This time of the year is always kind of nostalgic, seeing some of the new students posting who are starting at the academy for the first time, especially when I see students posting that they're in Osiris Red. Reminds me of when I first started there.

Which was 11 years ago.

Haha, wow.


Sep. 28th, 2006 07:34 pm
That was one of the most exciting and intense duels ever! But I managed to defeat Saiou, or rather, the Light controlling him, Kenzan stopped Sora with the help of Glow Neos/E-Hero Neos and now Saiou and Mizuchi are reunited!!
I really like happy endings!! :D :D :D
I am also really glad I can finally go back to the Osiris Red dorm! Dueling is fun but I kinda missed the Osiris Red food too, so I'm off to get something to eat!!
WHOO!!! :D

EDIT: I looked over my friends list. Manjoume is back in Obelisk Blue!? How did that happen? Is that what all that cheering was for?
...I thought you liked it in Red with us?? :/

...can we still watch TV in your room over here at Osiris Red? :D
AH!! It feels so good to be back at the Academy!! :DD Though, when we got to the Osiris Red dorms everything was so clean! There's a girl here who calls herself "Alice" who's been serving us lemon tea and food all night!! Though, I'm really not used to this sort of treatment in Osiris Red...hummm...
Kenzan really seems to like her though! :D

Oh well, it's late! Time to sleep!! :DD

((Posted before he goes to sleep in the episode <3 The posting of his duel will be done tomorrow :D))
As soon as I find my way out of this forest I'm going to duel whoever I need to, to save Osiris Red!!

Long live Osiris Red!!

Huh? SAL keeps on following me and pointing the other way...
...I think he wants to play! :D


Jun. 19th, 2005 02:48 pm
Well anyone who wants to come and have fun on a picnic meet up outside the Osiris Red dorms in an hour :D We'll walk around until we pick a nice spot! Then maybe we'll go to the little beach and swim in the sea or something!
MKG, I hope you come and bring Misawa Jr.! :D :D
Misawa! You should come too!!
Well I took Manjoume's spirits off his hands for a while last night and took them into the Osiris Red dining area, since it was so late nobody was in there so while Hane Kuriboh played with them and they all chased each other around, I worked a bit more on the decorations for the party :D
I have a lot of paper cuts on my hand right now :/
It was fun to watch the spirits have so much fun though! Hane Kuriboh really enjoyed it :D

Eventually it got really late and I was tired so I took the spirits back to Manjoume's room...
...then he yelled a lot :D :D
Thankyou to Mary Sue who reminded me that Yugi-san's birthday is this coming Saturday! So on Saturday I'm throwing a party for him at the Osiris Red dorms! Sure he can't be there in person, but it's a good reason to have a party in his name! :D :D Hane Kuriboh is being all bouncy and agrees with me that we should throw the party!
So this is an invitation for all students, teachers and Duel Monster Spirits of the academy. Be at the Osiris Red dorms at 5pm Saturday and get ready to party!
Bring music! Bring snacks! Bring games! :D :D
The Coffee party is so much fun!!! :D :D
Last night we got in all kinds of different coffees and hung out in the dining area of the Osiris Red dorms (Big thanks to Tome-san who is supplying the coffee!!) Quite a number of people turned up and even more people are here now and we're all on caffeine highs! Wooooooooooooo!!

Anyway sometime last night a bunch of us decided to play a game of Monopoly We stole a bunch of board games from Daitokuchi-sensei's room along with his Playstation 2 I went bankrupt within the first hour of the game, Shou kept ending up in jail and Misawa bought all the really expensive properties before everyone else. He kept adding hotels to them and we all kept landing on them ;_; Safe to say by the time we all got bored of the game, Misawa had definitely won. Darkness didn't play, he was too busy raiding the black coffee to even care what the rest of us were doing. I eventually had to get more from Tome-san cos he had drunk the whole pot by himself! That guy really loves his coffee! :D

Oooooh!! Gotta go! Manjoume is challenging me to one of Daitokuchi's Playstation fighting games!! :D FIGHT!


Apr. 3rd, 2005 10:18 am
Wow! Well it was all go last night! There was this huge storm that hit the island and it threatened to wipe us all out of existence! The Osiris Red and Ra Yellow dorms were in danger of getting hit by giant waves so we had to take shelter in places further within the island, thing is at first they weren't letting us in either place. Just about when we were gonna break into the main building I got a Message from Manjoume over the PDA thing that he had my deck and he was at the Obelisk Blue dorms. Argh! I can't believe I ended up forgetting about something so important, stupid fever!

So in the end we ended up going to the Obelisk Blue dorms anyway and they were finally letting people in there, the winds were really strong and we could hear the crashing waves form where we were Oo; It was actually kind of exciting :D :D :D

So we got into the Obelisk Blue dorms and Manjoume eventually gave me back my deck, he mumbled something about me owing him big time for saving it, I'm not sure, I wasn't paying attention, I was too distracted by the awesome storm.

So yeah, we spent the rest of the night sat on the floor of the Obelisk Blue dorms, they have chandeliers and fountains in there :D Chronos was running around screaming and most of the students there were either just dueling or sleeping....some were reading....others were panicking.

Shou and I were walking around the place for a little while, then I passed out again --; Next thing I know I'm waking up with my head resting on Asuka's lap. Asuka and Misawa were talking to each other, I don't think they noticed I was awake. Hummm...they looked kind of worried actually...and I think Misawa said something about my fever being unusually high, I'm not sure, I was too out of it to make sense of anything. I figured I must have passed out again cos the next thing I remember is waking up and it was morning. The storm was over too, I missed most of it --;

Surprisingly we were served with breakfast in the Obelisk Blue dorms, I didn't eat much of it.....well I ate barely any of it actually, I always know I'm really sick when I don't ALL! Besides, I think the food at Osiris Red looks much better.

Talking of Osiris Red we went to see how our dorm faired afterwards, it was still standing just but completely flooded out Oo; Apparently it's gonna take a while for them to fix it all back up and dry it out and replace all the broken windows. So I haven't a clue where everyone in Osiris Red are gonna stay until they finish all that off >>;

Right now I have to go to the nurse cos everyone convinced me too. Guys, don't worry! It takes more than the flu and a high fever to bring me down!! :D Though it really does just feel someone is draining my energy --; Damn flu!
Well today, despite everything, I managed to pull a prank on Chronos-sensei. I put a whoopie cusion on his chair and everyone laughed when he sat on it. Then he spouted a lot of Italian words....some I don't think he should of said in front of a class of 15-year-olds, though I'm not sure as I don't understand a word of Italian.
Yeah it is like the oldest trick in the book, but hey, it's April Fools! :D

I still feel terrible over what happened with Asuka's brother, I haven't felt like this in....well... ever, really. Sure I've felt guilty over things before, but not like this. Hell, I think a Yami no Game is less painful than what I feel right now, after all I've probably screwed over Asuka's life, I've broken her brother thanks to my stupid idea and Kaiser Ryou seems to hate me now. Asuka is trying to move some of the blame to herself, but I don't think anyone would blame her and I personally don't think anyone should. Being from Osiris Red the blame would automaticlly go to me anyway.
Whatever blame I continue to get I'm not going to mope about it, what's done is done and neither I or Asuka or anyone else can change that. I can only say I'm sorry and carry on with my life here.

Earlier I went to the library and I figured out how to make one of those neat cards. So I made a card of apology and left it outside the forbbiden dorm...I'm not even sure if Fubuki is even there right now... I can only hope he reads it...

On the way back to the Osiris Red dorm, I really started feeling unwell and I've spent the time since then sat in my bed shivering with the covers around me. I'm updating this journal from my PDA thingy which has really come in handy... it seems I may have caught the flu that's been going around the academy. I very very rarely get sick, I've never been sick one day since I came here, then suddenly I get this.
Well, they say bad things come in threes, first the thing with Asuka's brother, then I get the flu...oh and on the way to the forbidden dorm one of the monkeys through a coconut at my head....I'm not sure where it got the coconut, but it really hurt --;
I hope, if anything, that I'm better for next week. Daitokuchi-sensei mentioned he might be taking some of us...somewhere, he didn't exactly say where though... but I'm looking forward to it! :D :D

I think right now I should just try and sleep, maybe I'll feel better in the morning...

That was a fun duel, Manjoume!! Er...I mean....MANJOUME THUNDER!!!! :D :D

Oh yeah and welcome to Osiris Red too! We're gonna all have so much fun together! :D Our dorm has a lovely view of the ocean, I'm sure you'll love it here!
Watch out for the animals in the hot spring baths!



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