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*Laying still in his hospital bed, all Juudai could do was stare up at the ceiling of the room he was in. It'd been a while since he had last found himself in this kind of position, but his luck was due to run out eventually, right? He'd been unconscious since returning from the warp and had only just regained consciousness a few days after it. All he knew was that he definitely didn't feel 'right', he felt like there was more wrong with him than just physical injuries and even though he could still feel Yubel's presence in his soul, he hadn't heard from them. He'd even noticed that some of the injuries he had sustained while protecting Alex's life energy were not healing as fast as they usually would.
Somehow he felt like he had a long recovery ahead of him.

Feel free to come and visit him.*

*In Juudai's office at SAI, a meeting has begun between himself, Onni and Tenjou Kaito.
Stood up, leaning slightly against his desk, Juudai looks over to his two guests before speaking.*

It seems we have a lot to talk about.
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Well, at least I didn't forget that it's my birthday today, unlike last year. There's a bit too much going on to really celebrate it though.


Event Post

*If you want to wish Juudai a happy birthday in person, or give him a present, he can be found either in his office at SAI or around Sakana!*
*As promised, Juudai has arrived at the jewellery shop owned by Slate's mother in the evening, in order to talk to Slate further on what had happened when the monster attacked her. He enters the store and looks around for her.*
Scenario for Asuka

*It's late in the evening and Juudai is sat on his own at his desk at the Spirit Foundation. Everyone else had long since gone home, but he decided to stay behind to work on something and lost track of the time. Asuka, it's way past the time he usually comes home, so maybe you should check to see if he's at the Foundation and what he's doing!*


Scenario for Everyone Else

*Juudai is sat on a bench in the park and appears to be looking at something in a notepad that he has with him. He seems a little troubled. Want to talk to him?*
*It's the weekend and naturally, you expect the areas around the schools in the city to be fairly quiet at this time of the week, but at the Domino City Duel Academy you will find Juudai and Asuka by the gate of the school, digging a hole.
Just digging a hole.
Why in the hell are they digging a hole? Weird.*

I really hope I'm right about this and we're not just digging this hole for nothing.
*It had been days since anyone had last seen Ruka, too many days, in fact. Juudai had given her a while to calm down and see if she would start coming round on her own, but he had been around to the apartment she was holding herself up in every single day attempting to try and get her to talk to him or let him in, but each time she never gave a reply.*

Come on, Ruka! Ruka!

*Today was no different. No matter how much he knocked, or how much he shouted to her, he got no response.
He stopped knocking and stepped back from the door. Enough was enough, he needed to get in to make sure she was alright. But how? Sure he could have Neos punch the door in, but he didn't really want to scare her anymore than she already is. Maybe there was a better way in?

Suguru! Feel free to wander across Juudai as he's contemplating his options!*
OOC: I realized that Juudai's Dreamwidth journal was missing this entry as it was done between me importing this journal and our actual move. Due to the currently on-going issues with the importer at the moment, I'm not risking doing a re-import just for this entry, so I'm just going to link to the Livejournal one instead.

Juudai visits Sadame in an attempt to discover whether he is physically ageing or not.
*A few days after the defeat of the Ark Cradle, the city was gradually getting back to normal, as people returned to their homes and jobs. But despite this, Juudai couldn't help but think back to the duel he had within the Ark Cradle, along side Aki, and the information he discovered during it, that turned what had been something he idly wondered on for a while, into a sudden possible reality.
Although a difficult situation, he figured letting Asuka know about it as soon as possible would be the best thing to do.

He'd been out most of the day, just answering any queries from people and spirits about the Ark cradle through the Spirit Foundation and settling any fears and had since returned home. Taking a deep breath and breathing out a sigh, he walks into their apartment.*

Hey. I'm home.
*"Well, this must be the place!"

Juudai is sat on his D-Wheel outside the Heaven's Road card shop and garage, which is owned by Misaki. She said she was able to modify his bike in order to stop the damage being recieved from Ghost and so had come here to hopefully get that done... it seemed like his only choice to get the upper hand on this mysterious D-Wheeler.
Eventually, Juudai gets off his bike and walks inside.*
*At his apartment in Sakana, Juudai is sleeping soundly in his bed. As he turns over in his sleep, he stirs slightly and opens his eyes a little, instantly catching the sight of a figure stood at the end of the bed. Groggily sitting up, he tries to see exactly who it is, thinking it was probably just Asuka. But as soon as his eyes get used to the dark and the figure becomes slightly more clear, his eyes open wide with shock.
Divine is stood there, smirking sadistically and pointing a gun up towards him. Before Juudai has the time to even react...
... BANG!

And with a loud yell, Juudai wakes up, instantly leaping out of his bed in panic.*
*It had been a very unusually warm day in Paris, for the time of year. Everyone was out and about in the busy streets, trying to make the most of the wonderful sunshine. Juudai couldn't of asked for a better day to spend with Asuka on their holiday, the sights and the sounds of the city were just bursting with energy! But despite all the energy around him, Juudai had felt a little distracted the majority of the day.
There was something he had promised himself that he would do on this trip, in particular, this day, but he wasn't too sure about how to go about it.
He really hadn't planned this all that well. Going with his gut instinct probably wasn't the best for this.

As the afternoon slowly set in, Juudai decided that maybe a picnic would be a great idea to give them the chance to relax and have something to eat! The large grass covered area that the Eiffel Tower overlooked was a perfect spot for one.
As they enjoy the picnic, Juudai found himself looking up at the blue sky above them and drifting into thought.
Maybe now was a good time? Maybe later...?*
*It's night on the 31st of Janurary and Juudai is doing what he has a habit of doing on this day. He's sat up on Sakana's roof above his apartment just looking out at the city and the sky, he seems pretty content.
He can be seen from either inside Sakana or outside. There's a ladder propped up against the wall inside Sakana if anyone wants to join him for a chat!

New Years general interaction post is a-go!*
*Juudai couldn't ask for a more better night than this. Although a chill was in the air, the Autumn night's sky was clear and the moon was shining brightly over the city.
Juudai had taken Asuka out to one of the restaurants in the city to celebrate their up and coming 2nd year dating anniversary. Afterwards, he took her a little out of the city on his D-Wheel, only briefly mentioning previously before the restaurant that he was going to take her somewhere else, but he refused to say where. It was a surprise!

That question is soon answered as he pulls over on the road and parks his D-Wheel. Beside them is the beach, a rather deserted beach due to the time of year.
Juudai takes his helmet off and watches the ocean's small waves in the distance for a few seconds before looking over to Asuka and smiling*
*Hey Sakana peoples~ Juudai is entering the apartment building with Pharaoh following him close behind. He's carrying a plastic bag on one arm and seems to be holding something in his arms, wrapped up in the jacket he was probably wearing earlier in the day. Wanna take a look what he's got?*
*I haven't done a general interaction post for a while so here it is!

Juudai is spending some time just relaxing in Domino Park on a sunny Sunday afternoon! Feel free to go talk to him about whatever you want~*
*HEY SAKANA! After being missing for days without any word, Juudai has returned!
... he's soaking wet, but he's returned!*
*Hey Sakana Peoples, Juudai is in the kitchen, wearing an apron and looking down at a plastic bowl and various ingredients like eggs, flour ect. awkwardly.
He's going to try and bake a chocolate cake for Asuka for her birthday tomorrow!! Only... it's Juudai, even with instructions he's bound to mess it up! Feel free to come and help him or just to talk to him while he's here! (Or sit by and laugh at his attempts)

And yes, this is the closest you're gonna get to Dark Signer Haou Juudai baking muffins ;p*
Huh... I'm.. back I guess...
Not sure what happened but... I guess I was just... given another chance...?
Though I fully intend to use this second chance at life, completely.

I missed my friends so much! I should go and see them.

Private to Divine )


Event Post

*Hey Sakana. There's a supposedly dead guy wearing black red trimmed Haou armor, that's standing outside the door to the apartment where he lives/lived. Feel free to badger him if your character is around Sakana, though if you're actually in his apartment (AKA; Asuka, Manjoume ect.) there's a knocking on the door.
Although he had been in Dark Signer mode before he arrived, his eyes are now back to normal. generally, he just seems like normal Juudai just... dressed in his Haou outfit.
Please note if you are replying to the journal or the event.*
Back at home now. Feels kinda good and kind of a shame at the same time. I missed you all though and this place. Gah, I'm really tired though, mostly due to jet lag... but I'm gonna stay up for the new year then crash for the night.

The New Year.... heh. Only seems like yesterday that 2008 was the New Year... yet... it also seems so long ago, when I think of everything that's happened. To be honest part of me is glad to see the back of this year.
Though... through the bad stuff I gained some good, I gained a bunch of new friends, important friends who I hold close to me, as family. It's funny how the world works, if some of the bad stuff never happened, I probably wouldn't have them in my life right now.
Some important people left my life too, I haven't seen or heard of The Doctor for months, guess he slipped away while we weren't looking. Heh, seems like his style though, hopefully I'll see him again, someday.

Still focusing on the good, I'm still with Asuka, we've been together over a year now... we LIVE together now. Without her... and without my friends... I'm not sure where I'd be right now. They're always there to help me and support me, whether it's to lend and active hand in a problem... or just support me with a smile and a hug when things go bad... it's all important to me, every single bit.
I'm grateful and very lucky to have them. My important friends, my awesome family, my wonderful girlfriend.

Haha, this is getting a bit sappy, huh?

Anyway, 2008 is nearly over! Let's hope 2009 is an awesome year for all of us!! With loads more new people to meet in... hopefully less world ending ways.


Event Post!

*Takes place at night, before the New Year. Juudai, wearing a thick coat and quite a big scarf, is sat on top of the roof at Sakana apartments, right above his own apartment. He's sat there just looking up at the sky, or down at the cup of coffee in his gloved hands.
There's a ladder propped up against the apartments wall in the courtyard, so if you're in and around Sakana, feel free to climb up and talk to Juudai about whatever the crap you want :D*

((Please state if you are replying to the event or journal entry!))



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