I'm not sure if you take bookings for your restaurant this far in advance but...
... Saturday, November 8th. Am I able to book that date?


Jul. 28th, 2006 01:20 pm
I haven't updated in a few days, I spent most of yesterday with Shou after his duel with Kais...no...I mean HELL Kaiser, because the normal Kaiser wouldn't of dueled in that way with no respect for his opponents. Shou dueled to his absolute limit in the hopes to bring you back from hell, he took all those electric shocks to the very end and you just walk off without a second glance. Shou did so well in that duel and if you won't be there as a big brother for him then I'll just have to be here for the both of us!
I swear, one day you'll come back from the depths of hell, even if I have to drag you out myself!!

Right now I need to go and see Shou again to see how he's doing, Tome-san made some cookies for him too! :D

... :/

Jun. 16th, 2006 09:12 pm
Shou's been looking really serious since he saw his brother a few days ago, he hasn't been talking much during meals either. I guess I don't blame him though, what we saw the other day definitely wasn't Kaiser, the way he rejected Fubuki-san's medal after he won their duel, the way he completely blanked Shou, even the way he dueled seemed so different, just what happened to him using the Cyber Dragons? The shiny Cyber Dragons! :/

Those thoughts aside I'm still really excited over Genex!! There are so many different kinds of people taking part!! So many different personalities, so many different places they come from! It's amazing and really interesting!! :D
You'd be scared to think how hard it is to get rotten tomatos out of your hair, but at least I managed to escape the Obelisk Blue dorms without getting pelted by anymore or getting buckets of water thrown over my head.
The most important thing is that Kaiser seems to be okay now :D Shou was really relived!

Oh and has anyone seen Ohara? I've been helping Kohara search for him in between classes and we can't find him. He's probably just off having fun somewhere, but still, it's a bit weird he didn't tell Kohara where he's gone :/
I spent most of last night drenched and with rotten vegetables in my hair >>; That's what happens when I try and get into the Obelisk blue dorms through the front door. So after I washed out the various vegetables (and used Shou's towel of course cos the monkeys still have mine) I decided to take the alternative approach to Kaiser's room, up the tree and onto the balcony, the same way Rei got into his room all those months ago.
But he had locked the windows leading onto the balcony as well, but I don't care cos I'm not leaving until Kaiser goes back to being himself!! I don't care if I'm missing class and I don't care if I have to stay here night after night!! I am NOT moving until Kaiser comes out of his room and starts talking some sense!

...his last journal entry kind of scared me and I'm really worried about him. Shou is frantic and is worried that his brother will do something really stupid to himself. He's been with me on this balcony for a while but I told him to leave and see if he couldn't find someone else to help persuade Kaiser out of his room.

Argh! Some Obelisk Blue guys have found me and are now throwing rotten vegetables again!!


May. 22nd, 2005 06:15 pm
I have a question!

Why do Fubuki and Kaiser keep arguing over stupid things...?
Well I beat the Vampire Lady and got back Chronos-sensei and Kasier Ryou. I'm so glad they're both safe now. Chronos-sensei is still freaking out a little and Kasier is still unconscious in the medical bay.
As for Carmulla, when she lost her Phantom Gate did something really weird, then she just exploded into dust kinda like how they do on Buffy the Vampire Slayer...
And thankyou Fubuki, for giving me your bling other half of the pendant, it really helped out! :D
Oh yeah, I have the item Carmulla had around her neck now more shiny bling for me! :D

Everything is over with, for now anyway...
I've been kinda having these weird nightmares recently...I'm kinda hoping they'll go away now I know everyone is safe and that Carmulla is gone...
...though this whole thing is far from over. I just hope we can take some time to relax a little...

It's a shame the castle had to collapse, that was a good place to hold parties... :D


May. 14th, 2005 05:29 pm

...he's so upset right now. All he's done since the duel was stay in bed and just stare into space. I'm just going to have to try my best to bring him out of this by going down to our dorm. I know things are bad right now but we all have to stay as positive as we can! We have to! So I'm going to try and convince him to get out of bed today.

Manjoume! You spoke to Shou too harshly! None of this was his fault! What happened, happened and no amount of blame in anyone's direction will solve it. Shou was there to support his brother and I'm sure Kaiser was grateful we were all there, even if the situation turned out for the worst.

I swear to you Shou, I WILL win and bring back your brother and Chronos-sensei too! I won't let this vampire hurt anymore of us!
What she's done is unforgivable!
YOU! CARMULLA! I'm not going to forgive you for this...
...first Chronos-sensei....then Kaiser Ryou...
...you didn't even play fair in that duel with Kasier! You KNEW that he wouldn't attack if his little brother was in danger! You knew that!!! How dare you go so low...

Why? Why is this happening!? I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!
I'm dueling you in a Shadow Game next and I will win to get back their souls!! That is a promise! A promise to myself and a promise to my friends, especially Shou! Watching how upset he is right now just makes me so angry!

And Fubuki....I read your latest jounal entry... I'm sorry, but if you go back to THEM and try something to hurt my friends then I'll stop you with every ounce of strength I have! You maybe Asuka's brother but...

For the next week I'm focusing only on you Carmulla!! We'll take a week to prepare then next Wednesday at your castle we'll duel!! I'm willing to risk everything to get my friends souls back!!
Nobody try and stop me either! My mind is settled on this!

Argh! If only my body would stop hurting so much...

((OOC: Well, Juudai is gonna be determined yet pissed off and angst-filled for the next week cos my fangirl side says so! YAY~! :D))
Urgh, okay, so much stuff has happened...

That nurse went and drugged Fubuki, Kohara and I with cookies she snuck into the ones Asuka made for us, she then spent the next few days torturing us with needles while we were under sedatives We seriously need to get her fired... but soon after she was dragged away kicking and screaming, leaving the three of us in really bad shape Shadow games I can handle, but her? Nooooope

So we had to stay in the hospital wing and rest. There was all these rumors about there being a vampire at the school, then last night Hayato rushed into the hospital wing to tell us Chronos-sensei was gonna have a shadow game with this Vampire Lady. Shou, Asuka and Hayato watched the duel on the PDA for a bit but eventually I told them I really wanted to go down there to watch and support Chronos-sensei, so Hayato carried me on his back and we both went down with Shou.

Chronos-sensei was amazing and it was such a cool duel....but he lost...the lady took his key and his soul is now trapped in some doll. I think the lady is after Kaiser next, she kept looking at him weirdly...
...but for now, what should we do? We currently have a vampire on the loose and a chronos doll on our hands. Maybe we should have a meeting, yes a meeting, maybe we could negotiate with the vampire lady to give Chronos-sensei his soul back, after all the doll is a bit annoying. I couldn't stop Pharaoh from trying to use him as a play toy, so we eventually just gave him to Manjoume to look after...

Ow...okay.....I'm still in pain from my Shadow Game and the numerous needle punctures on my arms I really need to sleep right now...but we should arrange a meeting with the vampire Lady maybe we could try getting her high on coffee which could hold her off for a week like with Darkness...it's okay....no coffee for me....I don't think my body could handle the caffeine rush right now...

I wonder what Manjoume will do with the Chronos-doll now he has it...


Mar. 31st, 2005 09:33 am
Pharaoh has been cat-napped! A note was left at the Osiris Red dorms this morning which said that the cat-napper will be by the warehouses near the lighthouse at 8pm tonight. In exchange for Pharaoh, this cat-napper wants as many rare cards as possible! It said that if no one turns up or if we tried anything then the cat-napper will throw Pharaoh into the ocean and let him drown!

Filtered from Fubuki and Kaiser Ryou - Everyone else read )


Mar. 26th, 2005 09:03 pm
So a little while ago I went to the hot springs for a bath and all the animals were there, the monkeys (*No SAL though*), the bear, the seal and there was also a few mice, a fox and a couple of rabbits. It was awesome! But when I appeared they all looked at me then all walked off ;_; I wanted to hang out with all the cool animals but I get the feeling I disturbed something...
....maybe they were having an animal meeting :D :D

Also I'd just like to say....
...You won't defeat me so easily, Manjoume!! :D :D

Oh and get well soon to Kaiser Ryou! The flu sucks, I heard it's been going around the school recently.



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