So um... I went for a walk last night and something happened.
Manjoume. Asuka. I'm sorry I didn't come home or tell you where I am until now, but something major has come up and it means I could be in a lot of danger, and in turn it's... well... pretty much an end of the world thing... I'm laying low with Jin until we can figure out how to deal with this.

I'm safe, for now and you can contact me over the journals, PDA or my cellphone if you need to.

Manjoume. While I'm here, you carry on hunting down the Dark Synchros and destorying them. Johan, Kenzan and Shou can help you.

((Post mostly filtered to Juudai's close friends ect. So mostly his canon friends and some OCs. If you're unsure if your character can comment or not, feel free to ask. He's keeping it very low key though, so this will be restricted :< Sorry!))


Nov. 17th, 2006 01:13 am
Wow, Kenzan and Jim are still asleep :o!



Sep. 28th, 2006 07:34 pm
That was one of the most exciting and intense duels ever! But I managed to defeat Saiou, or rather, the Light controlling him, Kenzan stopped Sora with the help of Glow Neos/E-Hero Neos and now Saiou and Mizuchi are reunited!!
I really like happy endings!! :D :D :D
I am also really glad I can finally go back to the Osiris Red dorm! Dueling is fun but I kinda missed the Osiris Red food too, so I'm off to get something to eat!!
WHOO!!! :D

EDIT: I looked over my friends list. Manjoume is back in Obelisk Blue!? How did that happen? Is that what all that cheering was for?
...I thought you liked it in Red with us?? :/

...can we still watch TV in your room over here at Osiris Red? :D


Aug. 9th, 2006 04:28 pm
Hahaha, I haven't updated much recently. Between Genex, seeing Shou and dueling some old guy in what I THOUGHT was a test I haven't had much time :/ Ah but Kenzan and I decided we should relax a little so we're going to watch some TV later!! :D

Is Misawa still running about without any clothes? He must he doing a whole lot of naked male bonding!! Usually I only do that at bath times though...and you tend to have to be with other guys...
...oh well *shrugs*


Jun. 11th, 2006 11:29 pm
I think I feel sad for some reason...
....'s just hunger!! :D! Hummm, I wonder if we have anything to eat somewhere...AH! I hid a sandwich away in a drawer the other day I can have tha---
...okay...I think that's been in that drawer longer than a few days :/

Gah, I guess I'll go fishing again :D I'll have to go on my own though, Kenzan's asleep and Shou is...
...where IS Shou? Is he STILL hiding?? :/

Ah well, if a duelist challenges me on the way to the pier that will be even more awesome! :D

Edit: Meme! :D
<td align="center"> Juudai --

A person who laughs at anything (even this entry)

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at</td>



Apr. 13th, 2006 05:12 pm
*Yawn* Argh, I'm tired. Aibou got me up in the middle of the night, telling me Kenzan wasn't there. Turns out Alice lead him and Misawa out into the woods, I decided to duel her I didn't want her to do anything to either Misawa or Kenzan. Dueling her was awesome and so much fun, especially with her Doll Chimera!! Turns out she was a spirit trying to get revenge for her card being all torn up. In the end Aibou helped me win the duel, I used Wings of Evolution to evolve Hane Kuriboh to LV10!! :DDD She was happy after that, though Kenzan didn't seem as happy :/

We returned the doll to Tome-san, she was glad to have it back in it's proper place! :DD

I'm going back to bed now to catch up on the sleep I missed ~_~ Though sleeping in my classes helped! :D
AH!! It feels so good to be back at the Academy!! :DD Though, when we got to the Osiris Red dorms everything was so clean! There's a girl here who calls herself "Alice" who's been serving us lemon tea and food all night!! Though, I'm really not used to this sort of treatment in Osiris Red...hummm...
Kenzan really seems to like her though! :D

Oh well, it's late! Time to sleep!! :DD

((Posted before he goes to sleep in the episode <3 The posting of his duel will be done tomorrow :D))


Apr. 5th, 2006 11:14 am
Mizuchi finally said we can finish the duel today after a week of waiting in this virtual world! But I did make a lot of good friends in this virtual internet cafe that Edo and I have been staying in!! :D Shou and Kenzan had to stay outside cos they don't allow cars and dinosaurs into the building >>;

By the way, why does some of my friends list seem depressed?
Right, that's it, that icecream party I mentioned on IRC is so on after Edo and I defeat Mizuchi and get out of here with Shou and Kenzan and everyone can come!! I'll post details when I'm not dueling Saiou's sister!! :o

((As long as canon allows him to throw it, I'm planning the party on Saturday XD More details later after I've seen this weeks ep :D))
I found Sugoroku Jii-chan!! He was laying on some trash in an alleyway. Edo came along not soon after and he could see the spirit barrier around the city too. I noticed Kenzan's Dark Tyranno on top of a building...but we got there too late.

Saiou! What does your sister want with Shou and Kenzan!?! >/
Hold on you guys! I'll get you back!
So we got into Domino City a few days ago and it's awesome!! Shou, Kenzan and I went to the Kame Game Shop and met Yugi-san's Jii-chan!! Yugi-san wasn't there but his Jii-chan took us on his own personal tour of Battle City! :D
I'd write more about that but I'm a bit concerned right now, Jii-chan, Shou and Kenzan have disappeared, I've looked all over for them. Plus four huge monsters appeared in the sky, both Hane Kuriboh and Air Hummingbird seem a bit worried about it...
...hummm, what's going on here?

Also hi to all the new people who got journals and stuff, I've been so busy looking for Jii-chan, Shou and Kenzan I forgot to check this thing :/

Huuuum :/

Feb. 24th, 2006 01:41 am
So, that Saiou guy is now a student here.
But more importantly...I didn't get the Tamagopan in ALL the bread I picked!! I thought for SURE I would of drawn it :/

Anyway, awesome duel Kenzan!! I'm glad you didn't end up brainwashed, having a dinosaur bone in your leg is SO COOL! :D :D


Feb. 19th, 2006 09:59 am
I had so much fun at the dance earlier this week!! Though I can only remember half of it, the rest is a blur :/ Shou! What DID you put in that punch!? It tasted funny and made things spin around after a while. Then the next day I woke up in Mali's closet on a web made of teabags Oo;
Later that day I found a map that was left for me so Shou, Kenzan and I followed it, I was hoping for buried treasure but it was even better than that! A DUEL! And he was a Pro League duelist too!! He reduced the cards in my deck instead of my life points, he kept taking an amount of cards equal to the level of monster I played! Whooo, such a challenging duel!
Right at the end he thought I was all out of attacks but I still had my Instant Fusion magic card ;D
It was a fun duel!! GOTCHA!! Hahahaha!!


Jan. 12th, 2006 11:57 am
Hehehehe!! I'm still getting used to my new deck but I don't plan to lose Edo!! Whooo!
And I also have my Aibou back!! I missed you Aibou!!

Anyway everyone gave me their Christmas presents last night, which I could barely open, Shou and Kenzan wouldn't let go of me.

Thanks for the shuriken Manjoume!It's awesome! Kinda sharp though, I keep cutting my fingers on it :/

Thanks Ran for the DVD-R of the duel I had with Kaiser! It's lovely to have this and be able to watch it over and over again! And thanks for the little Kuriboh plush too!

Wow! Linka! This red coloured Nintendo DS must of cost you a lot O_O But it's so awesome! And I never did get a replacement for the Gameboy I lost last year. Whooo! We're gonna have to play a game against each other sometime!! :D :D

Thanks for the rose Asuka!! :D It's pretty and it's RED! :D

Thanks for the Asuka doll Fubuki, where'd you get it? I wouldn't mind dolls of everyone else too ^^

Filtered from Napoleon and the rest of the school staff )

Shou and Kenzan said they're gonna give me their presents today!!
I hope everyone liked what I brought back from the forest!! :D

((Oh and what he got Fubuki was a pile of dirt~! XD))



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