Well that made me... feel kinda bad.
Last night's duel was really tough... and I lost but... I guess in the end it doesn't completely matter, I know where to go, and at least she's gonna be safe for now.

Private )
Skipped college today, I... wasn't feeling well, I feel a little better now though I guess. Gonna see how I feel tomorrow and if I feel up to it, I'm gonna go sign up for a new class I was told about... it seems really interesting!

Ah, Kouyou-san, if you see this, I need to talk to you about something.

Hmmm, I need to keep my mind off a few things, so I'll post this that I found!

Meme )

Just thought it would be fun to see how you all fill it out!

Private )

((OOC: If you want to post the meme in your own characters journals, limit it to having only one of your characters do it, to prevent spamming up the f-list too much 8D Thank you!))
...so that's what was going on there...
I swear... the Academy just gets worse every year with what happens there, I kinda miss the days where even the bad things that happened were a lot more simple and hell, in some ways it was a lot more relaxed.
For someone to mindlessly kill up to possibly ten people... just... it makes me so angry, but it makes me feel helpless too, because I can't DO anything. Even if I was there I wouldn't be able to really do anything. I'm a duelist, not a detective or a solver of murder mysteries.
The problems there really were getting way over my head and beyond what I could do, the last year I had there especially tested this, I think I know where my limit lies.

I was right when I said that things there are just going beyond being solved by a simple duel.

I'm really worried about everyone there, especially those I know. I really hope this can be solved without the loss of any more lives.
Nice to know I'm screwing up a lot lately.

Urgh, my head hurts, I feel kinda crappy, I'm just gonna sleep or something.
Look inside, huh.

I'll figure that out later I guess, today...I need to catch up with some schoolwork I've kinda been ignoring.
A whole week's worth.
*It's a wonderful warm summer's day and Juudai is stood outside Osiris Red, awaiting Asuka's arrival. As he waits, he slowly twirls a single red rose that he's holding in his right hand which he intends to give to Asuka when she gets there.
But the longer he waits, the more he's left alone with his own thoughts and he finds them going back to what he wrote privately in his journal the night before, about how he'd been feeling and how worried he was about it. The once positive and happy boy he had once been could no longer see the world nor life is such a positive light any longer. Negativity constantly clouds his mind, his day to day life was now full of fear and paranoia of what the next day could bring.
In truth, all this was scaring him, he didn't know what to think about himself anymore, unsure of the person he is now or was becoming. It was like he had lost himself and he feared if he carried on this way, he'd lose those close to him too, the only people who seem to be holding him together.

Casting a sad gaze down at the rose in his hand, he desperately tried to remind himself to stop thinking about this stuff, if only for today. Today was for himself and Asuka, to be with the girl he loves, the one who always makes him feel happy and like hell he was going to spoil this for her. So he'll just have to keep everything to himself so they could have a good day and keep this negativity to the back of his mind.
Only it's a lot harder than you think.
And we all know Juudai is a terrible liar :|*
Hey Asuka, if you aren't busy tomorrow, do you want to do something together? We could go for a walk or just simply hang out or... if you have anything in mind that you want to do, we could do that!

Private )
Well not long until the Summer Festival. I managed to talk to Chronos-sensei and he's given permission for those who want to help me, to take Friday off from classes to help set things up, but he said at the maximum I can only have 10 people helping me.

Anyway, lets make this a fun weekend!

Private )
Things to do list:

- Sort out the Summer Festival, it's only a week and a bit away and I still haven't sorted out as much as I SHOULD have sorted out by now.
- Deal with Weidt White.
- Deal with Yukio.
- Look into this stuff with Gren Maju Da Eiza... might be our next target to take down if he really IS the cause of some of the goings on here.
- Keep an eye on Jean.
- ... talk to Asuka at some point. I want to give her this bracelet I got her anyway.

And all this between schoolwork.
Well...I think all that just un-did anything the holiday fixed.

...I'm starting to wonder what I'm getting myself into with them.
I don't want them to throw away this chance I gave them, but they're both so emotionally unstable I'm not sure if I can always talk them out of stuff when they get upset.

If Isabel had carried on just a little bit longer.... I was so close to just telling her to do what the hell she wanted... even if I wouldn't of meant it. Luckily...she seemed to realize what she was saying to me...
I want to help them but... it's really hard.

...I haven't slept all night...
... screw it. I don't want to break my promise to Chronos-sesnei but, I'm skipping classes today. I'm tired, upset and kinda pissed off right now.
Just want to hide my head under a pillow for the day.


Apr. 5th, 2008 10:59 pm
Today hasn't been a good day.

What the hell has happened to me...
*An event post for HH for when she has the time to get to it ^o^
Juudai is stood outside Yuuko's shop, sadly looking up at it. It's hard for him to believe this will be the last time he sees it and the very people inside. Worst thing is, he doesn't even have Hane Kuriboh with him right now, so she can't even say bye to Mokona.
He gives out a long heavy sigh. When will things just stop going wrong?*
I've had a damn bad day today....
...Yuuko-san, I'm coming over to speak to you tomorrow.



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