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Event Post 60 - Visiting Slate

*As promised, Juudai has arrived at the jewellery shop owned by Slate's mother in the evening, in order to talk to Slate further on what had happened when the monster attacked her. He enters the store and looks around for her.*
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*you notice a young woman tending to the register and a customer who's unfamiliar, to you-- though she's communicating translation wise with Slate's mother and the customer.

Slate is coming out of the back room area though, and notices that Juudai is there. She quickly goes over.*

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Right, um... *she looks over at her mom, who's very involved in the conversation that's going on.*

... I do not think mother would mind, if you came into back room.
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Should not be a bother. *she leads you to the back room-- which actually seems to be the connection to right where they actually live, like a middle ground of sorts. you can see she was doing her schoolwork before you came, cause there's some information books and papers with a chair pulled out*

I think this is at least good. I think.
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I was taking break, regardless. It is fine, you had good timing.

Still, um... *she tries to think of how to explain this*

I said that possibly, dragon's jaw was broken, yes?
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Well, um... It is because of this.

*she makes a fist with her right hand, and focuses. gradually, it seems like crystals-- no, wait, diamonds it seems like, form over her hand and form an armored gauntlet that goes up to her elbow.

You might be partially shocked that she can even lift the thing that's formed on her arm, now.*
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I have been able to make smaller jewels and the sort, since I was little. Around five. Mother had noticed around then and made sure I would not show it to most people who make take... advantage, of it? *yeah there's likely a good reason for not wanting to talk about it in person, most people would see "literal jewels from nowhere" and have cash register noises go off in their head*

I was able to start making more like this since around... same time that other thing occurred.
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I-I know. I know that your... organization, is a place for people with stuff like this, yes.

It is why mother agreed to let me show you. Because you would be best equipped to know.

But... it is not rare?
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I see... it is strange to hear. I do not think anyone, back at home, had abilities similar to this.

But given that my situation even... has an opportunity to be resolved, here, I suppose it is not too surprising...

... What kind of power do you have, however?
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*it... yeah. she's having to take a moment to really understand all of that...*

You are not... aging?

*w-well, at least she picked up on something there, it was quite a bit.*
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And you will still be alive? Living for that long?

Is it not... scary?
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Mm... *she makes the gauntlet dissipate from her arm*

... though, um... it protects you from "mind control"? As in controlling of your mind?

That is a thing that occurs?
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Yubel? Um... I do not know if familiar with name.

*while Yubel's actually a widely available card, it is a much older one... it's fair that she wouldn't know about it.*
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Oh... oh! I think I have seen it, before. I think. I did not remember name, though.

So this card... they help you? And you are "fused"?

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