So...we're back now. It's been a really really awesome week and I feel a ton better for it, I really do. Eh, though I can't seem to sleep... I thought maybe it's because I slept on Edo's boat for some of the journey home but I don't think it's because of that.
It's just...weird. I think it's because I just got too used to some things back at the summer home...
...I keep opening my eyes or reaching out just...expecting Asuka to be there beside me...but she isn't. She kinda feels miles away right now, but she's only across the island.

Ah, anyway, since I can't sleep, I might as well post some of the photos I took. These aren't all of them, but just some of the ones I liked and felt like showing off!

Photos!! )

Thanks again to Saiou for letting us use his summer house and thanks to Rei for letting me borrow her camera. I'll give it back to you sometime tomorrow!

Definitely will have to do something like this again.

Okay, maybe I should try and sleep again.

((OOC: All pictures are "Photos". The summer house group will of gotten back to the island in the late evening of the 18th. This post is posted at the time it says, 3am on Monday morning XD Juudai... you're such a dork ;o;))
So we had a real fun time today. We ended up having a huge water fight in the ocean! Hahaha! Most of us were soaked by the end of it!! Then we sat around and had a BBQ while having weird conversations. Also Saiga dueled Edo and Saiga won! :D

Tomorrow is our last proper day here, since Sunday will be spent mostly travelling back to the island... so we're gonna go out early as a group and have some random fun, possibly end it with having dinner out somewhere. It's gonna be great!

Anyway guess I should sleep. We've got a big day tomorrow!!
*It's Wednesday afternoon at Saiou's summer home and Juudai is sat on the beach building sandcastles. 18-year-old building sandcastles! Come bother him! Especially if you're Hikari, cos this thread will be used to teach you how to have fun building the stupid little castles in sand :D*
I've come to the conclusion that Isabel and Manjoume need to smile more in the pictures I take of them.
I got up before 11am today :|
Haha! Guess I really shouldn't spend the entire holiday sleeping every morning away when there is so much to do!
Lets see... I still need to teach Hikari how to build sandcastles, go exploring the cliffs and stuff with Ryuuji and one night this week I should take Asuka on a late night walk on the beach. The stars are really pretty out here at night!
There's loads loads more to do too!
*It's about 11am on Monday morning and Juudai is STILL in bed. Sure a holiday is for having fun, but it's also for sleeping in late!! Asuka got up a while ago so he's got the entire bed to himself!
Giving out a content sigh, he turns over to a new position on his side and dozes. Through the slightly open window, he can hear the ocean and some of the others on the beach.
Use this event post to have your character try and get him out of bed! Doesn't matter if the previous character manages it, we'll abuse time-space to let everyone at the summer house have a go!
So how does your character try and get a sleepy hero out of bed?
Have fun /o/

I'll be at work until real late on (*10pm UK Time*) but I'll respond to messages when I get home.*
So we're here in Okinawa! We've been doing a lot of fun and relaxing stuff so I haven't had much time to post! We had a bit of a rough start when we got here, but things seem to be going okay!
Haven't...really seen much of Isabel today though. A little worried about her actually...
Pharaoh and Daitokuji-sensei stowed away in my bag, so they're here too, but y'know, kinda nice to have them here!

Anyway I spent most of this morning kicking a ball around the beach with Shou and some of the others, like a random game of football, only with like, no rules!
We went shopping for some food and stuff later on in the day, we came back with lots of icecream! :D We need it though, the weather is really hot here!

Ah, well, it's getting late and I'm really worn out, so I'm gonna go and sleep. Though I really hope Pharaoh isn't going to come in here and try and wake me up early in the morning like he did today. He kept pawing me in the face and I was trying to sleep! Asuka just laughed at it! Haha! It was alright for her, she was already awake!
*It's late evening on Saturday and the gang have survived Edo's boat ride and finally made it to Okinawa!!
Approaching the house (Which is coloured white by the way, nice colour choice Saiou) it has an archway above the door and bushes/trees on either side of it, keeping is rather secluded and covering whatever is on the other side.

Upon entering, the first thing you will see is that Justice Statue from the end of season 2 /o/ It's placed at the back in a huge room. To the left is the living area with a big plush sofa, TV and fireplace ect. and to the right is a recreational area, with things like a pool tale, CD player ect. The decor is probably very...tarot based.

Going through the door at the back of this room is the large kitchen and dining area. A large table is to the left, the kitchen stuff to the right. There is a huge glass door here that opens up onto a wooden deck with steps leading down to a private beach. To the left of the beach, a short distance away, are cliffs and probably caves to explore!

Anyway, the next floor up has 4 bedrooms, all most likely have about 2-3 beds in it. There is also a bathroom on this floor. On the next level up, there are another two bedrooms, both with just one bed and there's also another bathroom. Also might have a storage room up there 8D

Oh! There's a wine cellar below the house too, but Saiou made sure to tell Juudai that was an out of bounds area.

So, feel free to use this event post to go and explore the house! Feel free to find and discover things! Just place your character and any of the others can just jump in and interact with you in your thread here.*
Whoo! I'm really looking forward to this next week! It's going to be a ton of fun! I've already packed everything I need, I even borrowed a digital camera off Rei for it! Usually I leave it up to others to take photos but... I want to make sure I capture as many memories of this as possible!!
It took her an hour to explain to me how to upload them to the PDA but!!


See :D Just took that now!

((OOC: Yeah pretend any drawings like this are actual photos 8D;;))
To those who I invited on the holiday with me:

I managed to get Chronos-sensei's permission to have some extra time off to allow us to go. We just have to promise we'll be able to catch up with our work when we return. He wants us back in classes by the 19th.
We'll be leaving for Okinawa on Saturday. Meet at the harbour at 10am! We'll be there until Sunday the 18th, so make sure to pack plenty of things!!


May. 7th, 2008 09:57 pm
So, I was talking to Saiou on his journal over my latest tarot reading and after deciding I really need to get off this island for a while...take a holiday somewhere, he offered to lend me his summer home in Okinawa.
I thought about it and...I really have to go. Soon. As in this month. I really need this break. I need to go somewhere where I don't have to worry about being a hero for a while.
Just a week...a week to get away from everything.

BUT, I'm not gonna go alone, that wouldn't be any fun.
It took me a while but, I made a list of those I want to invite to come with me;
Asuka, Johan, Manjoume, Shou, Kenzan, Ryuuji, Saiga, Edo, Fubuki-san, Ayumi.
I want you guys to come with me.
Also, Isabel and Hikari, I'm inviting you both too, because I think the break would do you both a lot of good.

Just post and let me know whether you want to come or not, everyone, and when you want to go. To be honest I'm all ready to leave this damn weekend, but I'd have to sort it out with Chronos-sensei first, see if he'd let us have an extra week or so off from schoolwork, so let me know as soon as possible.




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