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Juudai's Biography (Currently up to Timeskip)

NAME: Yuuki Juudai
AGE: 29 (D.O.B: 10th August, 1989) Though he's physically around 18-20.
STATUS: Married (Married Asuka on 3rd July, 2011)
LIVES: Sakana Apartments, Domino City, Japan (Lives with Asuka and their cat, Pharaoh.)
JOB: Co - Founder/manager of the Spirit Arcadia Insitution (SAI) - Formerly the Spirit Foundation.
DECK: Elemental Heroes (Regular deck)
SPIRITS: Yubel, Winged Kuriboh, Elemental Hero Neos and the Neo-Spacians.


When he was younger, Juudai was a very carefree and laid back person, who only ever put focus on dueling, sleeping and eating, he was oblivious to almost anything else, which gave him a rather adorable sense of cluelessness. Despite that, he is a brave person who believes in protecting people and was the type to throw himself into a dire situation for a person, even if he'd only just met them.
As he grew older and experienced a number of very difficult and trying times that effected him physically and especially mentally, Juudai found himself often feeling run-down or depressed, not being able to cope with the pressures of both the things happening around him and his new found power of the Supreme King which he was struggling to keep in control. He saw and experienced numerous events that seemed to leave his faith in things rather tattered. These events though, have helped him make the shift from being a child, into a more mature adult.
After the events of the Dark Signer arc, Juudai, realizing life is too short to worry about things in the past, has since attempted to keep them there and has re-gained some of his fun-loving attitude, trying to look towards more positive things, although he now bears the slight more wisdom of an adult with his views on things and doesn't see things in such a care-free light anymore. He has also become a lot less clueless about the world around him.



When Juudai was small, he used to hear voices coming from his deck of Duel Monster cards, he often thought that the monsters were having parties. Unknown to the small Juudai at the time, he was hearing the voices of the monster spirits in his deck.

An only child, of workaholic parents, Juudai often found that his parents were very rarely around during his childhood and even when they were home, they seemed to have no real time for him. He knew they cared for him, but their jobs kept them busy. They both worked in medical professions, at a hospital located outside of Domino City, so they'd often be out of the house early and back rather late at night. Sadly, Juudai couldn't remember many times they'd spent together as a family. They never seemed to go on holidays or days out.

- Yubel -

At eight years old, Juudai's father came home one night and presented his son with a Duel Monsters card he found on his way home that day, knowing his son had an interest in the game. This card was Yubel, who had been looking for Juudai for a very long time.
Juudai took a shine to Yubel and instantly began trying to use her in his deck against his friends. Even though at the time, he could not hear or see Yubel, he could feel that she wanted to fight along side him. Yubel kept a watchful protective eye over Juudai, now that she was together with him, but sadly Yubel became a bit too protective, so whenever Juudai lost a duel and became upset, she used her power to put the person in a coma as punishment for upsetting him. This eventually lead to his friends avoiding Juudai, not wishing to duel him anymore, since anyone who did seemed to get hospitalized.

Around this time, Juudai also entered a KaibaCorp competition to design some monsters, which would then be blasted into space. Juudai designed Neos and the Neo-Spacians and ultimately won the contest, but when it came to sending them into space, Juudai also requested that Yubel be sent as well, hoping it would somehow make her a better monster.
Sadly, the moment Yubel was sent away, the young Juudai began to have nightmares about her, which got more and more frequent to the point where they were effecting the boy's health. Even Juudai's mother, who worked as a psychiatrist, didn't fully understand what was happening to her son and any talks she or anyone else had with him seemed to do nothing.
Desperately, Juudai's parents took their last resort and had Juudai's memories of Yubel repressed at the hospital they worked at. They felt guilty for doing so, but they felt they had no real choice and afterwards, Juudai seemed to return to normal and everything seemed okay, only now Juudai appeared to have a lacked interest in the Duel Monsters game and upon returning to school, he began to prefer doing sports over playing the card game.

- Meeting the Hibiki's -

At ten-years-old, Juudai was hospitalized with a broken leg due to a baseball game. While at the hospital, he met a man named Kouyou Hibiki, who was a professional pro-duelist, an a two time world champion at that! Thanks to Kouyou, Juudai's interest in the game began to spark again, as the two spent their time in the hospital dueling with each other, even after Juudai had left the hospital. Through Kouyou, Juudai learned much more about the game and even about Duel Monster spirits, although despite his experience with the voices earlier in his life, Juudai seemed a little sceptical about.

As Juudai's interest in dueling grew, he began wanting to see Kouyou in action, although realized he never seemed to leave the hospital. Not wanting to let the boy down, Kouyou went back to the pro-league for a duel, but collapsed soon after it ended. Juudai had over-slept and had arrived at the duel late, only to see Kouyou being rushed away in an ambulance.
At this point, Kouyou decided that he'd be retiring from the pro-league, but chose Juudai has his very last opponent, telling the boy that this would be a serious duel, unlike the others they've had before and told him to bring his very best deck.
The deck Juudai chooses, is an Elemental Hero deck, but different to the one Kouyou himself has.
Kouyou ends up winning the duel, but impressed with how much Juudai had grown as a duelist, Kouyou passes down his deck to the boy, every single card, except for Winged Kuriboh, who at the time wished to stay with Kouyou. With that, he also passes down a message to Juudai, to always be a duelist that has fun dueling, no matter what, something the young boy took to heart.
Juudai leaves with a happy smile and returns the next day to tell Kouyou that he'd signed up for a tournament, only to find Kouyou was now in a coma due to their duel. Frustrated and upset, Juudai ran to the roof of the hospital, knocking over the sheets drying on the roof, but it's at this point where Juudai first sees Winged Kuriboh's spirit for the first time.

As the years passed, Juudai continued to visit Kouyou in the hospital right up until he was due to take his entrance exams for the academy. Kouyou, although in the coma, could still hear Juudai's voice and hears him explain that he probably won't see him as much anymore if he gets into the academy. Kouyou decides that he wants Winged Kuriboh to go with Juudai to the Academy, but doesn't want to use the last of his strength to wake up and give the card to him, fearing it would give Juudai false hope and upset him when he fell back into the coma again.
Unknown to Juudai, Yuugi Mutou, who knew Kouyou through his work as a pro-duelist, had also been a regular visitor to Kouyou's bedside. Thus Kouyou briefly wakes up and gives Yugi the Winged Kuriboh card, asking him to deliver it to a boy he knows and telling him that he'd know the boy when he sees him.



A now fifteen-year-old Juudai takes the entrance exams for the academy, but while running late on his way to the practical exam, Juudai accidently runs into Yuugi and Yuugi, sensing this is the boy he is looking for through Winged Kuriboh, gives Juudai the card, only mentioning that it "seems to want to be with him". Juudai takes the card, but at first doesn't recognize it as Kouyou's, it isn't until his practical exam does he realize the card is the same one.
Juudai, of course, passes his practical exam when he defeats Chronos, but due to his dismal performance with the written exam, he gets into the lowest dorm, Osiris Red, although Juudai loved the dorm and even refused the chance to move up to Ra Yellow in his first year, because he loved the atmosphere of Osiris Red.

Juudai's experiences at the Academy are fairly the same as the show (Just with added insanity!), up until the end of the sand world in season 3, so I won't go into detail about those.

- Yubel and the Varsity Tournament-

Yubel, who had been hit by the wave of light that had also infected Saiou, returned to earth and once again began searching for Juudai, finding a path to him through Cobra. She sent the academy to the sand world and eventually revealed herself to Juudai, sparking his memories of her once again. Johan opened a path back to the human world through Rainbow Dragon, but only he didn't seem to return with everyone else. A guilt ridden Juudai, blaming himself for Johan's disappearance almost decides to go back to the spirit world in search for him, but Johan is soon revealed to be on the island, but under the control of Yubel. Yubel taunts Juudai, making the boy fear for the lives of his friends and guilt for the danger he's put them in. This results in his powers as the Supreme King to flourish out of control.
As the Supreme King, Juudai challenged Yubel to a duel, though the duel resulted in a loss for Juudai, this knocked him out of the surge of power he was experiencing and Yubel also finally gained her own body, freeing Johan from her grip.
During this time, a varsity tournament was also being held. This ended with a 2-on-1 duel between Johan, Juudai and Yubel, to which Johan and Juudai won.
Around this time, Kouyou, who had managed to regain consciousness sometimes during the last few years, had returned, now working as a scout for the pro-league. I think it was around this time Juudai gradually began using Kouyou's deck, mixed in with his own.
Thanks to Yubel's interference with the school, all the students there had to re-do that year.

- Darkness -

Re-doing his third year, a now 18-year-old Juudai still struggled controlling the power of the Supreme King and generally lived in fear of what it could do. Around this time, Darkness, from the Seven Stars, returned to the island, and was soon revealed to be Yuuske Fujiwara, a former friend of Fubuki. He soon began his plan to erase all of mankind. Everyone except Juudai and his friends disappeared and thus the big battles between Fujiwara and Darkness began. Juudai won, showing Darkness that hope for the human world was not all lost and everything returned to normal.

During this plot, Juudai had met the witch, Yuuko, who's shop had appeared on the island and he began to look up to her as a sort of mother figure and the Doctor, a friend of Yuuko's, who became sort of like an uncle to him. They were both people he really looked up to and still does to this day.
Juudai's personal life had also taken a big step when he finally found out that Asuka had feelings for him, which in return, she discovered that he'd found out. The two found this sudden turn of events frustrating at first, not knowing what to really do or say, but after Juudai's attempt to talk to Asuka ended with him kissing her, he agreed that they should maybe give a relationship a shot, even though he was still unsure of his true feelings for her at the time. The two became closer in their relationship, but when Darkness separated them, after making it so Asuka no longer cared for Juudai, Juudai truly realized just how much Asuka had meant to him and just how much he really truly cared for her and how closer he'd grown to her. Once Darkness' influence was taken off Asuka, the two re-united and their relationship became much stronger than before.
Also around the Darkness plot, Yubel had returned, separated as two people. Ursula, the bad side of Yubel and Ruu, the good side. Eventually the two sides joined and in a duel with Juudai, he was able to use Super Fusion, risking his life to give Yubel what she so desperately wanted. To be with Juudai and to protect him. Thus their souls were fused together and Juudai gained Yubel's companionship and powers.

Also during this was the battle with Apophis in a plot based upon the GX manga. This resulted in the dark game upon Kouyou finally being taken off up-on Juudai's win.

- Ikutsuki and the Three Pro Duelists -

Sometime after Darkness' defeat, a man named Ikutsuki and 3 duelists came to the island. This is where Juudai met Isabel, who originally wanted his Evil Hero deck, which at the time only he had. A deck that was created the first time he came into his Supreme King powers. Isabel ended up stealing the deck from him.
Ikutsuki seemed to be doing something with dark games, but the real truth was revealed during a stand-off on top of the roof of Kaiba Corp, when one of the 3 duelists, 12-year-old Hikari Misogi, shot Ikutsuki. As it turns out, she was the main villain. The girl, who had the power to bring death upon people, had planned all along with her sisters, to end the world using death itself. At this point, all of Juudai's friends suddenly dropped dead around him, along with the majority of the world, leaving only him and Isabel alive on the roof of Kaiba Corp. Completely devastated by the turn of events and feeling like he'd failed all his friends, Juudai waited on Kaiba Corps roof with Isabel the entire night, surrounded by his dead friends, awaiting Hikari's return.

Once Hikari returned, Juudai decided to show her a fun duel, even in the face of one of the most harrowing experiences of his life. Juudai was eventually able to defeat Hikari via God Neos and the young girl almost attempted to take her own life, but Juudai convinced her not to. Luckily, the girls defeat brought back everyone who had died via her power and things once again returned to normal.

- Mad King Brron -

With the weight of what had happened in the last few years contently weighing on his shoulders, Juudai also had the extra worry over his school work. With so many events happening, so many things he had to protect the academy and the world from, he'd gotten so behind on his work, his graduation had become a goal that seemed impossible. He still had worries over his Supreme King powers, which were heightened upon the arrival of Mad King Brron and his minions. Constant mentions of how the power had made those who have had the power in the past into tyrants who killed many lives did not ease Juudai's worrying, fearing he too would one day fall to the same fate. All this began to impact on Juudai's emotional and physical health, as he struggled to deal with Brron and balance his schoolwork as well.
Eventually Brron and his right hand man, Chaos Sorcerer conducted an unholy ritual to become Colourless, Chaos King of Dark World. Juudai and his friends fought and defeated Brron, although it seemed to leave Ryuuji dead (He got better) and a hole in the volcano from the battle resulted in the school being evacuated.
Thankfully, despite all this, Juudai graduated from Duel Academy (Mostly thanks to his friends and even Chronos who helped him out with his backlog of school work).



After being evacuated from the Academy and graduating, a now 19-year-old Juudai was left wondering what to do next. He had returned to the home of his parents, although they were away for a work meeting at the time. Not feeling like he really belonged there and knowing he no longer has a home at the academy, Juudai went searching for a place to live within the city. He eventually came across "Sakana", an old Japanese mansion in the city that had been converted into cheap apartments. Although he became suspicious when he found out Fujiwara was the one who owned it, he agreed to move in. Upon this, he also asked Asuka if she would move in with him, which she gladly agreed to. The two of them also invited Manjoume move in with them, as they had a spare bedroom. Upon moving in, Juudai gradually met a whole new bunch of friends, including Yuusei and his friends, as well as a Duel college teacher and her young 4-year-old daughter.

After moving in, Juudai enrolled into the new Duel College in the city and began to work towards becoming a pro-duelist, but Juudai was still a very troubled young man and his dueling had become effected by his rather negetive view on the things that had happened to him previously and things really weren't going to give him a break.
With the threat of Jin Katou, a man with the ability to copy any card he sees, who wished to make it so Duel Monsters became solid and also the threat of the Gren Maju Da Eiza, a horror that had tormented a number of Juudai's friends, who had also excavated and created a large space ship that was below Domino City and created a bomb. In order to stop the heroes from getting to it, Gren turned the city into a battle zone, created from the minds of those who had been involved with him in one way or another. Gren was eventually brought down by Juudai and Jin Katou and a ton of other people at the same time, which gave them an infinite LP gain.

- Dark Signer -

After these events, Juudai faced another challenge when, after having a dream that pointed him out as a possible sign for a dark force seizing him, the signer dragons of the present turned their attentions to him, even one he considered a close friend, and threatened that they would kill him before he became what his dream prophesised. Although the Black Rose Dragon, Desdemona, eventually backed off when it came to the time to kill Juudai, her brothers were determined and launched a full assault upon Juudai. But while he was busy trying to defend himself against them, Divine, who also wished to avoid the same thing as the dragons, took the chance to kill Juudai himself while he was distracted, shooting him through the head and killing him instantly, right in front of Asuka who was present at the time.

Despite the Dragons and Divine's attempts to stop it, they unknowingly put into motion Juudai's transformation into a Dark Signer. Juudai, instantly regretting being torn from his friends and regretting never re-connecting with his parents, was contacted by Earthbound God, Uru, who then revived him.

Juudai returned, seemingly a whole new person. He was positive and determined to remake the world into a better place for his friends. His friends, though happy with his return, remained suspicious, feeling something was up with Juudai.
Juudai, using his new found power as a Dark Signer and his power of the Supreme King, lead the other Dark signers believing he was going to change the world! But unknown to him, the Earthbound Gods were manipulating them to kill the Dragon Signers.

After going after Divine at one point, the Dark Signers accidently released a man named Virus, who showed them the future if they kept on the path they were on. A ruined future in an endless war between them and the signers. When they returned, Virus offered them help as long as they found the "Superbia Cores".
Soon after, Juudai was confronted by Asuka, who was worried about him and had noticed the spider mark on his arm. In an effort to break Juudai from Uru's grip, Asuka dueled Juudai, but Uru fully manipulated Juudai into defeating Asuka and having Uru absorb her soul. After this, fearing betrayal from Virus in his crazed state, Juudai killed Virus. Eventually they learned that Virus, too, was a Dark Signer and held the Condor Earthbound God, Kuntur. Kuntur seemed innocent, so Juudai was fooled into trusting him. Kuntur used the Superbia Cores to spread darkness across the city, which allowed them to use their Earthbound Gods without sucking up the souls of those around. The Dark Signers were promised that the darkness would spread through the world, allowing them to proceed with any judgement anywhere they wished to.

Juudai was eventually knocked to his senses in a duel against Yuusei and he began to realize the mistake he was making. Virus then returned and revealed that he was the one who corrupted the Earthbound Gods, that the Supreme King had made in a previous incarnation of the power, and thus began the war between them and the Dragons.
Once Virus was defeated, his influence on the Earthbound Gods disappeared and things returned to normal. Asuka returned and she and Juudai were once again re-united.

After this event, Juudai began realizing that life it too short to be too caught up with the things that have happened in the past. He gradually became a much happier, yet much more mature person and decided he'd move towards the future, instead of being stuck in the past. His powers as the Supreme King are now also 100% under his control.
He took part in the Genex tournament against the American Duel Academy and he began making steps towards becoming a pro-duelist. He eventually formed a team with Alexander Hawkeye and Alexandra Grant, with Midori Hibiki as their manager. Also, once the event that caused Duel Spirits to finally become solid to everyone in Japan happened, Juudai has worked hard making sure to try and connect people and the spirits who now live in the city in peace and harmony, helping both sides to understand each other.
He's also re-connected with his parents, who realize very much that thay've missed a lot of their son's life and they are now keeping in contact a lot more.



After the six month time skip, Juudai is 22-years-old and is now happily married to Asuka, after 4 years of being together. Juudai has continued his job in the Pro-League, enjoying both individual duels and duels with Team Spirit. He's also become more well-versed in personal computers and now has a laptop that Midori and Kouyou gave to him for his 22nd birthday.
Juudai, and his spirits, have also become well known around Japan for their work in connecting humans and the duel spirits that now live among them, keeping the peace amongst the communities and helping them understand each other. If a person or spirit somewhere in Japan has a problem, Juudai is known to be the one to contact and if the problem is something he can't solve over e-mail, he will travel out to the area to help if he is able too.
Juudai has taken Ruka under his wing as a sort-of apprentice, as she has interest in learning more about Duel Spirits and the 12 Dimensions. Occasionally she will accompany him on outings to help him.

- The WRGP, Ghost and the Ark Cradle -

When a mysterious D-Wheeler known only as "Ghost" began terrorizing the duel lanes of Domino City and had defeated and hurt a number of people Juudai knew, Juudai took on this D-Wheeler himself. He won and found out that the D-Wheeler was actually some kind of robot that had been made from stolen technology from the police department.
Later on, when the tenors began appearing, Juudai dueled Placido. While the duel was happening, Hawkeye hacked the system of Placido's D-Wheel and was able to pull from it a bunch of duelist profiles, including one of Juudai. The thing is, these profiles spanned over half a century and had future information about them, suggesting that these "Ghost" D-Wheelers were from the future.

Around the time Ghost started appearing, Juudai and Saiga had decided to turn Juudai's work with Duel Spirits into an actual organization, which they named the "Spirit Foundation". They managed to get funding sources from both Pegasus and Kaiba for the idea. The building the organization is going to be based in is currently being built by the Manjoume Group next to the Sakana Apartments.

The tenors entered themselves into the final of the WRGP, under the name "Team New World", by changing the timeline. Juudai, was one of those who noticed the change, where others were led to believe they had always been competing in the tournament.
Team Spirit was eventually teamed up against Team New World which they managed to defeat together, even though it hospitalized Hawkeye and Alexandra in the process. Afterwards, Juudai and Yuusei dueled Aporia together, but sadly did not realize until it was too late that the whole purpose of the duel was to finish the circuit to make the Ark Cradle appear.
Juudai joined Team 5D's and Isabel on the Ark Cradle, in the effort to stop Z-ONE dropping it onto Domino City. No sooner had they entered into it, were the group split up. Juudai ended teamed up with Aki against a future, alternate timeline Isabel, who revealed that thanks to the Dark Star Nebula, she had lived an incredibly long time, long enough to see the ruined future Z-ONE wanted to avoid. In the process, she also revealed to Juudai that the Juudai from her timeline also had lived that long, giving Juudai confirmation of something he had idly wondered about for some time; Due to his fusion with Yubel, he wasn't aging.

A few days after the Ark Cradle had been defeated, Juudai was faced with telling Asuka about the possibility of the fact that he might not be aging. Although both feeling uneasy with the new revelation and that Juudai would have to face way out-living everyone he currently knows, including his own wife, the two agreed that for the time being, things didn't have to change, especially since they had no way to really confirm it.



Another six months ahead, Juudai had spent this time developing the spirit foundation, along with Saiga and the others who worked within it. They had opened up to volunteers who could dedicate any spare time they had to helping the cause, by dealing with issues around the city, writing articles and doing talks ect.

On a chance meeting one day, Juudai happened across a mysterious masked fortune teller doing tarot readings. Although Juudai now had the belief that any future can be changed, he asked for a tarot reading anyway, mostly in the memory of the ones Saiou used to do. He found, though, that tarot readings still like to give him pretty bad readings. At first, he decided to try and not take the reading seriously, but he realized that some of it was closer to home than he thought, mostly about his discovery six months earlier about the possibility of him not aging. He agreed with what the fortune teller had pointed out, that because it was still uncertain, and there seemed no way to confirm it, things seemed at a standstill for him and it had put uncertainty on his future, specifically with his marriage to Asuka.
At this point, after it bring brought up in a post by Shikou, Noriko made an offer of being able to find out, via Sadame's and his powers over time. Although Noriko's way was overly dramatic, Sadame revealed there was a simpler way and Juudai jumped at the chance to find out for sure.
Juudai visited Sadame at his apartment in the "Tops" area of Domino City. Sadame was able to briefly increase Juudai's age to see if he'd age physically as well. It turned out that there was no physical change, finally confirming to Juudai that he wasn't aging, or was aging at a MUCH slower rate. Either way, Juudai was grateful to finally know, feeling the weight lifted off his shoulders and that he now had more freedom for planning his future.

- Numbers -

Juudai, as well as several other duelists, received an invitation to a card hunting game/tournament. The game was to hunt down as many special "numbers" cards as possible and the one with the most would win a prize. As people began hunting the Numbers, it began making things increasingly aware to the participants that this was more than just a game. The cards were possessing people, usually those with a great weakness or desire. These people were usually either given the cards, or more commonly, they would find them. Juudai's first experience of the malevolence of the numbers cards was when Number 83: Galaxy Queen possessed Ruka, who was in a vulnerable state due to the disappearance of her brother and friends.
Through his experience and others experience of dueling against people possessed by the numbers, Juudai began researching into them, discovering that the number and the person it's possessing usually form a strong bond that could only be broken through a duel and that whoever won the number appeared to not become possessed by it. He also discovered that if the bond is incredibly strong, the number could evolve through something called "Chaos XYZ Change" and could also adapt their appearance and behaviour based on the persons fear or desire.

During a duel with a numbers possessed Sadame, Number 39: Aspiring Emperor Hope appeared to Juudai and helped him win the duel. Hope began to help Juudai and revealed some vital information about the Numbers to him.
The Numbers were a collection of dangerous criminals from the 12 dimensions, that were locked away in an inter-dimensional prison. Their "number" is their prison number. Though the confines of the prison became weak and the numbers broke out and scattered all over Domino City.
A Number, only known as "Number 00", was the ringleader of the "game" to find the numbers.

Hope also revealed his back-story to Juudai. A fallen hero who was framed for a murder and who wishes to try and clear his name by helping Juudai gather up the numbers and put them back where they belong. Although wary of Hope at first, the wealth of information he gave Juudai gave him reason to trust him.

As time went by, the Numbers game became silent, though Juudai was visited at the Spirit Foundation by a strange figure calling themselves "Number 96" who wanted to bargain with Juudai to let it go free in exchange for putting the rest of the numbers back where they belong. Juudai, suspicious of him, denied his request.

Number 00 eventually made his move in his effort to see through his final plan to destroy the spirit world that imprisoned him. A number of Juudai's friends and acquaintances gave Juudai their number cards, so that he would have enough to go face-to-face with Number 00. Number 00 ended up taking all the numbers Juudai had, except Hope, in order to see through his plan, but with Hope's help, Juudai was able to defeat Number 00.
With winning the duel, Juudai gained in his possession 71 of the 100 Numbers cards, which means that there are still many numbers cards still unaccounted for, including Number 96.

Knowing that the prison dimension was probably now too unstable to return the Numbers too, Juudai is currently keeping them under lock and key at the Spirit Foundation, keeping only Number 39 free as his own monster.

Though he ended the Numbers plot by wondering about something that Number 00 had mentioned to him... that he was being called "mad" because a "rain of light" fell on him. Although suspicious that this could of meant the wave of light was the reason behind Number 00's madness, Juudai could not confirm such a suspicion.

Some months afterwards, Juudai saw a post by a young Osiris Red student who wrote on his journal about a dream he had, involving a strange person who told the boy that he was the "96th out of 99 bad people". Suspecting it to be Number 96, Juudai contacted the boy in order to arrange a meeting with him. That boy was Yuma Tsukumo.
Concerned with the interest Number 96 seemed to have in him, both Juudai and Hope agreed that it was for the best that Hope went with Yuma as a form of protection, both believing that Number 96 meeting Yuma might not of been a simple coincidence.

- The Spirit Arcadia Institute (SAI) -

When Juudai discovered that the Arcadia Movement was on the verge of closing, Juudai made the difficult decision to merge the Spirit Foundation with what remained of the Arcadia Movement, so that his organization could take on the responsibility of not only providing help to Psychic Duelists in the city, but also those with any odd powers or abilities. After gaining funding from both Noriko's company and the Leo Corporation back in Maiami City, his idea to merge the two organizations began becoming more of a reality, though Juudai realized that to do this, it would need his full attention.
He would no longer have the time to duel professionally as a pro-duelist and made the decision to retire from it so he could concentrate on The Spirit Arcadia Institute, the new name for the Spirit Foundation/Arcadia Movement merge.

Through SAI's first year of running, Juudai began speaking to a number of people who demonstrated strange abilities or experienced strange goings on. He talked to Slate and learned about her gem producing abilities (and in turn, she learned about his powers and his fusion to Yubel). He chatted to Yuma and Yuya about their issues with Desperado at the time and took notes on their unusual abilities. He had personally taken on their cases at SAI, as they reminded him a lot of himself. He also spoke to Shinji about his abilities to bond with cards, possibly create life within Duel Monster cards and that he had a connection to the Akashic records, a collection of all thoughts, emotions and events that ever took place.

- Barian and Arc V Plots -

During this time he also had to deal with the issue of Alexandra becoming a 'Numbers Hunter' when she became bonded to, and influenced by, Galaxy-Eyes. Alex's actions put a lot of strain on their friendship as she began becoming more hateful towards those she'd previously cared about. He also worked alongside the second Numbers Hunter, Kaito, regarding their investigation into Judgeman and the Numbers.

After the issue with the Astrals and Barians, and the Barians had successfully transported what was left of their home to Earth, Alexandra attempted to hi-jack Yuma's airship in order to go back to the Astral World and kill Eliphas. Although she tried to trick Yuma, Yuma and Yuya had already prepared for the issue, with Yuma holding a fake card, instead of the key to the airship, while Yuya found a place to hide with the real key.
After Yuya and Alex dueled, Juudai appeared and the two of them dueled ferociously where Juudai and the two boys learned that Alex had come to an agreement with a demon while in the warp, which granted her power and had activated her Dark Signer powers. The demon eventually left, but took Alex's life energy with it. Alex warned Juudai beforehand to stop the demon, Tartarus, who was planning to find it's way to Earth.

During the time afterwards, while Juudai worked with others to find Tartarus' location, he took part in the Action Duel World Championship, where he hoped that winning it would not just help promote SAI and what it stood for, but he also wished to have the chance to be able to stand equally with his friend and mentor, Kouyou Hibiki.
In the end, he lost to Isabel Marias, but was thankful of having the chance to duel professionally again, if only for a short time.
After this, he also launced the New Horizons project at SAI, a join project between them, Duel Academy and LDS, which gave students a chance to gain experience with both dueling and to learn more about spirits and supernatural abilities.

Soon after this, Labrys found the location of Tartarus and so he joined her and Galaxy-Eyes to find it and recover Alex's lost life energy. Although they managed to recover it, Juudai was severely injured in the process by the demon, both physically, with an injury to his back, and spiritually, damaging his 'Supreme King' abilities and his connection to Yubel. While it was thought that Juudai would make a full recovery eventually, it was going to be a long recovery.



Supreme King - The Supreme King is a magical title of sorts which was originally meant as a power to combat the "light of destruction". The power has had many bearers in it's time, one of which was a past life Juudai once lived, which is where he and Yubel first met and Yubel became his eternal protector. Sadly, the title is rather feared throughout the 12 Dimensions, as many who have held the power have become tyrant rulers and killed many in an effort to create Super Fusion. Although Juudai himself has not been directly responsible for such actions, he still carries that blame within the power he now has.
It took Juudai a long while to fully control the Supreme King's power, it often flared up uncontrollably when he was angered. He has now fully mastered control over the power and no longer fears it. He wishes to show that he will use the power to helps others and won't go down the path of becoming a feared tyrant ruler.

The power itself gives the ability to create Super Fusion at the cost of souls of many duel monsters and/or people (Luckily Juudai has not done this because the Super Fusion he now holds was created by Souha and not himself). He can also create other cards at the cost of his own duel energy, but he rarely uses this.
Juudai uses the power to give him extra power in duels. He can emit a dark energy powerful enough to create a strong wind around himself.
When using the power, his eyes turn golden.
If he has a large amount of excess dark power affecting him, he can become sick. This has only ever happened once so far, when Saiou infected his deck (In-particular his polymerization card) with excess dark energy, which also infected Juudai directly.

One of the previous Supreme Kings before Juudai also had created the Earthbound Gods in an effort to use them in the fight against the Light of Destruction, but they were corrupted by Virus, creating the war between them and the Signer Dragons.

Yubel - During his second bout with Yubel, Juudai used Super Fusion to fuse himself and Yubel's souls together, so she could fulfil her duty to be his protector and so they could be together for all eternity. Upon fusing, Yubel is able to give Juudai various powers which manifest when his eyes turn to the colour of Yubel's.

The power Yubel gives him is the ability to make his spirits/cards real, he's able to reflect attempts of mind-control or mind-altering (It cannot stop hallucinations caused by things like sickness or being drugged ect.) Yubel's vision can occasionally let him see things others may not be able to, or give him visions of things happening nearby. She also gives him slight more protection from things, making him a tad stronger physically and at times minor injuries he receives will heal faster than normal, but sudden and strong all-out attacks can get around this.

He has also gained an extended life span, due to their fusion, and thus is not ageing (Or is ageing much much slower than normal). Due to this, despite his age, he still looks around 18-20 years old.

Dark Signer - As a Dark Signer, Juudai gained the mark of the spider on his right arm, when Earthbound God Uru brought back from death. He could use the legs of the spider mark itself, to send out spiders that could control people to do as he wished. He is also connected to the other Dark Signers through the mark.
Although he still has a connection to Uru, this power is now one of his more dormant powers. The mark on his arm has disappeared, but chances are if anyone was to waken or summon an Earthbound God, his power and mark would once again flare up, alerting him to it.