May. 29th, 2005 12:55 am
So now Fubuki hates Mary Sue are we still having that party?

Talking of Mary Sue I saw her earlier. I decided to go by the medical room and cheer her up! and to make sure the nurse hadn't stuck her with too many needles
For some odd reason I feel weird now, not sure what it is...
...maybe I'm just hungry! :D

Oooooh! Shou made tea for us all!! :D

((OOC: Cos Juudai is too much on an idiot to get too affected))
Right now I'm just sat under a tree watching the stars in the sky. After everything that's happened, Chronos-sensei losing the shadow game, the party at the Vampire Lady's castle, Fubuki torching the medical room only to rebuild it with things he bought off Ebay, it's kind of nice to relax...

...with most people still at the Vampire Lady's castle it's really peaceful here on the island. The stars are quite pretty tonight...
The school's medical room is completely burnt out Oo; I was playing card games with Asuka and a few others at the Vampire Lady's castle when Kohara ran in shouting about how Fubuki was trying to blow up the Nurse, then we heard this muffled explosion and saw a small puff of smoke come from the academy.
We ran over there and all what was left was Fubuki, just standing there, sniggering to himself, with this....really weird look on his face.

Gotta admit, when we heard he was trying to blow up the nurse we found it funny, cos we all agreed she deserved to be scared a little but...I think Fubuki went more than a little overboard. I don't even know what happened to the nurse, she wasn't there when we arrived.
I kind of hope she escaped, more for Fubuki's sake than her's...

Asuka, her face went an intresting shade of red when we got there. Fubuki just looked at us as if to ask us what we were all staring at, almost as if torching the medical room was the most natural thing in the world! Afterwards, Asuka just stormed off and I haven't seen her since. I'm starting to wonder if I should find out where she's gone...she seemed really upset...
Urgh, okay, so much stuff has happened...

That nurse went and drugged Fubuki, Kohara and I with cookies she snuck into the ones Asuka made for us, she then spent the next few days torturing us with needles while we were under sedatives We seriously need to get her fired... but soon after she was dragged away kicking and screaming, leaving the three of us in really bad shape Shadow games I can handle, but her? Nooooope

So we had to stay in the hospital wing and rest. There was all these rumors about there being a vampire at the school, then last night Hayato rushed into the hospital wing to tell us Chronos-sensei was gonna have a shadow game with this Vampire Lady. Shou, Asuka and Hayato watched the duel on the PDA for a bit but eventually I told them I really wanted to go down there to watch and support Chronos-sensei, so Hayato carried me on his back and we both went down with Shou.

Chronos-sensei was amazing and it was such a cool duel....but he lost...the lady took his key and his soul is now trapped in some doll. I think the lady is after Kaiser next, she kept looking at him weirdly...
...but for now, what should we do? We currently have a vampire on the loose and a chronos doll on our hands. Maybe we should have a meeting, yes a meeting, maybe we could negotiate with the vampire lady to give Chronos-sensei his soul back, after all the doll is a bit annoying. I couldn't stop Pharaoh from trying to use him as a play toy, so we eventually just gave him to Manjoume to look after...

Ow...okay.....I'm still in pain from my Shadow Game and the numerous needle punctures on my arms I really need to sleep right now...but we should arrange a meeting with the vampire Lady maybe we could try getting her high on coffee which could hold her off for a week like with's coffee for me....I don't think my body could handle the caffeine rush right now...

I wonder what Manjoume will do with the Chronos-doll now he has it...
I'm sure I should be doing something more important than this....but oh well!!! :D )

Meh! I was bored, there's only so much you can do in the medical room and I've already tried firing needles at the wall like darts :/ That was fun though! :D
The nurse isn't here right now...she had to leave cos apparently someone fell out of a tree and broke their leg...

....could someone sneak in some cookies for me....and maybe Fubuki if he wakes up Oo;


Apr. 25th, 2005 12:54 am
Well, the coffee party seems kinda dead now, especially since some monkeys came in earlier and stole the last coffee pot. Most people left when they heard the nurse had come back....mostly to hide from her I think.
Anyway, just now Tome-san came in with a huge cake she had made just for us (No, it's not coffee flavoured, it's chocolate :D :D)
Anyone up for eating lots of cake!? :D :D Sugar highs are the next best thing to caffiene highs!! And chocolate tastes better


Apr. 12th, 2005 12:31 pm
Hummm, I wonder what happened with Fubuki and the Nurse last night... I sure hope Fubuki managed to escape Oo;

I woke up this morning to find a note under my hotel room door. All it contains is a challenge to a duel the place and time. The place is the Pyramid we rescued Kohara from, the time is 8pm.
Hane Kuriboh looks worried and doesn't seem to want me to go, but a duel is a duel no matter who challenges me :D :D A man never backs down from a challenge!
Oh there is also small writing on the bottom of it which reads: "You must pay for stepping on sacred ground"

...I wonder if Kohara got one of these too...

((OOC: Yeah I felt like trying to tie in the recent episodes with our Egypt trip the best way I could :D Shadow Game fun~!))


Apr. 11th, 2005 11:43 am
Well it took a long time, but I managed to find Kohara who was stuck in a Pyramid yesterday. Augh! There were so many traps set up in there Oo; I almost got squished by a boulder, almost fell into a pit of spikes and at one point walls started closing in on me!!
Actually, despite all the danger, it was really fun! :D
So Kohara and I managed to get out before the poisonous snakes got to us so that was a relief. Hummm....couldn't help but get the feeling we were being watched though...

Augh, I have really bad sunburn too and I think the Nurse knows somehow! I think she can sense a medical problem from miles away! She's gonna find me and hurt me! >>;

Manjoume didn't find the Sennen Items either It doesn't matter, I get the feeling I'm gonna get something much cooler soon anyway! :D :D

Hane Kuriboh is still freaking out, I don't think it likes being in Egypt anymore...
...humm, maybe I'll go for a walk around today :D Anyone want to join me?


Apr. 10th, 2005 01:04 pm
Well we didn't find any Sennen Items. The place was caved in but we managed to move enough of the rocks and stuff to get inside. There was this HUUUUUGE door and a big hole in the floor. I was going to jump down the hole but Shou told me that was a bad idea and through the whole thing Hane Kuriboh just kept freaking out. Eventually we left but I'm not sure if Manjoume went back later, I haven't seen him all morning. I wonder where he is...

....guys, Hane Kuriboh is still freaking out. It keeps telling us we should leave Egypt cos there is danger, but it won't tell me what it is.
Aibou, what's up with you?

....maybe it can sense that the nurse is coming! :D :D
YAY! Apparently we're all finally going to Egypt!!! I want to see something that's been mummified! :D :D

Yeah I haven't posted all day, spent most of it hiding out with the bear from....a certain someone who shall remain nameless...
...then I check the PDA and find out the nurse got a journal and apparently she now thinks I'm suicidal. I'm not suicidal!! ;___;
I went to her stupid counseling session since she would have thrown me in Obelisk Blue's snake pit if I hadn't and all she did was talk about how suicide is stupid, I kept telling her that I wasn't trying to kill myself last night but she wouldn't listen, she wants to put me on some sort of anti-depression drugs....whaaaaa!? Oo;
What does depression mean anyway!?

I wonder how Asuka and Manjoume faired with her for their appointments...or if they even went at all!
And Kohara too....he was bleeding quite badly last night while he was with me and the bear...that really didn't look healthy Oo;

...Rei is not only a love freak she's also a yaoi fangirl...
....nobody is safe from her --;
Urrrrgh, I woke up this morning with a really sore throat (well sorer than it has been already) and a pounding headache. Ow, ow, it really hurts >>;

I'm never taking flu medicine off that nurse again, I swear she's trying to kill me with it. I can barely remember last night at all, I can only go by the extremely weird things I wrote in my last journal entry and the comments. I guess I watched movies with Manjoume (*And quite possibly with Shou and Asuka*)? Did we even get round to that? I don't remember anything at all! All I remember is the nurse giving me the flu medicine and that was it, the rest of the night is a blur Oo;

I wonder if this is what it's like to have a hangover...?

((OOC: I write the sore throat from experience. Damnit Juudai, I think your giving ME the flu XD;;)


Apr. 6th, 2005 01:42 am
Well apparently all classes are cancelled! This is good because it means I get more company and it won't be so boring now.
Shou, Asuka! Want to do something fun tomorrow that doesn't involve much moving around? :D How about we steal some popcorn from somewhere and stream some movies from the PDA?

Ya know, this is the first time I've felt near enough to my usual self :D Although, that could possibly be because the nurse was here a little while earlier and gave me more flu drugs and stuff. Ever since then I've been feeling really happy weird!
I like happy weird!! :D :D

....why is the room spinning?
The nurse came to the dorm room really early this morning, she woke us all up! What kind of nurse does that!?
She kept banging on the door, threatening to knock it down, so Shou eventually got up and opened it. She came in mumbling something about how the crowded Obelisk Blue dorms is very unsanitary and how it's "unhealthy" for a girl to share with two guys. I don't think she even wanted to know about our sleeping arrangements, she just looked at the two beds and gave us a really weird look.
She said she's expecting an even bigger outbreak of the flu cos of all this.
I didn't care, I just wanted to sleep --;

She told me my fever has come down quite a bit now and said as long as I carry on resting I shouldn't have a problem keeping it down and should be up and about by the end of the week at the least.
She left me some aspirin and told me to take it, she then gave us all a really stern look before leaving.
It seemed to be directed towards myself and Shou rather than Asuka though Oo; Not sure why...

Asuka and Shou brought me up some breakfast before they left for class :D :D I still don't have my appetite back but I know if I don't eat the nurse will kill me.....or Fubuki would....either one ^^;

Asuka...seemed kinda upset this morning though. She didn't seem to be paying much attention to anything. It was a little weird. I was going to say something to her before she left, but I really didn't know what to say. She mentioned something about feeling a bit ill last night, so maybe that's it. I really hope she hasn't caught the flu from me. I don't want her to go through what I have, but with us being in the same room I think it was only a matter of time before either her or Shou caught it >>;


Apr. 4th, 2005 11:26 pm
Well, I slept most of the day and feel a little better cos of it. My head still hurts though, as does my throat and pretty much everything else....again. I guess the painkillers the nurse gave me earlier have worn off. She said she'd come down to the dorm room at some point to check me over again, she doesn't want me moving from all the bed rest I have to do.

Augh, it's been so boring. Earlier I did a drawing cos I was so bored. I drew Manjoume and Hane Kuriboh and Yugi-san too :D :D


Drawing is fun! :D But not as much fun as dueling!
Just saw the nurse and she didn't seem pleased that my fever had gone up slightly again. Also she somehow knew I spent last night sleeping on the floor...
...and about the hallucinations... she reading this journal!?
Or she's a know-it-all ghost like Fubuki, or just a know-it-all nurse :D :D
She also said I was slightly dehydrated, which is apparently a bad thing.

She threatened if I didn't look after myself and if my condition doesn't improve that she'd ship me off to a REAL hospital in Domino City somewhere. Augh! I don't wanna leave the island ;_; I'll chain myself to the Academy if that's what it takes!!

So that means nothing but rest, which sucks cos it's such a nice day out and I could spend this time relaxing in my favoruite spots rather than in bed.
Both Shou and Asuka are in classes all day so I guess it's a good chance to sleep even though it's so boring.
I at least have Hane Kuriboh for company....and quite possibly the hallucination ones too

Hummmm, I think I just saw Kagurazaka, wearing an Obelisk Blue skirt while being carried by a bear...
....I sure hope I'm not hallucinating again...
....then again, maybe that would be better off as an hallucination...


Apr. 4th, 2005 09:14 am
Well last night I think I passed out again and spent the night sleeping on the floor, I think that's a good thing considering our.....current sleeping arrangement dilemma Oo;
I guess Asuka and Shou didn't want to move me, but at least they gave me a blanket and a spare pillow :D

Private to Asuka and Shou )

I don't think I should spend another night on the floor, if the Nurse knew, she'd try and kill me or something, so I best not mention it too her when I go for that checkup...
...also...I don't think I should mention the return of the tiny dancing Hane Kuriboh hallutinations that appeared and started biting me again last night.... though she said my fever was down...
...maybe the nurse just gave me too many painkillers Oo;



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