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Well, guess I'm out. I kinda wish I could of made it all the way but never mind, I enjoyed taking part in the tournament!

It's up to you now, Yuusei!
Haha! I won my first match in the finals! That duel was so much fun!! I can't wait until my next match!!
Haha! I'm really looking forward to getting started on the finals of the tournament!! It's been a while since I really looked forward to something like this!! I'm so excited!
I've been working on my deck in what spare time I had and I think it's ready!
Haaaaa, I'm exhausted... goddamn 20 laps around the park...

But, I finally have 10 medals!! Haha! I'm so excited for the finals!!
Back up to 5!
Despite how busy this week is looking, what with college and working during the times I'm NOT at college, I feel really really good!! I... actually went and met my parents on Sunday. Things went pretty well... better than I thought. We agreed to try and keep more in contact now.
I told them some things and it really lifted a lot off my mind I think.

Haa, Asuka, they really want to meet you! They kept asking me so many questions! They want to invite us over for dinner sometime, haha!

Need to make some time for tournament duels! I'm gonna try my best to get up to 10 medals!!
Haaa, I DID get up to five medals, but back down to three again. Hmm...
Think I'm gonna go for a walk.

EDIT: I finally have some kind of job! Haaa, might not pay that much but at least it's something!!

Still looking for tournament duels too!!
Looking for more tournament duels. Reply here if you're interested.
Haa, I had a really fun duel with Isabel yesterday! Nothing for the tournament or anything else, just an honest fun duel!
Talking of duels, I'm still looking for tournament opponents! Comment here if you're interested!!
Back up to 4 medals!! Haaa, that duel was so much fun! I really missed having duels like this!
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Well, back down to 2 medals again!
...well, guess I'm back up to two of these medals now.

Up to four now!
Haaa, down to one medal! But it doesn't matter, that duel was so much fun!!
Well, I guess since the tournament has started now I should start taking challenges! Just let me know if you're interested!
So, I've decided to definitely take part in the tournament that's happening. It'll be fun just to... duel without any huge thing on the line and just have some fun with it! It'll probably be good for the Pro-League too, y'know, add to the dueling portfolio and all that.
Talking of that, I talked to Midori-san and looks like I just have to wait for the Pro-League to give me someone to duel against. Do well against that and they'll probably give me more dueling offers.

I've been so busy catching up with college work this week, I've not done much else. Luckily I'm mostly caught up with everything I've missed.



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