My parents just called to tell me they'll be going to see the rest of Team Spirits duels in the WRGP, they want to give us their support.
I was expecting them to follow it through the media coverage like they usually do, but I wasn't expecting them to actually be there in person! It's the first time they've ever decided to do something like this.

Heheh... somehow, I'm just a little bit more nervous about our next duel in the tournament now.
...hopefully, they'll do okay.

When Isabel told him all that stuff, it reminded me of when I told my parents about the things I'd done and been through, their reaction was sorta similar.

I'm sure it'll work out for them.
I spent most of this morning with my dad. We went fishing, I didn't even know he even liked that until today. He told me when he was my age, he used to do it all the time. Heheh.
We had to leave really early since he decided we should go up to go up into the mountains and it's a bit of a drive. I even brought Pharaoh along too! I thought he'd enjoy being out of the city for a change, but he mostly just slept the entire time we were there... oh well!

My dad told me he'd been keeping tabs on my progress through the Real Genex Tournament and said he was proud that I got so far in it! Then he asked me "...what was with that man and the tank?"
Heheh... that was interesting to explain.

After we stopped fishing, we stopped at a park and just kicked a ball around for a little while... that was fun!

It was a good day!
It helped get my mind off some things for a while too...
Haa, things have been so busy lately, between college and working in-between that! Haa, my classes gave me loads of work for this week too, I keep telling myself to work on it, but I keep putting it off or getting distracted. Guess I know what I'll be doing most of the weekend, urgh.

Oh, at the weekend, Asuka and I went round to my parents house so they could meet her and stuff.
They got the baby pictures out, just like I thought they would...
At least on the up-side, they really seemed to like her!

...I'm still at 3 medals for this tournament.
Despite how busy this week is looking, what with college and working during the times I'm NOT at college, I feel really really good!! I... actually went and met my parents on Sunday. Things went pretty well... better than I thought. We agreed to try and keep more in contact now.
I told them some things and it really lifted a lot off my mind I think.

Haa, Asuka, they really want to meet you! They kept asking me so many questions! They want to invite us over for dinner sometime, haha!

Need to make some time for tournament duels! I'm gonna try my best to get up to 10 medals!!
((I'm not 100% pleased with this, but it needed writing and it's past 2am!! So this is the best it gets XD))

Mother's Day )
((NOTE: This actually happened around Monday afternoon, I've just been too busy/lazy to actually write this up XD))

Worlds Apart )
Urgh, well that didn't go very well at all and I have the bruise to prove it, ow.
I tried my best, Isabel.
Couldn't sleep so I thought I should probably make a post to let you all know I'm okay.

I've been back at home since Tuesday evening, it was weird coming back here after so long. Place hasn't changed at all in the last four years, everything is still in the exact same place, they kept my room exactly the same way I left it.
There was an envelope on my bed when I got here. In it was a letter and a cheque. The letter was from my parents and it explained they were on a series of business trips until at least November so they couldn't be here in person to give me my graduation present, which is the cheque.
Heh, if only they knew I was incredibly close to not graduating at all.
Nice of them though. Just have no idea what to really do with 100000yen.

You know, I think back to an entry I wrote a few months ago and even now it's come to this, I still feel the same way. This place doesn't feel like a home to me anymore. I guess I'm used to being around people. This place is quiet... a bit too quiet.
But the island is no longer my home either.

Hm... I know the duel college has dorms but... with that and the Pro-Leagues, I'm going to be needed in the major part of Domino a lot. I've seen others mention looking for apartments there, so maybe...
...I dunno, maybe I'll look around a bit sometime. It would be nice to have a more permanent place to call home...

I made a good start on my exam papers, had to guess a bunch of answers, but eh, guess we'll see how I do. Gonna try and get them done as quick as I can, then I can hand them in. Then as soon as the Monorail is working, I'll go pick up my stuff from the island.

Oh and also, thanks to everyone who I talked to on Tuesday, while I was in the park. It really cheered me up. Ah and sorry to Kouyou-san, about leaving without saying much, I know you were worried about me, but I'm okay.

I should try and sleep again.
So, my practical exam today was against Chronos-sensei. It's the first time I've dueled him since my first year and... it just felt right to end my last school year with a duel like that... I totally forgot I was even being tested on it actually.
Weird thing was... it ended just like my first duel with him did, just... was really nostalgic.
Then he kinda broke down crying in front of everyone, heheh ^^;

But thank you, Chronos-sensei! For being my final opponent as a student at the Academy and for being a great teacher.

A lot of people turned up for the memorial for Ryuuji yesterday in the lobby, it was... sad but... it was nice to share memories too so...
...talked to Chronos-sensei about maybe putting a memorial somewhere in the academy for him too, he said he'd see what he could do about it.

I think they're giving the written tests out tomorrow... guess that's when I'll be heading home. Tried calling home another three times today, still no reply so... guess my parents aren't there at all, looks like I'll probably be home alone then...

I think I'll just go take a shower and nap for a while or something.
Huuuuuh, it really HAS been quiet lately, even the journals have been kinda quiet. It's nice to be able to just relax and not have anything to worry about except normal stuff, like schoolwork. Although... it's bad that I keep thinking someone, somewhere, is using this time to plot to destroy the world or something... Have I really become THAT paranoid?

Y'know... with the Doctor who might be leaving and Haseo who posted a few days ago about leaving, kinda made me start really thinking about what exactly I'm gonna do when *I* leave, like... I know my goal... just don't know really how to go about getting there right now and it's something I really should be thinking about...
...and... I think, when I leave, part of me really.... doesn't want to go back home. Here I have friends, people who I see as family. Back home I really don't have that. Sure there's my parents but they'd never be home and I feel like I "flew the nest", so to speak, when I came here.
I love them, sure... but I feel I don't need their support anymore.
I don't want to go back there and just have nothing to look forward to but just being alone there... I'd feel trapped like that. I feel I need to keep moving forward, keep spreading my wings, be in a place where I have all kinds of options right in front of me and where I can meet lots of interesting people.
I guess I'm saying that next year, I won't have a home here, nor do I feel my actual home is a home anymore.
Hm...I think this ramble is telling me I should sleep and not keep writing here.

So, hummm, what have all you guys been up to lately? Tell me and lets generate some conversation here!! Even if you don't know me that well, just tell me what you're thinking! What's on your mind! Even if it's small!



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