This time of the year is always kind of nostalgic, seeing some of the new students posting who are starting at the academy for the first time, especially when I see students posting that they're in Osiris Red. Reminds me of when I first started there.

Which was 11 years ago.

Haha, wow.
I just had a really fun duel with Shikou! It was the first win I've had against him too! But whether it had been a win or a loss it would of been fun either way! Thanks for the duel, Shikou!

Haaa, well I spent most of the weekend moping up the floors of the Academy and helping to fix the doors Jin and I trashed. Everything is pretty much fixed up now!
Chronos-sensei just stood there and watched, then complained when I missed a spot... haha... it was kinda like being back at the Academy all over again!

Also I gotta tell Neos that he shouldn't let Hane Kuriboh into the coffee pot in the kitchen, she was bouncing off the walls this morning and it took me ages to calm her down.
...well looks like I'm spending the weekend cleaning tire tracks off the floors of the Academy. It was nice of Chronos-sensei to not make me pay for the damage, at least.
Well that was a bust.
We found the lab where Honjou was and saw the damage Ruka described... there was blood on the floor which is concerning but...
We checked out as much of the underground forest as we could, but we didn't find any clues or leads to where they are.
Then we checked some of the island and asked around some of the students if they'd seen them but, nothing.

Eventually it got late and we had to go back to the city.

Where the hell are they...
There's been no word.
I'm going to the island to look for them.
So Honjou is behind what's happening on the island?
Great. What the hell is he up to... that's what was going on there...
I swear... the Academy just gets worse every year with what happens there, I kinda miss the days where even the bad things that happened were a lot more simple and hell, in some ways it was a lot more relaxed.
For someone to mindlessly kill up to possibly ten people... just... it makes me so angry, but it makes me feel helpless too, because I can't DO anything. Even if I was there I wouldn't be able to really do anything. I'm a duelist, not a detective or a solver of murder mysteries.
The problems there really were getting way over my head and beyond what I could do, the last year I had there especially tested this, I think I know where my limit lies.

I was right when I said that things there are just going beyond being solved by a simple duel.

I'm really worried about everyone there, especially those I know. I really hope this can be solved without the loss of any more lives.
Couldn't sleep so I thought I should probably make a post to let you all know I'm okay.

I've been back at home since Tuesday evening, it was weird coming back here after so long. Place hasn't changed at all in the last four years, everything is still in the exact same place, they kept my room exactly the same way I left it.
There was an envelope on my bed when I got here. In it was a letter and a cheque. The letter was from my parents and it explained they were on a series of business trips until at least November so they couldn't be here in person to give me my graduation present, which is the cheque.
Heh, if only they knew I was incredibly close to not graduating at all.
Nice of them though. Just have no idea what to really do with 100000yen.

You know, I think back to an entry I wrote a few months ago and even now it's come to this, I still feel the same way. This place doesn't feel like a home to me anymore. I guess I'm used to being around people. This place is quiet... a bit too quiet.
But the island is no longer my home either.

Hm... I know the duel college has dorms but... with that and the Pro-Leagues, I'm going to be needed in the major part of Domino a lot. I've seen others mention looking for apartments there, so maybe...
...I dunno, maybe I'll look around a bit sometime. It would be nice to have a more permanent place to call home...

I made a good start on my exam papers, had to guess a bunch of answers, but eh, guess we'll see how I do. Gonna try and get them done as quick as I can, then I can hand them in. Then as soon as the Monorail is working, I'll go pick up my stuff from the island.

Oh and also, thanks to everyone who I talked to on Tuesday, while I was in the park. It really cheered me up. Ah and sorry to Kouyou-san, about leaving without saying much, I know you were worried about me, but I'm okay.

I should try and sleep again.
So, my practical exam today was against Chronos-sensei. It's the first time I've dueled him since my first year and... it just felt right to end my last school year with a duel like that... I totally forgot I was even being tested on it actually.
Weird thing was... it ended just like my first duel with him did, just... was really nostalgic.
Then he kinda broke down crying in front of everyone, heheh ^^;

But thank you, Chronos-sensei! For being my final opponent as a student at the Academy and for being a great teacher.

A lot of people turned up for the memorial for Ryuuji yesterday in the lobby, it was... sad but... it was nice to share memories too so...
...talked to Chronos-sensei about maybe putting a memorial somewhere in the academy for him too, he said he'd see what he could do about it.

I think they're giving the written tests out tomorrow... guess that's when I'll be heading home. Tried calling home another three times today, still no reply so... guess my parents aren't there at all, looks like I'll probably be home alone then...

I think I'll just go take a shower and nap for a while or something.
So our practical exams are only days away, the written ones we can take home and do...
...thing is, after that, there's really no reason for me to go back to the academy other than to pick my things up next week. Most of the work recently has been to prepare us for the exams so...
... I've made the decision that I won't be going back for what would of been my last month of school at the island.

So my plan for this week is to stay here at the hotel until the practicals are over, then once I'm issued the written exams, I'll take those home and hand them into the Kaibaland Lobby next week... then head to the island and pick up my stuff and double check there's no left over work I need to do, if there is, do it and hand it in.
Then... I guess that leaves me with... about a month or so free time to do what I want with it.
Not really sure exactly what to do yet but... it's a break I feel I really need... both my mood and my health have been suffering a lot lately.

Desdemona-san. If you have the time today, hopefully we can have that talk. Probably best to do it before the exams start.

Also, there's a memorial being held for Ryuuji in the lobby of the hotel soon so... those who wish to pay their respects, feel free to join us.
I, Yuuki Juudai, hereby claim everything that I have ownership over, this includes my mind, body and soul and my GENDER. I also claim my spirits, my deck, my duel disk and... just anything I have okay!!
Seems silly we have to claim ownership of things we should already have ownership on.

Hummm, after the whole bidding thing last night, it actually made me look at my DP account and... I didn't realize it had so many zeros, I know I've dueled a lot while being here
But I guess it built up because all I really buy are card packs and snacks and they don't really cost THAT much.
Now I just need to figure out what I should do with it.
Huuuuuh, it really HAS been quiet lately, even the journals have been kinda quiet. It's nice to be able to just relax and not have anything to worry about except normal stuff, like schoolwork. Although... it's bad that I keep thinking someone, somewhere, is using this time to plot to destroy the world or something... Have I really become THAT paranoid?

Y'know... with the Doctor who might be leaving and Haseo who posted a few days ago about leaving, kinda made me start really thinking about what exactly I'm gonna do when *I* leave, like... I know my goal... just don't know really how to go about getting there right now and it's something I really should be thinking about...
...and... I think, when I leave, part of me really.... doesn't want to go back home. Here I have friends, people who I see as family. Back home I really don't have that. Sure there's my parents but they'd never be home and I feel like I "flew the nest", so to speak, when I came here.
I love them, sure... but I feel I don't need their support anymore.
I don't want to go back there and just have nothing to look forward to but just being alone there... I'd feel trapped like that. I feel I need to keep moving forward, keep spreading my wings, be in a place where I have all kinds of options right in front of me and where I can meet lots of interesting people.
I guess I'm saying that next year, I won't have a home here, nor do I feel my actual home is a home anymore.
Hm...I think this ramble is telling me I should sleep and not keep writing here.

So, hummm, what have all you guys been up to lately? Tell me and lets generate some conversation here!! Even if you don't know me that well, just tell me what you're thinking! What's on your mind! Even if it's small!

Time Flies

May. 21st, 2008 08:05 pm
It's been quiet these past few days. I'm kinda glad about that, it's allowing me to work on the stuff I missed when I was on holiday.
Well, kinda... I keep getting distracted from it.

I should use this quiet time to think up some more ideas for that Summer Festival! I'm thinking we could hold it in maybe late June or early July!! I think it was suggested that we should do a costume contest so I've noted that down!! If you have any other ideas for the festival then feel free to throw them at me!!

Huh... just kinda realized how fast this year is going. We're already near the end of May.
My 19th birthday is less than three months away. Graduation is about 4 months away.
Congratulations to all those that made it to that new Honor Dorm! Sounds like you'll all be getting some really awesome chances through it! Although I'm kinda glad they didn't consider me for it, all that extra work sounds like it's gonna be really tough. Haha! I wouldn't move up dorms for it anyway!

Private (Although Johan may see~) )

((Mood will most likely read as "Happy" for everyone else))
Guess things with me have been really up and down lately, but I've decided to just take a break from everything this weekend. I'm a lot more caught up with my work at the moment than I thought I'd be, so I think I can take a break from it.
Asuka and I are gonna go for a walk sometime this weekend, that'll be nice. We haven't seen much of each other lately since we've both been really busy and I really missed just spending time with her.

Hopefully, just relaxing a little this weekend will help with how I've been feeling.
*It's midday on Sunday. The sun is shining brightly today and there hardly seems to be a cloud in the sky. There's a slight cool breeze coming off the ocean though.
Instead of staying in bed like he probably does on a Sunday, Juudai can be found sat in his favourite spot near Osiris Red, under the tree, on top the cliff, that over looks the ocean. In his hand is a book on Advanced Duel Theory that he's reading that he actually braved to get from the library a few hours beforehand. Every so often, he will lean over and make a note or two in a notepad he has placed on the grass beside him. There are also various other work papers laying around. Also with him is a flask of warm tea, a brown bag containing onigiri that he got from Tome-san which he's occasionally snacking on, and his PDA which is playing an internet radio station quietly.

Juudai appears to be doing fine with his work and he seems content. This is your chance to have your characters interact with Juudai and talk to him about whatever you want, plus they can see the rare sight of Juudai actually STUDYING! (Feel free to take pictures!!)
Mentions of MAJOR plot stuff is banned though, for the sake of Juudai's sanity. Everyone saw his not-so-private post, so everyone knows he really wants and needs a break, so keep major plot stuffs to yourself, keep it from him at every and all cost.*


Mar. 29th, 2008 09:57 pm
Well, I'm getting through this work gradually. I still have a TON left but the help from my friends has been such a huge help!! Chronos-sensei sent me a message earlier listing all the work he'd like me to bring to the extra classes he's doing with me too, so things are looking up!

Although, remind me never to go in the library again. Or at least avoid it when Edo is there. My dorm room turned out to be a much better place to study :/


Mar. 27th, 2008 10:53 pm

I picked up my make-up work from Chronos-sensei yesterday, I didn't realize there would be so much from missing a week's worth of classes, but when I brought it back to my dorm....I realized how behind I actually am on my schoolwork, there's a ton in the corner of my room that I've never even touched, I've just never really had the time to do it with everything that's been going on.
I know I'm not the perfect student, but...I WANT to graduate this year! I want to carry on with my journey, I...
...I want people to be proud of me! Not because I'm the hero who saves the day, I want them to be proud of me for me being myself! I want to graduate, I want my friends and all the people important to me to see that accomplishment!! But I'm so far behind, will I even catch up with it at this rate?

There's so much I feel I've been missing recently. After Darkness... I just... I just wanted a break, a chance to have some fun, hang out with my friends, spend time with Asuka, have more happy memories before I graduated, but bad things just kept on happening, even dueling doesn't bring the same joy to me that it used to, a lot of my duels recently have resulted in something bad happening...or to solve save save the world.
Not that I regret that, I've helped so many people, and I'm glad I have the power to do that! I've grown so much in that area and I want to use this power to help those who need it!! feels like there's a part of me...somewhere...that's missing. I've felt like that for a long while now, something deep down just feels like it's gone and I'm not sure what it is.

I've been through so much lately and had loads of stuff just constantly keep piling up on me. Bad guy, after bad guy, after bad guy, some of which were working at the same time, I lost count with how many times I've been in the infirmary just this year alone...
Just...urgh, I just feel so tired and frustrated with it all right now and the fact that I may not even graduate this year doesn't make this feeling any better...

What the hell am I going to do!? I'm trying to do some of this work now but I just can't concentrate on it at all right now for some reason!!

Damnit...just, damnit!!


((OOC: The above post is actually NOT private, it's open to all characters to comment on. Juudai was trying to make it private so not to worry his friends, but he failed somewhere along the way. The bolded parts I'm playing off as a type of broken code, thus your characters will be able to see this was intended to be hidden from them.))


May. 27th, 2005 11:34 am
So Shou, Hayato and I decided to go to the hot springs to relax. It was fun and I stole Shou's towel :D :D Then Manjoume joined in on the fun!
Though even with all this I couldn't keep my mind off recent events, I didn't even join in the fun when Shou and Hayato grabbed Manjoume's towel and started throwing it to each other!
Then I saw Hane Kuriboh so I followed it only to find myself pulled down into the Duel Monster spirit world and I was wearing clothes down there! Shou and the others soon followed and I was challenged to a duel by Kaibaman! :o
I was so worried about losing to him in a Shadow Game and something happening to Shou and Hayato, like in my dream. So I tried the best I could and I thought I had him when I thought I had took out his Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon...but he had played De-fusion and I lost to three Burst Stream attacks, but in the end nothing happened to my friends and it re-taught me that duels ARE fun! :D Even the Shadow Games! I just have to try my best and just deal with everything as it comes! :D

Thankyou, Aibou. You knew I needed a bit of a dueling pick-me-up ^^

The Duel Monster spirits are so awesome! :D We should all go to the hot spring again one day!



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