You know what, I have a good feeling about this year! I think it's gonna be an awesome year!!
Haaa, December sure has creeped up!! It'll be Christmas soon! It doesn't seem like it was Christmas all that long ago, this year went by super fast! But I'm excited for it!!

I really need to start actually getting some presents for people...but I gotta be careful this year. I went to overboard last year and it really put Asuka and I in a bad situation, I really don't want to do that again.
I think I might put up decorations in our apartment this weekend!!
Y'know, despite the approaching finals and all, things are really calm right now and really looking up! It's quite a huge change from this time last year... I was really at a low point back then but, y'know, I feel so much better now! Better than I have done for a long time!

Maybe this year I'll actually be able to enjoy my birthday! Didn't realize it was so close, just two and a half weeks away!
Sheesh, I'll be 20. Time really does fly, huh?
I'm glad Rosie and Desdemona-san can be together now, like they should.
I'M IN AMERICA!! In fact I'm in freakin' NEW YORK this is the best thing EVER!! It's so amazing!! This place is so big and there are so many awesome Christmas decorations all over the place and huge Christmas trees!!
Haaa, the plane ride was so loooong ;o; But I slept through most of it... eventually anyway, I was too excited to sleep at first, but I must of fallen asleep at some point. It's gonna take a bit to get used to the time difference too!
Hotel bed is cooooomfy~

So hey everyone! What's going on on the other side of the world?? :D :D
That was seriously the most awesome duel ever!! Kouyou-san was so amazing! Gwaaaah, I haven't felt this happy for a long time, I've missed feeling like this!
We're heading off to America tomorrow too!
Haaaa! I can't wait!!
...stupid crazy text message, che. Whoever that was, they better not be up to no good...
Really didn't like the fact that they used that outfit either...

Ah well! Nothing will bring me down right now, because I am going to have the best Christmas EVER! I'm really really excited!!
So, first day of college!
I was late to my first ever lesson! But that was mostly because I got kinda lost in the building... it's like a maze!! The first class was mostly just us introducing ourselves and being told about the class and stuff anyway.
I like the uniform for the college, I'm happy I get to wear red again!! Well... okay it's mostly white, but it still has red! Kinda reminds me a bit of the Osiris Red uniform Hayato used to wear.

Talking of Hayato, wonder how he's doing, haven't heard from him in a long time.

Haha, well I should probably go and get some sleep!!
I guess sometimes, you don't need to do anything big, flashy or heroic to set someone back on the right path.
Huh, it's weird to think this is the last night I'll be spending in this house. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the apartment stuff over the last week, it's been fun... and kinda frustrating at the same time, but... hah... I feel I have a permanent home now, it's pretty awesome. I'm sure Manjoume, Asuka and I will have a ton of fun there! Pharaoh too!

Got the last of my stuff packed up, left a note to my parents explaining about the apartment and leaving them the address and... well... that's about that! Just got some final things to do at the apartment tomorrow, but they're really minor things!

I should...probably sleep or something.
I had fun hanging out on the chat last night! We gotta do that more, especially since a lot of us are gonna be heading off in different directions!!

Anyway this week is gonna be really busy for me, need to get so much stuff sorted for this apartment, but I'm hoping our move in date will be this Friday! Quick, I know, but I think it can happen!!

I got a couple of extra keys cut for Manjoume and Asuka today and ordered some stuff for the place, that's all gonna be delivered through this week!
She said yes.
I can't remember the last time I was THIS happy!!
Just... god... this feels like a whole new beginning, y'know?

Manjoume! If you're still interested, you're free to have the spare room, if you want it!
Haha, well the party was interesting! And despite some of the things that happened, I still had a lot of fun! Aawh, Isabel, it's too bad you were busy, I think you would of enjoyed the party! But I'm sure we'll have others.

Though I'm never agreeing to play "Spin the Bottle" ever again and Manjoume really needs to get his duel arena fixed.

Anyway, the party finished kinda late, so I walked Asuka home, then went home myself. Only I was woken up at about almost 5am this morning by a REALLY loud knocking on my door... actually someone had been hitting it with a bat, but when I looked outside there was nothing there except the bat and a note.
It was nothing bad, so no need to worry, the note was kinda helpful actually.
Though, if anyone is interested, I'm looking for having some friendly duels, just to test something out. I'll be hanging out in Domino Park tomorrow, so just come and find me.

I have quite a busy week ahead of me! Taking Asuka to the zoo on Monday, going to the Arcade with Ayumi on Wednesday and at the end of the week, I finally plan to go and see about this apartment place Fujiwara recommended!

Things feel really good right now!
...I just discovered I had a stowaway in one of my bags I brought home from the Academy.
If anyone is wondering where Pharaoh is, he's with me. Seems he snuck into the bag and fell asleep in there.

Anyway things have really been looking up lately! Manjoume came around to my house earlier and we talked a bit more on the party idea we had. We decided on having a small party, so sorry to those we didn't get to invite. Those that are invited will get invitations soon!!
That said, if any of my friends want to do something with me this month, just message me on my PDA and we'll work something out!

To Ayumi: Sometime next week, do you want to hang out at the Domino arcade for a while? I wasn't able to invite you to the party but I figured you might enjoy spending time at a place like the Arcade more! Feel free to invite who you like to join us!

Also, I think next Monday I'll take Asuka to visit the Domino City zoo! They're holding some kind of special "Llama Day" on that day or something. Not sure if Asuka likes Llamas or not, but even if she doesn't, there's the rest of the zoo to see too!!

Hmmm, also need to visit this place Fujiwara gave me the address to, so I can ask about the apartments there.

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Jun. 4th, 2008 08:43 am

Hmmmm, it's been a really quiet and relaxing day today. The weather is perfect and I spent a lot of time sleeping under a tree. I haven't felt this good in a long while.
I should be able to do another duel tomorrow! So I'll choose one of you and let you know...or something like that :D I'll need to keep Wednesday free though, it's Asuka's birthday that day, but I'll take more duels for the rest of the week!!
You know, I really feel with this dueling practise idea that I'm moving more forward!


Feb. 4th, 2008 12:36 am
I was right in thinking we should do memes more often! :D They really are a lot of fun and it's awesome when everyone joins in! It kinda brings everyone in the community together, ya know! And I think we could use some more interaction and community spirit!! \o/
I dueled Ayumi yesterday since I wasn't really doing anything!! It was a really fun duel! In the end I won too, The Earth helped out a lot in that duel! Though she's only a first year and still has lots to learn, but she's going to do well and go far, I can see it! Keep up the great dueling, Ayumi!

You know, with Shou re-joining the community I started looking back at my old entries that I made way back in 2005. Haha~ Those were such fun times, still crazy, but fun, though did I really get that excited over everything back then? I think every entry had like a billion smiley emoticons in them.
It's nice to look back at those times though. It makes me want to protect those memories and protect the future memories we'll have too. Our memories will not end, our dream will not end, or at least, not before they're supposed to. I'll make sure of it.

Ah, isn't it the 1st of February today? This year is already going so fast! Best turn over my calendar to the February page!!
...Oh yeah, it's Valentine's Day in two weeks. I never had a reason to pay attention to that day before, but I have a reason this year, a very special reason.
Hate to admit it though but...this calendar that Darkness gave me for Christmas is really helpful.

Ah, guess I best finish my entry there!
Whooooo! Party! Party! Party! Party!

Who wants cake!? :D :D



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