Sep. 24th, 2017 05:07 pm
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*It's the seventh day of the Festival, in the morning.

And to a lot of people's surprise, it seems like everything's getting packed up. Most of the booths and stands are closed down and getting put away, but it looks like the day's main event is still planned to commence. On the schedules everyone can access, there is only one event for the arena: "Wonder Quartet".

Up until this point, everyone assumed this to be basically a regular tournament to top off the event while everyone enjoyed their final day, but it seems like there's something more, with how hurried the organizers are.

Notably though, around the areas where screens are set up to show dueling video, online streams, and at the arena, there's two countdowns present-- one being for in a few minutes to something simply noted as "Announcement", and the other being for the oft-rumored "Wonder Quartet", a half-hour after that, starting at noon.

Best thing to do right now is to head for the arena, or watch one of the screens present or on your computer/phone/internet device of your choice.*

((Note: Allow for the post to set up before posting comments, please.))

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Sep. 23rd, 2017 07:05 pm
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YVD Images (SR05, Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon, Dark Magician the Dragon Knight, White Stingray, Zero Maxwell)




Main core of this update is:
- Structure Deck R: Surge of Divine Radiance which covers the new Parshath/Counter Fairy Theme
- Chimeratech Megafleet Dragon and Dark Magician the Dragon Knight
- Various Tokens that came up
- Various Extreme Force updates
- Subterror Guru
- White Stingray (Artwork)
- D/D/D Supersight King Zero Maxwell (Artwork)
- White Aura Biphamet

Next Expected Update Should Cover the Following:
- Legendary Dragon Decks
- Odd-Eyes Revolution Dragon (Can't put it in due to lack of confirmed Level)
- White Aura Biphamet's Artwork
- Extreme Force Reveals
- Promotion Pack 2017
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Excuse me...has anybody had any contact with Isabel in the last couple of days?
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We've been given an update on the condition of the two duelists from yesterday's Duel Festival contest between Yuya Sakaki and Isao Kachidoki and how it is expected to affect the two duelists going forward.

Isao Kachidoki was determined to have suffered a severe neck injury at the end of the duel that will require neck surgery. The injury has left the continuation of Kachidoki's aspirations of a professional dueling career in serious doubt. With surgery and physical therapy, his doctor believes he could return to dueling eventually, but not for at least 9-12 months. This definitely removes Kachidoki as potential contender in the Wonder Quartet tournament, which he was expected to be a participant in.

Yuya Sakaki suffered a broken nose at the hands of Isao Kachdioki during the tournament, as well as a number of minor bruises and cuts. Sakaki was treated by medical staff at the arena and is not expected to miss any time as a result of the injury.

Super Junior League General Manager made a full statement at the Domino Stadium this morning about the news:

"I'm extremely upset at this news. I'm extremely upset that things got this far. I'm extremely upset that I let them get this far. For the past several months, I've tried to juggle enforcing the rules I was told to enforce while also keeping the safety of all of my duelists as my top priority. Looking back, I see so many points where this situation escalated that it just shouldn't have. I should've stopped it. Others should have stopped it. But we didn't and this is where we wound up. These two kids were put into a system that wound up completely failing them. I failed them.

I'm instating a ban on physical contact during Action Duels in the Super Junior League, effective immediately."

Johan pauses for a second....then he goes back and keeps talking:

"And I really hope that wherever he is, Ryozan Godagawa takes this incident for the wake-up call he desperately needs. He's been playing with fire for six months and it might've just cost one of his students his career before it even got started. He's the person I'd really like to see punished for this happening, but anything I can do would just punish the Ryozanpaku students in my league, who are all exceptional, hard-working duelists that deserve way better. I hope he's doing some real soul-searching right now. And I hope he has enough decency to let Isao see his family while he recovers."

That's about the angriest Johan's ever gotten... ...ever, maybe? Either way, true to his words, he looks really upset.


Ryozan Godagawa, headmaster and owner of the Ryozanpaku Duel School, could not be reached for comment.

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Sep. 21st, 2017 07:00 pm
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Following his duel today with Yuya Sakaki at the Duel Festival, Super Junior League duelist and Ryozanpaku student Isao Kachidoki was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment of what was suspected to be a severe neck injury.

The duel, which was extremely physical in nature, saw Kachidoki repeatedly striking Sakaki during the duration of the duel, including giving him what medical personnel later confirmed to be a broken nose from a knee to the face. Sakaki also suffered numerous bruises and minor cuts from repeated strikes with a bamboo stick that was a part of the Action Field the two are dueling on. However, the final blow in the duel was delivered by Sakaki, rather than Kachidoki, lifting his opponent up and driving his head and neck into the ground below with a move known as a Piledriver.

Sakaki was treated by onsite medical personnel at the Domino Stadium and is not expected to require further medical attention. Sakaki has also not been made available for comment by Super Junior League General Manager, Johan Andersen. Andersen, who after his duel yesterday became the sole authority in the Super Junior League, had this to say:

"My number one concern right now is seeing to Yuya and Isao's safety. I'll make a full statement after I know for sure what condition the two of them are in. Thanks."

Founder and headmaster of the Ryozanpaku Duel School, Ryozan Godagawa, was not available for comment.

[Day 5 of the Duel Festival]

Sep. 20th, 2017 01:44 pm
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...and in dueling news, it would seem that Ryozanpaku's budding run of dominance in the dueling world, chiefly in the Super Junior League, may be starting to stall out. In the past several days, both the founder of the school, Ryozan Godagawa and one of the school's top students and the reigning Super Junior Champion, Hayate Tendou, have both lost their duels, respectively to former riding duelist Jinn Shrieves and the new Super Junior Champion, Yuzu Hiragi. Before that, the Super Junior Tag Team Champions, Isao Kachidoki and Lan Zheng, had lost their titles as well.

This has already had a noticeable effect on the controversial dueling school. Enrollment in the school, which was going strong right up until the Duel Festival, has notably slowed down to a crawl and some families are even seeking recourse to pull their children out of the school. Sources in Maiami City close to the school have indicated that parents feel that if the founder and top students of the school are not winning duels, then the school's methodology of "winning at any cost" is flawed, and it is not worth dealing with the school's strict rules and controversial methods. Many concerns have also been raised after an emotional outburst from the school's "ace", Isao Kachidoki at the Super Junior League right before the Duel Festival.

On the bright side for the school, one of their students did win under the bright lights of the Duel Festival, Lan Zheng. And Isao Kachidoki, goes into a duel against Yuya Sakaki of Duel Academy and the You Show Duel School tomorrow, on Day 6 of the festival.

Ryozan Godagawa could not be reached for comment on the controversy surrounding his school or the performance of himself and his students during the festival.

Event 26 - [Day 5]

Sep. 13th, 2017 07:21 pm
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*For the last two days, Yuya had remained unconscious in the hospital after being found in the park by Yuzu. No-one knew what had happened to him and the hospital could not find anything wrong with him, so they assumed that he was suffering from exhaustion.

But on the morning on the third day, Yuya finally woke up.

Although groggy and unable to think straight at first, he instantly recognized Yuzu and his mother who were at his bedside.

A few hours (and one unappetising bland hospital meal) later, he is now coherent enough to talk about what happened to him.*



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