can't duel either ;__; I was lucky my PDA was on my bed!
Argh! This is annoying!
Today I was bored, so I decided for some fun I'd strap my PDA to Pharaoh, set the video to record and see what he picked up!! :D
He just came back an hour ago so Shou and I took the PDA over to Misawa and asked him to get it onto his PC and stuff so we could watch it. Turns out Pharaoh went into the Obelisk Blue dorm and well...caught this!! :D

Image hosting by Photobucket

Shou and I spent a long time laughing at that!!! :D

((Many many many thanks to [ profile] crackalicious who made the icon for me :D *Also has one of Ed Phoenix and Brock* I couldn't resist using it in one of Juudai's posts XD So if you use it please credit [ profile] crackalicious for their awesome work!))


Mar. 25th, 2006 07:24 pm
I've learned a lot of things while in the IRC channel.
Last night I learned that an "Orgasm" has something to do with mountain climbing while grunting like a pig! :D

((The IRC Channel is love!))

White Day!

Mar. 15th, 2006 12:57 am
I was walking through the street today when some guy in a shop offered me some white chocolate because he said that I "must have a girl friend", I told him I knew lots of girls that were my friends. He hit me on the back really hard and laughed about how I'm really funny! :D He then started rambling about offers or something on the chocolates and that I have to keep all my girl friends "sweet". I'm not sure what he was trying to say, but in the end I bought three boxes of white chocolate for the price of two or something! :DDD
I've already eaten most of the first box! :D

Hummm, if Shou and Kenzan were here I'd share this with them :/
Manjoume!! I thought you were going to duel me!? You tried to push me into the snake pit last night!! Damn you!! >o
Took me all night to get out of it too....seems they've added more pythons :/

((Since I figured they both shouldn't really duel yet cos I'm sure there'll be a Juudai/Manjoume duel at some point during this arc XD))

I Sleep.

Feb. 10th, 2006 08:50 pm
LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:i_like_red
Your haiku:this way after all
d d i fell alseep in
class today......what did
Created by Grahame

Actually...I DID fall asleep in class today. The rest of the day I spent trying to set a wall I found on fire (Thanks for the matches, Fubuki-san!) but it wouldn't light up. Then somebody told me if I didn't want my private entries hacked then it's Live Journal that needs a "Fire Wall", maybe I should e-mail them and tell them that :/
ARGH! Manjoume can hack our private posts!?!
Maybe I should get one of those "Fire Wall" things...
....but where am I going to find a wall that's on fire!?!?!?!

((I was kinda hoping Manjoume would somehow be able to hack into filtered posts just so I could post this XD))
Asuka, I have some bad news... I kinda...broke the egg...'s just, this morning I was stood on the balcony of the Osiris Red dorms just admiring the view and it just...slipped out of my hands. Daitokuchi-sensei walked under it at that exact time and it landed on his head and broke X___x; I hid and he just looked up and carried on his way....I don't think he knows he has the egg on his head...
...actually it was kind of funny! :D I quickly went to the dining area to see if we had a spare egg but the only round thing I can find is an orange!
Do you think we'd be able to pass it off as a growth spurt...? :D :D

Okay so...does anyone know where I can get a replacement egg before the Nurse and the teachers find out!?
I don't want to have to repeat this class... --;
...I like Melons!! :D

Why it's such a big deal I really have no idea...
...I really want some melons now. Maybe I should go and see if Tome-san has any! :D

((I'm sorry XD;; I should go to bed before I carry this crack on any further *lol*))
Manjoume keeps threatening me because I said I liked melons! What's wrong with liking melons!?
Am I missing something here!? :/



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