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I haven't posted anything about this yet, but gradually we've been converting the former Spirit Foundation building on Sakana's grounds into two 'luxury' apartments. They're not super fancy or anything like that, they just have slightly more bigger rooms than at Sakana itself and both apartments will also have kitchens of their own.

So far the upstairs apartment is finished. It was the easiest to convert as it was already set up into separate apartment-like rooms.
This apartment has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a living area and a bathroom.
The upstairs apartment also has access to a balcony at the back that goes across the top of the former spirit house, which is now being used as an indoor temperature controlled greenhouse for all Sakana residents.

The bottom apartment is still being worked on, but it's nearly finished. We're expecting that one to be done by the New Year. This one just needed a little more converting due to it's layout.
Just like the upstairs, it'll have two bedrooms, a living area, kitchen and bathroom.

Both apartments will have some basic furnishings, like beds and sofas. Just items of furniture that we used at the foundation which we didn't need for the SAI building, and since it's still good funiture, we decided to re-use them for the apartments.

I think that's all the details I needed to cover!
If you want any further details, just contact either Kawasaki Sayuri-san or my wife, Yuuki Asuka who both co-run the Sakana apartments together.

For the past few days, I've be finding Dark Bugs all over the place. I thought Sakana had an infestation of them or something, but no one else has found any in their apartments other than me. I dunno, maybe Pharaoh's been bringing them in or something, though I did find a few at the Spirit Foundation too.
All this snow was really unexpected! It's awkward to drive a D-Wheel in, but it's been pretty fun otherwise! I spent most of yesterday afternoon building a snowman in Sakana's courtyard!
Haaa, I haven't posted since my birthday!! I've been kinda busy with college and the Pro-League.

Heh, I realized the other day that we've been leaving at Sakana for almost a year now. It'll be a year in September anyway. Doesn't feel that long actually but time flies!
It's been an interesting weekend. My investigation into why Pharaoh was stealing food lead me to a small white and grey kitten who he had been stealing the food for. She was in a bad way when I found her so I had to rush her to a nearby veterinary center, luckily she perked up enough that they said I could take her home... and gave me a vet bill I really didn't need right now...
Still... to say how quiet and scared she was when I brought her back to the apartment, she's perked up a lot!! Haha, she's been following me everywhere around the apartment. I leave a room, she leaves it to! Though if I close a door so she can't follow me, she cries and scratches on it until I do open it for her...

Anyway, I don't think Pharaoh will cause anymore problems!
*Hey Sakana peoples~ Juudai is entering the apartment building with Pharaoh following him close behind. He's carrying a plastic bag on one arm and seems to be holding something in his arms, wrapped up in the jacket he was probably wearing earlier in the day. Wanna take a look what he's got?*
*HEY SAKANA! After being missing for days without any word, Juudai has returned!
... he's soaking wet, but he's returned!*
Huh... I'm.. back I guess...
Not sure what happened but... I guess I was just... given another chance...?
Though I fully intend to use this second chance at life, completely.

I missed my friends so much! I should go and see them.

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Event Post

*Hey Sakana. There's a supposedly dead guy wearing black red trimmed Haou armor, that's standing outside the door to the apartment where he lives/lived. Feel free to badger him if your character is around Sakana, though if you're actually in his apartment (AKA; Asuka, Manjoume ect.) there's a knocking on the door.
Although he had been in Dark Signer mode before he arrived, his eyes are now back to normal. generally, he just seems like normal Juudai just... dressed in his Haou outfit.
Please note if you are replying to the journal or the event.*
Head to Hikari's zone. Sakana is here and we can use it as a new base.
My costume is coming along nicely for the party on Friday! Seems like a lot of people are going to be coming!

So er, if you're coming, or thinking of coming, could you reply here? I need a rough idea of the number of people attending, so I know how much party snacks I need to get!
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*Juudai is sat out in the courtyard of Sakana leaning against a tree, doodling stupid pictures on scrap pieces of paper... or the back of his college notes, he went out there with full intentions to do some work but, his attention span and concentration are terrible.
Alternatively, if you have no reason to be at the Sakana Apartments, he's also doing the same in the park YES HE CAN BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE!!

This is a general interaction thread, so come talk to him about whatever you want!*
Huh, it's weird to think this is the last night I'll be spending in this house. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the apartment stuff over the last week, it's been fun... and kinda frustrating at the same time, but... hah... I feel I have a permanent home now, it's pretty awesome. I'm sure Manjoume, Asuka and I will have a ton of fun there! Pharaoh too!

Got the last of my stuff packed up, left a note to my parents explaining about the apartment and leaving them the address and... well... that's about that! Just got some final things to do at the apartment tomorrow, but they're really minor things!

I should...probably sleep or something.
Note to self: Watch what I say around the apartments from now on.

Also... I don't think this cabinet thing is going together very well...
... and I think I broke part of it.
I had fun hanging out on the chat last night! We gotta do that more, especially since a lot of us are gonna be heading off in different directions!!

Anyway this week is gonna be really busy for me, need to get so much stuff sorted for this apartment, but I'm hoping our move in date will be this Friday! Quick, I know, but I think it can happen!!

I got a couple of extra keys cut for Manjoume and Asuka today and ordered some stuff for the place, that's all gonna be delivered through this week!
She said yes.
I can't remember the last time I was THIS happy!!
Just... god... this feels like a whole new beginning, y'know?

Manjoume! If you're still interested, you're free to have the spare room, if you want it!
*It's early Saturday afternoon and Juudai is in the kitchen of his family's home, setting down a small chocolate cake he had bought the day before onto a plate in the middle of the table. He's expecting Asuka over soon and he was sure she'd like this.

As he began to cut the cake up into slices, he began to realize just how nervous he was about what he was intending to do. He'd faced seeing and stopping the world from ending numerous times, faced the most terrifying situations, yet he was nervous over asking a girl he'd known for almost 4 years, 10 months of which they had been dating, to live with him in his new apartment.

It was a big step, after all.

Looking at the cake, Juudai began his nervous wait for the knock on the door. Constantly going over what he wanted to say in his head... though most of it ended up a mess.
He hoped when it came time to ask, he wouldn't mess it up*
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You know, while going through my stuff, I suddenly realize how little I have... that's really important in a home anyway. Huuuuh, I'm gonna need to buy a lot of stuff for this apartment... kinda glad it was cheap!

Hey, Asuka. Would you be able to come over to my house sometime this weekend? Whichever day is good for you, I just need to talk to you about something important, that's all.
I can't sleep. And strange thoughts kinda enter your head at 4am.

Lemmie ask you guys a question. A completely er... what's that word...
.... hypothetical, uh yeah, totally hypothetical question!

Let's say there's this guy and this guy has been dating a girl for say... 10 months. Then the guy gets this super cool awesome apartment and is thinking of asking the girl to live with him.
Would... asking her at that time be too early? Or would it be okay? Or should the guy just ask no matter what? Worse she can say is no, right?

Just wondering what everyone's answer would be!
Well... that actually went a lot quicker than I thought!
I have an apartment now!! It's a really nice place too!

It has two bedrooms, a lounge, bathroom and storage space, the kitchen is shared which is cool, because it's a good chance to meet everyone else there!

This is awesome!!
*Despite the goings on the previous night, with the phone message and the spirits of what seemed to be two of the God cards appearing in the sky, Juudai has decided to continue what he had planned to do today. That is, to check out the address Fujiwara had given him to an apartment complex in Domino City.

So now he finds himself stood outside "Sakana"*

Well... I guess this is the place.



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