*As promised, Juudai has arrived at the jewellery shop owned by Slate's mother in the evening, in order to talk to Slate further on what had happened when the monster attacked her. He enters the store and looks around for her.*
[Private to Shinoko]
Word has gotten to me about how you've been acting lately and I'm concerned.
It seems that you feel you can't trust us and with how you've been acting, it makes me feel the same way about you. The Foundation doesn't work on secrets, Shinoko. You were, what I thought, was a trusted member of my team I could rely on, but I'm not sure what to think any more.

I didn't want to do this but... effective from today, you are suspended from your position here until things are sorted out and I feel I can trust you again, or until you let me know what is going on.

I'm not angry at you, disappointed, but not angry and the Foundations doors ARE still open to you if you wish to talk to me privately about what's going on.

I will listen to you and I will help you.

[Private to Noriko]

I get the feeling I may know what the answer will be to this, but I promised I'd ask so...

...that young girl, Slate, was asking me a lot of questions the other day about people suddenly changing genders and if there are ways to change back. I... think something happened to her.
I told her I knew someone who might be able to help and I think that only person is you.

I'm still keeping out of Shian's side of things, just so you know. The girl just asked and it seems like an important issue.
The other day I met a young girl who had come over here all the way from Russia because her mother is opening a jewellery shop in town.
I started chatting to her because she actually looked very physically similar to the Samasu family and wondered if she was a relative, but she'd never heard of the name before, so guess not! But I had a really interesting conversation with her and she seemed a little interested in spirits which she obviously wouldn't have experienced back in Russia.

I told her that she can come by the Spirit Foundation anytime to see some more and meet Tomoko, since she was a little unsure about making friends and Tomoko is the only person I know who is the closest in age to her.



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