So those nightmares people are having are still going on and are putting people in the hospital...
I need to figure out how to deal with this and soon.
I got challenged by whoever it is that's been messing with dreams lately. I won, but I didn't get that much information out of them, other than confirmation they're messing with people's dreams, seems like whoever they are, they feed off the nightmares and suffering of others. Urgh...
There has to be a way to stop them.

At least the dream I had after that was awesome. I dreamt it was raining fried shrimp and I ate all that I could!!

(Private to Isabel and Aki) )
Private )
Well, at least watching that duel took my mind off things for a little while at least.

Now I just have to figure out why I keep having this nightmare over and over again. It seems so real everytime, even though I know it's not.
Urgh... I wouldn't feel so bad if it wasn't waking Asuka up everytime too.

How this guy still manages to find ways to taunt us from even beyond the grave I have no idea.
That... was weird...
I... guess I've been having a really bad time recently... insomnia... and really bad dreams when I do finally get some sleep, which I still sorta have both but... at least I've sorta been kicked into actually realizing what the problem is and that it is a problem... where the dreams are concerned anyway...
God, I'm so tired, I swear I don't know what's up and down right now...

Anyone... got any good recommendations for helping with insomnia at least? Asuka's threatened to drag me to the hospital and have them sedate me if it doesn't get sorted soon so...
...any home remedies, medication, whatever is good. Anything for a decent night's sleep...

Also... Kouyou-san... about the trip to America. I want to go, if the offer is still there. I think it would be best if I got away for a while and... I'd really like to see you duel there.

I'm sorry to anyone I may of upset recently.
Long Dream is Looong )

((OOC: The shadow is pretty much a manifestation of all Juudai's current troubles, the stress, worry and frustration ect. So if your character goes to help him and gets caught up in this "Shadow Goo" too, they'll be able to sense Juudai's despair from it. If it swallows your character, they'll simply wake up))
...what the hell is wrong with me!? W-why... did I see that...
...why... WHY!?

((OOC: Due to him getting very little sleep since the universe has been restored, anyone who replies, no matter who they are, might get Juudai shouting at them and generally being unreasonable, just a warning!))
...that never should of happened to her... she doesn't deserve that, her spirits don't deserve this... it's just too cruel...
And all I can do is just sit there and hope she gets better.
Damnit! Just damnit all!!

Private )


Nov. 27th, 2008 05:04 pm
The fact that I'm still struggling to sleep is worrying...
...then when I finally managed it...

...what the hell was that...
Urgh, last nights duel wasn't pleasant and worst thing is that was only the taste of things to come. Remembering what I did... feeling what I did just... if I hadn't of automatically switched to fully using my power in response to it, I wouldn't of been able to carry on.

I spent the rest of the night trying to sleep and waking up from nightmares every so often... and there's always that moment when you wake up and wonder if what happened was just a dream... but it wasn't.

There isn't any day or night here, there's just... nothing.

I guess I don't have the time to be moping around, we have work to do.

Hopefully everyone at Sakana are okay. I'll see all of you soon, I promise.
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Well, it at least got the best friend right! But do I really have to be married to Chronos-sensei... >>;

Anyway since the Obelisk Blue Girls dorm blew up last night, Asuka is now staying with us :D I slept on a mattress on the floor and let her have my bed. Though she looked kinda tired this morning, Shou seemed to think it was because I was snoring to loudly, but that can't be it cos Shou and Hayato sleep just fine....hummmm... for my bad dreams, well...they haven't gone away completely, although this one was milder. Last night I just dreamt I set rabid monkeys on the strange shadowy figure before he could defeat me :D But...then they turned on Shou and Hayato...hummmm...

Fubuki and Mary Sue are acting weird....
Oh and Daitokuchi-sensei filled his class with weird purple smoke today, so we had to evacuate his class :D
Those nightmares I mentioned, they never did go away after all the stuff with Carmulla. It's the same everytime, I'm in a Shadow Game and I lose...

Private )

DAMNIT! Duels are supposed to be fun!!

((OOC: Just some Juudai angst to entertain you all. I think I'll have him worry over these dreams for the next few days then hit the thing with the hotspring and Kaibaman :D))
Well I beat the Vampire Lady and got back Chronos-sensei and Kasier Ryou. I'm so glad they're both safe now. Chronos-sensei is still freaking out a little and Kasier is still unconscious in the medical bay.
As for Carmulla, when she lost her Phantom Gate did something really weird, then she just exploded into dust kinda like how they do on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...
And thankyou Fubuki, for giving me your bling other half of the pendant, it really helped out! :D
Oh yeah, I have the item Carmulla had around her neck now more shiny bling for me! :D

Everything is over with, for now anyway...
I've been kinda having these weird nightmares recently...I'm kinda hoping they'll go away now I know everyone is safe and that Carmulla is gone...
...though this whole thing is far from over. I just hope we can take some time to relax a little...

It's a shame the castle had to collapse, that was a good place to hold parties... :D



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