A few days ago it was mine and Asuka's 4th wedding anniversary. Kinda amazing it's been 4 years already, it's gone by really fast!!
We were too busy to do anything on the actual day, so we're going out later today to celebrate it!
Did anyone else get a letter recently about some kind of card hunting game? It sounds like it could be a lot of fun, so I sent the form off to confirm my participation today!
I wonder how we find these duelists with these "Number" cards though. Hm, I guess we just have to duel who we can and they'll use the card if they have it.

I'm really looking forward to this!

Oh, I forgot to mention my birthday that was a few weekends back. Asuka and I ended up going on a spontaneous weekend trip to the beach to celebrate it. I'm really glad we did, I think it was good for the both of us. We haven't had much of a chance to go on a trip together for a while.
Asuka and I are back from our holiday!! Well, we actually got back really early yesterday morning, but, y'know, jet lag!

Paris was really awesome! We got to go to and see a lot of amazing places. I even got to meet some French duelists one day and dueled one of them, but it was kinda hard with the language barrier and all! We tried talking in English at one point but that also failed because neither me or him knew much English either... It was fun though!
Asuka and I got to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower! The view from there is amazing!!
Haa, still a lot to say but I'm still kinda tired.

We both have an awesome announcement to make too! Well, let's see if you can guess from the picture!

[There is a picture of Juudai and Asuka sat happily together, the Eiffel Tower is in the background. The ring on Asuka's finger is pretty clear to see!]
*It had been a very unusually warm day in Paris, for the time of year. Everyone was out and about in the busy streets, trying to make the most of the wonderful sunshine. Juudai couldn't of asked for a better day to spend with Asuka on their holiday, the sights and the sounds of the city were just bursting with energy! But despite all the energy around him, Juudai had felt a little distracted the majority of the day.
There was something he had promised himself that he would do on this trip, in particular, this day, but he wasn't too sure about how to go about it.
He really hadn't planned this all that well. Going with his gut instinct probably wasn't the best for this.

As the afternoon slowly set in, Juudai decided that maybe a picnic would be a great idea to give them the chance to relax and have something to eat! The large grass covered area that the Eiffel Tower overlooked was a perfect spot for one.
As they enjoy the picnic, Juudai found himself looking up at the blue sky above them and drifting into thought.
Maybe now was a good time? Maybe later...?*
I took Asuka ice-skating today! I lost count of the amount of times I fell over... and the amount of bruises I got from it! Heheh...
It was a fun day out though and Asuka seemed to enjoy it, so it was worth the pain!

Hmm, as for the person who attacked the park, they've been a little quiet lately, a little too quiet. I've been concentrating on keeping watch in that area, but they haven't shown up yet.
*Juudai couldn't ask for a more better night than this. Although a chill was in the air, the Autumn night's sky was clear and the moon was shining brightly over the city.
Juudai had taken Asuka out to one of the restaurants in the city to celebrate their up and coming 2nd year dating anniversary. Afterwards, he took her a little out of the city on his D-Wheel, only briefly mentioning previously before the restaurant that he was going to take her somewhere else, but he refused to say where. It was a surprise!

That question is soon answered as he pulls over on the road and parks his D-Wheel. Beside them is the beach, a rather deserted beach due to the time of year.
Juudai takes his helmet off and watches the ocean's small waves in the distance for a few seconds before looking over to Asuka and smiling*
Haah, it's been kind of a boring day though and I don't have anything really planned for today which is sort of a let down, but I've been too busy to really plan anything. I dunno, maybe I can convince Asuka to watch some scary movies with me later or something!! :D

Filtered from Asuka )
Huh. I got a weird text message earlier and by the looks of things, seems like a lot of people got it.

So the one I love, huh? Well, I have a lot of important people in my life that I love, close friends, people I see as family, but of course, the one I love in a romantic sense is Asuka.

Asuka changed me in a lot of ways. We spent three years being friends and I never noticed she was interested in me as more than just that, that's just how blind I was to this stuff back then. But when I had it pointed out to me it's like my world completely changed. It got confusing at first, because I didn't know what to say or do, I was scared I was gonna lose Asuka completely. In the end, I decided to give a relationship with her a try and I think it was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made.

After that it was like she opened my eyes to this whole new world and it was like I became... well not a completely different person, but I guess in some ways it helped me grow up a lot and the more we were together, the more I enjoyed the idea of it, though it wasn't until an incident only a few weeks after we started dating that made me realize just how much I loved her and just how lucky I was to have her in the first place. It honestly felt like it was killing me, being apart from her like that... having her hate me like that...
Ah, but I try not to think about that time too much.

We've been together a whole year now and I live with her in our own place.
Asuka is kinda like a light that shines in my life. I always feel happy and content around her. When I've had a bad day or things are going bad, I go home and she'll be there to give me a hug. I appreciate that more than she probably knows. I know things can get difficult at times, especially with what I do and I know I worry her a lot but... I think the best thing about us is that we can work through it together and we look out for each other.

I dunno, it's all really hard to describe in writing, it's like there's a ton of things I want to say but I can't really find the right words for it. All I know is that she's an amazing, beautiful person and I'm really grateful that I share my life with her, really truly grateful and if I end up spending the rest of my life with her then... well... I wouldn't mind that at all.

Ah, that kinda got sappy and stuff.
*Hey Asuka! If you go into the room you share with Juudai, you'll happen to see a white envelope on the bed, which has your name written on it. The handwriting you will recognize as Juudai's. There's also a single red rose laying on the top of said envelope.
Want to look inside it?*
Last night's duel was really tough... and I lost but... I guess in the end it doesn't completely matter, I know where to go, and at least she's gonna be safe for now.

Private )
I'm not sure if you take bookings for your restaurant this far in advance but...
... Saturday, November 8th. Am I able to book that date?
She said yes.
I can't remember the last time I was THIS happy!!
Just... god... this feels like a whole new beginning, y'know?

Manjoume! If you're still interested, you're free to have the spare room, if you want it!
*It's early Saturday afternoon and Juudai is in the kitchen of his family's home, setting down a small chocolate cake he had bought the day before onto a plate in the middle of the table. He's expecting Asuka over soon and he was sure she'd like this.

As he began to cut the cake up into slices, he began to realize just how nervous he was about what he was intending to do. He'd faced seeing and stopping the world from ending numerous times, faced the most terrifying situations, yet he was nervous over asking a girl he'd known for almost 4 years, 10 months of which they had been dating, to live with him in his new apartment.

It was a big step, after all.

Looking at the cake, Juudai began his nervous wait for the knock on the door. Constantly going over what he wanted to say in his head... though most of it ended up a mess.
He hoped when it came time to ask, he wouldn't mess it up*
I can't sleep. And strange thoughts kinda enter your head at 4am.

Lemmie ask you guys a question. A completely er... what's that word...
.... hypothetical, uh yeah, totally hypothetical question!

Let's say there's this guy and this guy has been dating a girl for say... 10 months. Then the guy gets this super cool awesome apartment and is thinking of asking the girl to live with him.
Would... asking her at that time be too early? Or would it be okay? Or should the guy just ask no matter what? Worse she can say is no, right?

Just wondering what everyone's answer would be!
...I just discovered I had a stowaway in one of my bags I brought home from the Academy.
If anyone is wondering where Pharaoh is, he's with me. Seems he snuck into the bag and fell asleep in there.

Anyway things have really been looking up lately! Manjoume came around to my house earlier and we talked a bit more on the party idea we had. We decided on having a small party, so sorry to those we didn't get to invite. Those that are invited will get invitations soon!!
That said, if any of my friends want to do something with me this month, just message me on my PDA and we'll work something out!

To Ayumi: Sometime next week, do you want to hang out at the Domino arcade for a while? I wasn't able to invite you to the party but I figured you might enjoy spending time at a place like the Arcade more! Feel free to invite who you like to join us!

Also, I think next Monday I'll take Asuka to visit the Domino City zoo! They're holding some kind of special "Llama Day" on that day or something. Not sure if Asuka likes Llamas or not, but even if she doesn't, there's the rest of the zoo to see too!!

Hmmm, also need to visit this place Fujiwara gave me the address to, so I can ask about the apartments there.

OOC Notes: )
*It's a wonderful warm summer's day and Juudai is stood outside Osiris Red, awaiting Asuka's arrival. As he waits, he slowly twirls a single red rose that he's holding in his right hand which he intends to give to Asuka when she gets there.
But the longer he waits, the more he's left alone with his own thoughts and he finds them going back to what he wrote privately in his journal the night before, about how he'd been feeling and how worried he was about it. The once positive and happy boy he had once been could no longer see the world nor life is such a positive light any longer. Negativity constantly clouds his mind, his day to day life was now full of fear and paranoia of what the next day could bring.
In truth, all this was scaring him, he didn't know what to think about himself anymore, unsure of the person he is now or was becoming. It was like he had lost himself and he feared if he carried on this way, he'd lose those close to him too, the only people who seem to be holding him together.

Casting a sad gaze down at the rose in his hand, he desperately tried to remind himself to stop thinking about this stuff, if only for today. Today was for himself and Asuka, to be with the girl he loves, the one who always makes him feel happy and like hell he was going to spoil this for her. So he'll just have to keep everything to himself so they could have a good day and keep this negativity to the back of his mind.
Only it's a lot harder than you think.
And we all know Juudai is a terrible liar :|*
Hey Asuka, if you aren't busy tomorrow, do you want to do something together? We could go for a walk or just simply hang out or... if you have anything in mind that you want to do, we could do that!

Private )


Jun. 21st, 2008 02:32 am
You know... whoever said love was complicated was right.

...I think out of all those who've ever had feelings for me, who I've had to turn away... Isabel was the hardest... and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I know it's something she kinda needs but... I can't be the one to give it to her.

I know how it feels to have feelings for someone and they aren't returned... sure, that whole thing between me and Asuka, when she was forced to hate me, was caused by Darkness, but it hurt... so damn much. Those short two weeks felt like months to me and I never EVER want to feel that again. That alone made me realize just how much she actually means to me.
Asuka and I have over seven months worth of a relationship now and I'd never throw that away, it means too much to me... SHE means too much to me. I never want to hurt her, I want to do things that make her smile, take her to places she's never been, show her as many amazing things as I can.
Too be honest, how I feel about her I don't think I could ever write down or even say properly in words.
Haha, if only she knew how many hearts I was breaking, just to stay with her.

I only hope one day, Isabel will find someone who can give her what she needs and I really hope my decision hasn't effected our friendship, but as difficult as it was... it had to be done.

...this entry sounded a lot more better when it was in my head.
So...we're back now. It's been a really really awesome week and I feel a ton better for it, I really do. Eh, though I can't seem to sleep... I thought maybe it's because I slept on Edo's boat for some of the journey home but I don't think it's because of that.
It's just...weird. I think it's because I just got too used to some things back at the summer home...
...I keep opening my eyes or reaching out just...expecting Asuka to be there beside me...but she isn't. She kinda feels miles away right now, but she's only across the island.

Ah, anyway, since I can't sleep, I might as well post some of the photos I took. These aren't all of them, but just some of the ones I liked and felt like showing off!

Photos!! )

Thanks again to Saiou for letting us use his summer house and thanks to Rei for letting me borrow her camera. I'll give it back to you sometime tomorrow!

Definitely will have to do something like this again.

Okay, maybe I should try and sleep again.

((OOC: All pictures are "Photos". The summer house group will of gotten back to the island in the late evening of the 18th. This post is posted at the time it says, 3am on Monday morning XD Juudai... you're such a dork ;o;))
Uh, so I haven't updated for a few days have I?

Hahaha, well, I had a really awesome weekend! I spent Saturday with Asuka, we decided to have a little indoor picnic in my room since it was kinda chilly that day. It was nice to be able to spend time with her again, just the two of us. Well, just the two of us for most of it anyway. I...might have to get used to Fubuki-san showing up at random times...
Anyway, hopefully we'll find time to do that again, we both really enjoyed it.
Hah, you know, Asuka and I have been dating for 5 months now. It really doesn't seem that long but it is and I've enjoyed everything so far. Back when we first got together, I told her I couldn't promise anything on a long term basis, probably because I was kinda scared it wouldn't work out and I really didn't know what to expect or even what to do, but y'know... I think I can clearly see us having a future together now, because it's something we both want and it's working out great, it really is!

Uh, anyway! I spent most of Sunday just relaxing about a bit. I watched Hane Kuriboh play with these really awesome Gellenduo spirits I found for quite a while that day. Why she can't play with Ruby like that I don't know. Not sure if the spirits belonged to a duelist or not but no one else was around at the time, guess they were just random spirits that got lost or something.
Ah I dueled that new security guard too, he punched me in the face with his armor deck... there's a huge bruise on the left side of my face now.
I beat him on my next turn after that.

I feel good after this weekend though. It was a break I really needed.

Hm, so I see we started the tournament at last! How many months has it been now...? Looks like Duel Academy has been doing well in it so far!
I'm not up until the final round, which'll be against Johan.
I really hope I find my love for dueling by then, I want to give Johan a really fun enjoyable duel.
I see the Pro-League duelists have been scouting recently too. Heh. Wonder if any of them will be dueling me... The nice one of the four told me a lot of people at the Pro-League have their eye on me.

I wonder what Shou's been up to recently... I saw him Monday and he told me he was really busy with something. He looked kinda tired.

Ah, guess that's the last few days all written up!



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