I don't know who sent that newsletter to my e-mail, but it got deleted straight away. I really don't care for stupid gossip things like that.

Anyway, Saiga, I got a result from talking to Manjoume!
Also, Isabel, you still looking at building that house thing for the spirits?
Well I'm no closer to really finding out this duel spirit hunter who's possibly targeting kids and their monster spirits... most of the schools in the area are alerted and keeping a close eye on who hangs around though. Some of the schools have asked me to possibly come in and do talks on the situation to the kids, I guess it'd be simple "Don't trust strangers" kinda talk when you really get down to it. Ruka's been pretty heavily reading up on spirit hunters these past few days though, so maybe we can pick out some facts and things for them to look out for and avoid.

I also can't figure out why so many small duel monsters are appearing here at Sakana. I swear I come across a new one everyday! Is something attracting them, do they just feel safe here? Most of them don't really speak, so it's hard to know why they're really here, especially when they don't seem to stay still for five seconds either!
Unless it's a Desertapir, then it just sleeps like a log all day, like the one I tripped over the other day while leaving my apartment!
Hm, I just caught the news and heard that there's been some thefts of Duel Spirits belonging to children near schools in the area recently... I really don't like the sound of this one bit.
So hey, Alex, Hawkeye and I got interviewed by a TV programme a few days ago! Haaa, I was kinda nervous at first, nervous and excited, but I was fine when I actually got out there, it was pretty fun and I think it went well!

Hmm, I'm really losing track of the amount of monster attacks there's been in the city, if I didn't think they were coming from a few different sources it'd be a bit easier but...
... I probably should look into those dog things next that have been around the park and the Arcadia movement.
I'm really concerned that if these attacks carry on, people will start to be wary of all duel spirits, not just the hostile ones. I've been trying really hard to keep things peaceful.
Well... that was more annoying than I thought it would be.
i_like_red: (Smile of a Supportive Hero)
Huh, I just saw that news report of that giant sloth in the city. That...is a really huge sloth! Hummm, it's most likely some kind of duel spirit so I think I'll keep a lookout for it and see if I can talk to it, see where it came from and if there's anyway to get it from sleeping on people's cars! Hopefully I can learn something about it and maybe help solve the problem.
Haha! I had so much fun with my Pro duel today and it was great to meet and duel Edo again!! It's been such a long time since I last saw him or dueled him!
Afterwards we talked about what we've been doing since we last saw each other over tea! It was great to catch up!

I think the patrolling around is going well too. I've reassured a lot of people and haven't seen too much trouble being caused. I like how positive things are feeling right now!

It's been a busy week with all this, but... I feel like I'm forgetting something...

...argh! I think I have homework... I should probably go and do that!!
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I got my finals results back, I passed them! Only just in a few cases, but I passed them!! I owe Asuka big time for helping me study for them.

Hmm... looks like I might have an unexpected visitor coming around tomorrow if that new girl can actually find where I live. She's got good spirit! Just kinda hope it doesn't get her burned. It's nice to have someone so interested in duel spirits though! She just needs to know all the dangers.
Hey! A question!
Would you be interested in a duel monster to study at all? It's currently with a friend of mine and I don't think it's exactly "conscious" right now.
It's an Elemental Hero Ice Edge.
Let me know if you're interested!
Damn, I slept most of the day. I guess I was really tired.
And... I guess part of me didn't want to see the mess when I woke up.

Okay, explanation time.
Not gonna delve into the huge specifics or anything. All you need to know is something happened last night and it's thinned the barriers between our world and the world where Duel Monsters live.
Now, while the barrier is very thin, when spirits appear, they now appear solid rather than see through and while solid they can be seen by everyone. Though they can still disappear into our cards to keep them hidden and we CAN talk to them... more in our heads than anything, like telepathy.

It's important to have them go back into their cards. Their ability to become solid uses the Duel Energy of the human partner they're connected to, if they have one. So if they stay out too long, you could pass out, in worse case scenarios, you might die. They basically drain you of energy and stuff, so you should only have them solid at short times.

Unfortunately, this has also opened our world up to monsters from the duel monster world breaking through much easily. We're open to attacks so... keep your guard up, especially those with the original power to see spirits, they maybe attracted to us specifically.

As for any parties from the duel monster world that come here intending invasions, I'd like the chance to talk to you, probably more with your leaders, before you do anything.

Private )
Uh, so I haven't updated for a few days have I?

Hahaha, well, I had a really awesome weekend! I spent Saturday with Asuka, we decided to have a little indoor picnic in my room since it was kinda chilly that day. It was nice to be able to spend time with her again, just the two of us. Well, just the two of us for most of it anyway. I...might have to get used to Fubuki-san showing up at random times...
Anyway, hopefully we'll find time to do that again, we both really enjoyed it.
Hah, you know, Asuka and I have been dating for 5 months now. It really doesn't seem that long but it is and I've enjoyed everything so far. Back when we first got together, I told her I couldn't promise anything on a long term basis, probably because I was kinda scared it wouldn't work out and I really didn't know what to expect or even what to do, but y'know... I think I can clearly see us having a future together now, because it's something we both want and it's working out great, it really is!

Uh, anyway! I spent most of Sunday just relaxing about a bit. I watched Hane Kuriboh play with these really awesome Gellenduo spirits I found for quite a while that day. Why she can't play with Ruby like that I don't know. Not sure if the spirits belonged to a duelist or not but no one else was around at the time, guess they were just random spirits that got lost or something.
Ah I dueled that new security guard too, he punched me in the face with his armor deck... there's a huge bruise on the left side of my face now.
I beat him on my next turn after that.

I feel good after this weekend though. It was a break I really needed.

Hm, so I see we started the tournament at last! How many months has it been now...? Looks like Duel Academy has been doing well in it so far!
I'm not up until the final round, which'll be against Johan.
I really hope I find my love for dueling by then, I want to give Johan a really fun enjoyable duel.
I see the Pro-League duelists have been scouting recently too. Heh. Wonder if any of them will be dueling me... The nice one of the four told me a lot of people at the Pro-League have their eye on me.

I wonder what Shou's been up to recently... I saw him Monday and he told me he was really busy with something. He looked kinda tired.

Ah, guess that's the last few days all written up!
Tonight has been rough, full of bad...but some good too.
I'm glad Mr. Kouyou is okay now, but I won't be fully happy until I get everyone's spirits and Hane Kuriboh back!
Well I took Manjoume's spirits off his hands for a while last night and took them into the Osiris Red dining area, since it was so late nobody was in there so while Hane Kuriboh played with them and they all chased each other around, I worked a bit more on the decorations for the party :D
I have a lot of paper cuts on my hand right now :/
It was fun to watch the spirits have so much fun though! Hane Kuriboh really enjoyed it :D

Eventually it got really late and I was tired so I took the spirits back to Manjoume's room...
...then he yelled a lot :D :D


Jun. 2nd, 2005 03:22 pm
Manjoume! I hope all your new little Duel Monster spirit friends are coming to the party Saturday! Sounds like they were having lots of fun in your room last night. Shou kept wondering what you were yelling at! :D :D
Your duel against your brother was so awesome too! :D

As for the party I talked to Tome-san and she's going to do us some food for it. Also Shou, Hayato and I are putting some decorations together for the Osiris Red dining area! :D



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