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I've been having physiotherapy since the New Year and thankfully it's been helping me to get back to my feet. While I still can't do anything too strenuous, I can at least move around with more ease now.

I'll be returning back to SAI this week, albeit on restricted hours for this first week or two. I'll be mostly stuck with just the office work for a while and maybe giving talks now and then.
No working out in the field for me for a while yet, which is going to drive me crazy, but that's how it is.

In short, I'm getting better, but the healing process is slow.
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I'm glad to hear your recovery is going steadily, at least physically.
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It's likely that Yubel is attempting to reach you, but... I'm not sure. It's hard to really test things like power connections, like that. Could only imagine how they're feeling about this right now...

I think once your body stops needing to focus on healing, it'll probably redirect itself to focusing on fixing other things. Your physical state is a priority. But if there's no sign of change even when you feel you've otherwise recovered, other theories might need to be examined.
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Don't worry. I'm sure plenty others and myself will make sure to restrain you if you try to run out and deal with any threats that pop up.

For your own safety, of course.
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Will stay alert just in case you start getting the urge.

... really, though. Glad to hear you're recovering at all and that you're even getting back to work.
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I remember how compassionate you guys were when I was in this situation, so I'm going to return the favor and make a bunch of posts about all the extremely cool shit I'm doing while you can barely get out of bed.
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I'm gonna beat up a nerd in a dopey scarf on national television and get paid a shitload of money for it.


Pretty good.