...I just discovered I had a stowaway in one of my bags I brought home from the Academy.
If anyone is wondering where Pharaoh is, he's with me. Seems he snuck into the bag and fell asleep in there.

Anyway things have really been looking up lately! Manjoume came around to my house earlier and we talked a bit more on the party idea we had. We decided on having a small party, so sorry to those we didn't get to invite. Those that are invited will get invitations soon!!
That said, if any of my friends want to do something with me this month, just message me on my PDA and we'll work something out!

To Ayumi: Sometime next week, do you want to hang out at the Domino arcade for a while? I wasn't able to invite you to the party but I figured you might enjoy spending time at a place like the Arcade more! Feel free to invite who you like to join us!

Also, I think next Monday I'll take Asuka to visit the Domino City zoo! They're holding some kind of special "Llama Day" on that day or something. Not sure if Asuka likes Llamas or not, but even if she doesn't, there's the rest of the zoo to see too!!

Hmmm, also need to visit this place Fujiwara gave me the address to, so I can ask about the apartments there.

OOC Notes: )

... :/

Jun. 16th, 2006 09:12 pm
Shou's been looking really serious since he saw his brother a few days ago, he hasn't been talking much during meals either. I guess I don't blame him though, what we saw the other day definitely wasn't Kaiser, the way he rejected Fubuki-san's medal after he won their duel, the way he completely blanked Shou, even the way he dueled seemed so different, just what happened to him using the Cyber Dragons? The shiny Cyber Dragons! :/

Those thoughts aside I'm still really excited over Genex!! There are so many different kinds of people taking part!! So many different personalities, so many different places they come from! It's amazing and really interesting!! :D


Jan. 12th, 2006 11:57 am
Hehehehe!! I'm still getting used to my new deck but I don't plan to lose Edo!! Whooo!
And I also have my Aibou back!! I missed you Aibou!!

Anyway everyone gave me their Christmas presents last night, which I could barely open, Shou and Kenzan wouldn't let go of me.

Thanks for the shuriken Manjoume!It's awesome! Kinda sharp though, I keep cutting my fingers on it :/

Thanks Ran for the DVD-R of the duel I had with Kaiser! It's lovely to have this and be able to watch it over and over again! And thanks for the little Kuriboh plush too!

Wow! Linka! This red coloured Nintendo DS must of cost you a lot O_O But it's so awesome! And I never did get a replacement for the Gameboy I lost last year. Whooo! We're gonna have to play a game against each other sometime!! :D :D

Thanks for the rose Asuka!! :D It's pretty and it's RED! :D

Thanks for the Asuka doll Fubuki, where'd you get it? I wouldn't mind dolls of everyone else too ^^

Filtered from Napoleon and the rest of the school staff )

Shou and Kenzan said they're gonna give me their presents today!!
I hope everyone liked what I brought back from the forest!! :D

((Oh and what he got Fubuki was a pile of dirt~! XD))


Jul. 3rd, 2005 11:20 pm
Private to Asuka )

YEAH! The dance is only a few hours away and I can't wait! This is going to be so much more fun than I thought it would be! Fubuki says they have DDR! YAAAY!

Che, this suit looks so plain and boring --;; At least I got a red tie!!
Ah, wait....how do you tie these things!?!


Jun. 26th, 2005 07:35 pm
Okay, so everyone's eggs are hatching! Why aren't the ones Asuka and I have hatching!?
Fubuki's baby chicks are cute! They follow him everywhere! :D :D
Yesterday Shou was really mad at me, I really don't like it when he yells, he's loud when he yells, plus it makes me feel bad that he was angry...
...then we all got deafened by some guy who came to the school in a submarine. We all thought he was after the three demon cards, but when I won he went and kidnapped me Oo; I escaped though! I stole one of his boats and joy-rided it back to the academy! :D
Er....then it kinda caught on fire, but Shou was really happy to see me and he's not mad at me anymore! :D

With all this going on and the situation with Fubuki and Darkness I totally forgot we were having some kind of special class today! It was mentioned last week but they didn't explain to us what it was so I was really excited to know what this new class was! The class was this morning and....er....it wasn't QUITE what I was expecting...

They said we needed to know the pains of the real world and so for some odd reason they paired us all up into....couples and then gave us an EGG! Apparently we have to take care of this egg like it's a child or something Oo; But....it's just an EGG!!

Manjoume wasn't very happy with the situation, he was sat at the back of the class and I could hear him mumbling bad words to himself. Then he stood up and protested a lot about being paired with Mary Sue. He claimed he didn't see the point in it and I have to agree!
What does all this have to do with dueling!? It's crazy!!

Anyway I got paired with Asuka, we were told we have to take turns looking after the egg...
...can't I just scramble it...? --;;;
They say we have to name it too...
...Asuka, can we name the egg "Flame Wingman"? :D :D Please!!

We have to do this for a week...
...this is going to be a long week... --;


Jun. 21st, 2005 09:46 am
Darkness! Give Fubuki back his body NOW damnit! I'm ready to duel you in a Shadow Game to get it back if that's what it takes!!!


Jun. 20th, 2005 10:40 am

It seems Asuka was able to get him to the medical room but he really doesn't remember any of us, he doesn't even remember his own name and all he keeps mentioning are his laptops full of his research on the shadow games.

Are the shadow games really so important to him that he'd forget his own friends...his own family?
Sure shadow games can be quite challenging and in some cases quite fun, my last one with Taniya was a blast!
But....to go this far to research them...that really can't be healthy....for him OR us...

Asuka is in a pretty bad state right now and I really wish I could do something to help instead of just standing here and watching...
If there is anything I can do...

Hummmm, yesterday's day out with Misawa, MKG and Misawa Jr. was really fun, but I'll post about that later.

Nice Day!!

Jun. 18th, 2005 06:35 pm
It's been pretty warm today, so I've just been relaxing in my usual spots! :D :D I love to watch the clouds float by sometimes and just think of nothing!
If it's nice like this tomorrow we should really do something as a group! Walk? Picnic? Swimming? All of the above? I think it would be a good way for Misawa Jr. to meet everyone proparly too :D He's so awesome!

...Fubuki's been acting weird again. Maybe he just needs some fun! He should come too! :D Ya know....if he's conscious tomorrow that is... Oo;


Jun. 5th, 2005 11:34 am
Urgh, can't remember much after Fubuki gave me all that sugar...
...huh? Why am I sat on the dining area floor with a bunch of Ojamas around me making really weird faces? Where'd they all come from...?
Hummm, burn marks on the walls, some guy sat in the corner with the punch bowl over his head...
...is Hane Kuriboh over there playing chess!?

...Oh well, looks like this was another succesful party!!! :D :D

*Part of the dining area's roof falls in*

Ah... ¬¬;
Well the Obelisk Blue Girls dorm have been rebuilt by Fubuki and so Asuka went back there last night, which is a shame cos we were having fun! :D
Also yesterday, Shou made Hayato and I clean our dorm room up top to bottom, he was complaining it was a mess >>; I just wanted to go out and have some fun but he wouldn't let me!! He put me in charge of the dusting and I was sneezing for about an hour afterwards cos of that --;

The party seems to be going nowhere cos Mary Sue and Fubuki keep acting all weird.

Hummmm, it's such a nice day! I think I might skip afternoon class! :D


May. 29th, 2005 12:55 am
So now Fubuki hates Mary Sue are we still having that party?

Talking of Mary Sue I saw her earlier. I decided to go by the medical room and cheer her up! and to make sure the nurse hadn't stuck her with too many needles
For some odd reason I feel weird now, not sure what it is...
...maybe I'm just hungry! :D

Oooooh! Shou made tea for us all!! :D

((OOC: Cos Juudai is too much on an idiot to get too affected))


May. 22nd, 2005 06:15 pm
I have a question!

Why do Fubuki and Kaiser keep arguing over stupid things...?
Well after the incident with those monkeys, Fubuki came and gave me an old Obelisk Blue uniform. It's kinda big on me and blue reeeeeeeally isn't my colour long live the colour red!! :D

Ya know....for some reason this uniform is making me want to go and angst by the lighthouse...
...ooookay, I really gotta get my spare uniform from my dorm and get out of this thing!!

Oh yeah and I did this quiz everyone is doing at the moment:

LiveJournal Username
Where you most likely were in your dream:
Favorite Color:
You go to sleep and find youself with:vehicle_sho
Who WANTS to be with:vehicle_sho
This person:academy_nurse
screamed this:"UNDRESS ME!"
Who replied:"FINE. Be that way."
Amount of dream that could have actually happened:
Person in your bed when you wake up:manjoumejun
This Fun Quiz created by CERL at BlogQuiz.Net
Virgo Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Not sure which part scares me most....
Well I beat the Vampire Lady and got back Chronos-sensei and Kasier Ryou. I'm so glad they're both safe now. Chronos-sensei is still freaking out a little and Kasier is still unconscious in the medical bay.
As for Carmulla, when she lost her Phantom Gate did something really weird, then she just exploded into dust kinda like how they do on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...
And thankyou Fubuki, for giving me your bling other half of the pendant, it really helped out! :D
Oh yeah, I have the item Carmulla had around her neck now more shiny bling for me! :D

Everything is over with, for now anyway...
I've been kinda having these weird nightmares recently...I'm kinda hoping they'll go away now I know everyone is safe and that Carmulla is gone...
...though this whole thing is far from over. I just hope we can take some time to relax a little...

It's a shame the castle had to collapse, that was a good place to hold parties... :D
YOU! CARMULLA! I'm not going to forgive you for this...
...first Chronos-sensei....then Kaiser Ryou...
...you didn't even play fair in that duel with Kasier! You KNEW that he wouldn't attack if his little brother was in danger! You knew that!!! How dare you go so low...

Why? Why is this happening!? I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!
I'm dueling you in a Shadow Game next and I will win to get back their souls!! That is a promise! A promise to myself and a promise to my friends, especially Shou! Watching how upset he is right now just makes me so angry!

And Fubuki....I read your latest jounal entry... I'm sorry, but if you go back to THEM and try something to hurt my friends then I'll stop you with every ounce of strength I have! You maybe Asuka's brother but...

For the next week I'm focusing only on you Carmulla!! We'll take a week to prepare then next Wednesday at your castle we'll duel!! I'm willing to risk everything to get my friends souls back!!
Nobody try and stop me either! My mind is settled on this!

Argh! If only my body would stop hurting so much...

((OOC: Well, Juudai is gonna be determined yet pissed off and angst-filled for the next week cos my fangirl side says so! YAY~! :D))
Right now I'm just sat under a tree watching the stars in the sky. After everything that's happened, Chronos-sensei losing the shadow game, the party at the Vampire Lady's castle, Fubuki torching the medical room only to rebuild it with things he bought off Ebay, it's kind of nice to relax...

...with most people still at the Vampire Lady's castle it's really peaceful here on the island. The stars are quite pretty tonight...
The school's medical room is completely burnt out Oo; I was playing card games with Asuka and a few others at the Vampire Lady's castle when Kohara ran in shouting about how Fubuki was trying to blow up the Nurse, then we heard this muffled explosion and saw a small puff of smoke come from the academy.
We ran over there and all what was left was Fubuki, just standing there, sniggering to himself, with this....really weird look on his face.

Gotta admit, when we heard he was trying to blow up the nurse we found it funny, cos we all agreed she deserved to be scared a little but...I think Fubuki went more than a little overboard. I don't even know what happened to the nurse, she wasn't there when we arrived.
I kind of hope she escaped, more for Fubuki's sake than her's...

Asuka, her face went an intresting shade of red when we got there. Fubuki just looked at us as if to ask us what we were all staring at, almost as if torching the medical room was the most natural thing in the world! Afterwards, Asuka just stormed off and I haven't seen her since. I'm starting to wonder if I should find out where she's gone...she seemed really upset...
I'd just like to announce that Fubuki and I are crashing the Vampire Lady's castle to hold a huge party there!
Cos, ya know, we need something to do for the next week and this sounded like fun!!
Whoooooooo! Party over there, people~!!!!
Make sure you bring plenty of coffee and sugar, we're gonna force feed it to the Vampire Lady and see what happens~!
Urgh, okay, so much stuff has happened...

That nurse went and drugged Fubuki, Kohara and I with cookies she snuck into the ones Asuka made for us, she then spent the next few days torturing us with needles while we were under sedatives We seriously need to get her fired... but soon after she was dragged away kicking and screaming, leaving the three of us in really bad shape Shadow games I can handle, but her? Nooooope

So we had to stay in the hospital wing and rest. There was all these rumors about there being a vampire at the school, then last night Hayato rushed into the hospital wing to tell us Chronos-sensei was gonna have a shadow game with this Vampire Lady. Shou, Asuka and Hayato watched the duel on the PDA for a bit but eventually I told them I really wanted to go down there to watch and support Chronos-sensei, so Hayato carried me on his back and we both went down with Shou.

Chronos-sensei was amazing and it was such a cool duel....but he lost...the lady took his key and his soul is now trapped in some doll. I think the lady is after Kaiser next, she kept looking at him weirdly...
...but for now, what should we do? We currently have a vampire on the loose and a chronos doll on our hands. Maybe we should have a meeting, yes a meeting, maybe we could negotiate with the vampire lady to give Chronos-sensei his soul back, after all the doll is a bit annoying. I couldn't stop Pharaoh from trying to use him as a play toy, so we eventually just gave him to Manjoume to look after...

Ow...okay.....I'm still in pain from my Shadow Game and the numerous needle punctures on my arms I really need to sleep right now...but we should arrange a meeting with the vampire Lady maybe we could try getting her high on coffee which could hold her off for a week like with Darkness...it's okay....no coffee for me....I don't think my body could handle the caffeine rush right now...

I wonder what Manjoume will do with the Chronos-doll now he has it...



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