i_like_red ([personal profile] i_like_red) wrote2015-06-18 11:55 pm
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I just finished a very interesting conversation with someone. She mentioned some odd goings on with some of her classmates, including erratic behaviour and one that seemed driven to duel obsessively.

After asking about it, this classmate of theirs that I talked to was able to tell me that the girl who was dueling mostly used XYZ monsters and also used a 'Rank-Up' spell card. She confirmed it was to bring out a monster that had 'Chaos' in it's title. This is something that we've seen before, people using these 'Rank-Up' cards in order to bring out Chaos XYZ monsters, but the difference this time is that the girl that used it collapsed from exhaustion a few hours afterwards.

Right now, my running theory is that someone was influencing her to constantly duel and it's possible that her Duel Energy was drained away. It's only speculation right now, but it fits with other experiences I've had with things that drain duel energy.

So the question is, if someone is doing this, then why?

I want you all to be careful and if you come across a 'Rank-Up' spell card, or come across someone using one or handing them out, please alert me or another member of SAI immediately.