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Firstly, thank you to everyone who's been visiting or sending your well wishes, it's been really appreciated.

I've got somewhat good news. After being seen by Souha, they feel that my power and Yubel will repair and heal, but both are very damaged, so it's going to take a long time, but for now, I'm going to focus on the fact that it will fully heal eventually.

Physically, I'm still doing a lot of healing there too. They're hoping I can be out of the hospital by the end of the week, but I'll be on strict bed-rest for at least another week, then after that, they'll assess me again and if the injury to my back has healed enough, I'll be starting some physiotherapy.
Walking hurts a LOT right now because of the back injury, I kind of hobble around like an old lady. They don't want me moving too much though in case I bust open the stitches, so I only really move around if I need the bathroom or something and even then Asuka or one of the nurses has to help me.
I gotta admit, that's one of the hardest and most frustrating things about all this right now. Not being able to move much on my own.

Chances are the injury will leave a lasting scar, even after it's healed, but it'll be my only really significant scar in what is many years of dealing with dangerous supernatural stuff, so I think I should count myself lucky there.

Thankfully I know SAI is in good hands while I'm not there, though I'm sure I'll still be able to answer e-mails and manage a few things from my laptop while laid up, but otherwise, my staff is currently fully in charge of things for now, including keeping the New Horizons Project going.
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*Laying still in his hospital bed, all Juudai could do was stare up at the ceiling of the room he was in. It'd been a while since he had last found himself in this kind of position, but his luck was due to run out eventually, right? He'd been unconscious since returning from the warp and had only just regained consciousness a few days after it. All he knew was that he definitely didn't feel 'right', he felt like there was more wrong with him than just physical injuries and even though he could still feel Yubel's presence in his soul, he hadn't heard from them. He'd even noticed that some of the injuries he had sustained while protecting Alex's life energy were not healing as fast as they usually would.
Somehow he felt like he had a long recovery ahead of him.

Feel free to come and visit him.*
So. Haven't updated here in a while. Things got a bit crazy. Really crazy actually, but things are starting to improve now.

Well, January was mostly a good month. Spent a week in Germany for a small tournament and the spirit foundation was as busy as ever the rest of the time. Ruka and I spent time checking up on spirit communities, seeing how things were going as well as doing some talks, lots of positive things!!

Then at the beginning of February things sort of went downhill.
Asuka came down with the flu, then I got it only a few days later. It hit us pretty hard too. I can barely even remember that week, I was so out of it and what I can remember I am never sure if it was real or not. Our high fevers pretty much made us lose any sense of reality for a while, I think. Ruka was amazing though, as well as Yubel, Winged Kuriboh and the other spirits, who all helped Ruka look after us when we were at our worst.
By the second week, we were getting better, but slowly. We still felt very under the weather. It was taking some shaking off.
But then Ruka came down with it last weekend and well, long story short, we had to call an ambulance. She complained about having sharp pains in her chest at first and she eventually started having trouble breathing, she became distressed from it which made it worse.
The hospital told us that she had pneumonia which had arisen as a complication from the flu virus.

While her fever was at it's worst, she was unconscious for two days, but after her fever broke and she woke up, she steadily began making progress thanks to the care the hospital gave her. Today, a week later, they have allowed her to come home, but with medication and orders for strict bed rest for the next two weeks. If she has problems breathing again, we have to rush her back, but she seems to be doing okay. She's tired and still very ill but the hospital has said they expect her to make a full recovery.

Asuka and I are... better, not great but better. We're still feeling a bit under the weather and generally run down, so for the next couple of weeks Asuka is off work and I have no pro-duels and I'm only going to be occasionally popping into the Spirit Foundation to see how things are. This way we can fully recover and at least one of us will be at home with Ruka.

That said, all this has made me really behind on things, especially with any spirit foundation work and on-going issues ect. so if anything needs my attention, let me know, even if I can't look into it or do anything straight away. Minor issues can be dealt with through the foundations volunteers and other staff, who are thankfully staying on top of things a bit better than I am at the moment.



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