My costume is coming along nicely for the party on Friday! Seems like a lot of people are going to be coming!

So er, if you're coming, or thinking of coming, could you reply here? I need a rough idea of the number of people attending, so I know how much party snacks I need to get!
Haha, well the party was interesting! And despite some of the things that happened, I still had a lot of fun! Aawh, Isabel, it's too bad you were busy, I think you would of enjoyed the party! But I'm sure we'll have others.

Though I'm never agreeing to play "Spin the Bottle" ever again and Manjoume really needs to get his duel arena fixed.

Anyway, the party finished kinda late, so I walked Asuka home, then went home myself. Only I was woken up at about almost 5am this morning by a REALLY loud knocking on my door... actually someone had been hitting it with a bat, but when I looked outside there was nothing there except the bat and a note.
It was nothing bad, so no need to worry, the note was kinda helpful actually.
Though, if anyone is interested, I'm looking for having some friendly duels, just to test something out. I'll be hanging out in Domino Park tomorrow, so just come and find me.

I have quite a busy week ahead of me! Taking Asuka to the zoo on Monday, going to the Arcade with Ayumi on Wednesday and at the end of the week, I finally plan to go and see about this apartment place Fujiwara recommended!

Things feel really good right now!
...I just discovered I had a stowaway in one of my bags I brought home from the Academy.
If anyone is wondering where Pharaoh is, he's with me. Seems he snuck into the bag and fell asleep in there.

Anyway things have really been looking up lately! Manjoume came around to my house earlier and we talked a bit more on the party idea we had. We decided on having a small party, so sorry to those we didn't get to invite. Those that are invited will get invitations soon!!
That said, if any of my friends want to do something with me this month, just message me on my PDA and we'll work something out!

To Ayumi: Sometime next week, do you want to hang out at the Domino arcade for a while? I wasn't able to invite you to the party but I figured you might enjoy spending time at a place like the Arcade more! Feel free to invite who you like to join us!

Also, I think next Monday I'll take Asuka to visit the Domino City zoo! They're holding some kind of special "Llama Day" on that day or something. Not sure if Asuka likes Llamas or not, but even if she doesn't, there's the rest of the zoo to see too!!

Hmmm, also need to visit this place Fujiwara gave me the address to, so I can ask about the apartments there.

OOC Notes: )
Hey, to all those who know Shou, we're thinking of hanging out in the Osiris Red dining area for his birthday tomorrow afternoon, just like a small get together with snacks and games! So come by if you want to wish him a happy birthday!
Thanks to those who have dueled me so far, it's really helping me prepare. I think this next month or so is gonna be tough, but we'll get through it!

Oh! Don't forget the Beach party is tomorrow!! We'll use it as a day to just forget all the problems we have and have some fun together! I hope to see everyone there!
I'll be setting stuff up on the beach with Tome-san and Shou most of tomorrow afternoon, so if any of you want to come and help with that you're welcome too!

Ah, also, Ayumi, is everything okay? You haven't been around as much these past few days as you usually are.


Feb. 26th, 2008 11:52 pm
Guess I haven't updated this journal for a few days, huh? I've been kinda busy with duels and planning for that beach party!! Hopefully I'll get round to doing another duel or two tomorrow, I've had some very interesting ones and I feel I've learned a lot already! It's great practise!

As for the beach party, I hope to see everyone there!! It's going to be lots of fun and a great chance to catch up with friends you might not of had the time to spend with as much or to make new friends!! :D

((Since we're busy in IRC for something else, I decided that we'll just host the party, which I COMPLETELY forgot about, here on LJ just like the good old days, feel free to reply here/make your own journal entries on what your character is doing during the party :3))
Asuka and I were just talking about how we should all have some fun at the weekend!! So how about we all have some fun on the beach on Sunday?? Like a beach party? :D :D
I didn't realize we were going back to the Academy so soon! But Chronos-sensei told me we're going the long way back to enjoy a nice cruise or something, he looked kind of stressed out actually :/ But the ice-cream party is still on!! Chronos-sensei said we could hold it on the Obelisk blue white boat!! Before we left I managed to find an ice-cream shop near the harbour and bought every flavour ice-cream they had I won't be buying cards anytime soon, I used all my money on it ;___;. So the party is on Saturday!! Everyone can come!!

Anyway the duel with Mizuchi was so awesome! Especially the Dark God! Whoooo! It was a really fun duel!
I just wish she could of escaped the virtual world with us...but I'm really glad Shou and Kenzan are safe.

Filtered from Saiou and the rest of the Hikari no Kessha, unhackable cos Ed made it so!! :D )

Filtered from Ed )


Apr. 5th, 2006 11:14 am
Mizuchi finally said we can finish the duel today after a week of waiting in this virtual world! But I did make a lot of good friends in this virtual internet cafe that Edo and I have been staying in!! :D Shou and Kenzan had to stay outside cos they don't allow cars and dinosaurs into the building >>;

By the way, why does some of my friends list seem depressed?
Right, that's it, that icecream party I mentioned on IRC is so on after Edo and I defeat Mizuchi and get out of here with Shou and Kenzan and everyone can come!! I'll post details when I'm not dueling Saiou's sister!! :o

((As long as canon allows him to throw it, I'm planning the party on Saturday XD More details later after I've seen this weeks ep :D))


Feb. 19th, 2006 09:59 am
I had so much fun at the dance earlier this week!! Though I can only remember half of it, the rest is a blur :/ Shou! What DID you put in that punch!? It tasted funny and made things spin around after a while. Then the next day I woke up in Mali's closet on a web made of teabags Oo;
Later that day I found a map that was left for me so Shou, Kenzan and I followed it, I was hoping for buried treasure but it was even better than that! A DUEL! And he was a Pro League duelist too!! He reduced the cards in my deck instead of my life points, he kept taking an amount of cards equal to the level of monster I played! Whooo, such a challenging duel!
Right at the end he thought I was all out of attacks but I still had my Instant Fusion magic card ;D
It was a fun duel!! GOTCHA!! Hahahaha!!


Feb. 14th, 2006 01:34 am
Eh?? I have to get dressed up for this dance tomorrow!? I hate suuuuits ;___;
That's it! If I have to get dressed up like that then I'm going dressed as Spiderman!! Or Superman! I haven't decided yet :/ Which one do you guys think is better??
Spiderman's costume DOES have a lot of red in it...hummm...

((So yes, tomorrow he's going dressed as a superhero to rebel against suits or something XD))


Jun. 5th, 2005 11:34 am
Urgh, can't remember much after Fubuki gave me all that sugar...
...huh? Why am I sat on the dining area floor with a bunch of Ojamas around me making really weird faces? Where'd they all come from...?
Hummm, burn marks on the walls, some guy sat in the corner with the punch bowl over his head... Hane Kuriboh over there playing chess!?

...Oh well, looks like this was another succesful party!!! :D :D

*Part of the dining area's roof falls in*

Ah... ¬¬;


Jun. 5th, 2005 02:33 am
Heeeeey! I have an idea for a party game! Lets jump on Manjoume's bed and see who can last the longest without falling off!! :D :D
Whooooo! Party! Party! Party! Party!

Who wants cake!? :D :D
Happy Birthday, Yugi-san!! :D :D

Shou, Hayato and I have been putting up the decorations in the dining area of the Osiris Red dorms all day, complete with posters of Yugi-san!! Tome-san has been bringing down the food in her van and setting it up and Daitokuchi-sensei keeps messing with the sound system! :D

I think we're almost done setting up! :D We just need to set some tables and chairs outside as well as I don't think everyone will fit in the dining area.

Well I took Manjoume's spirits off his hands for a while last night and took them into the Osiris Red dining area, since it was so late nobody was in there so while Hane Kuriboh played with them and they all chased each other around, I worked a bit more on the decorations for the party :D
I have a lot of paper cuts on my hand right now :/
It was fun to watch the spirits have so much fun though! Hane Kuriboh really enjoyed it :D

Eventually it got really late and I was tired so I took the spirits back to Manjoume's room...
...then he yelled a lot :D :D


Jun. 2nd, 2005 03:22 pm
Manjoume! I hope all your new little Duel Monster spirit friends are coming to the party Saturday! Sounds like they were having lots of fun in your room last night. Shou kept wondering what you were yelling at! :D :D
Your duel against your brother was so awesome too! :D

As for the party I talked to Tome-san and she's going to do us some food for it. Also Shou, Hayato and I are putting some decorations together for the Osiris Red dining area! :D
Thankyou to Mary Sue who reminded me that Yugi-san's birthday is this coming Saturday! So on Saturday I'm throwing a party for him at the Osiris Red dorms! Sure he can't be there in person, but it's a good reason to have a party in his name! :D :D Hane Kuriboh is being all bouncy and agrees with me that we should throw the party!
So this is an invitation for all students, teachers and Duel Monster Spirits of the academy. Be at the Osiris Red dorms at 5pm Saturday and get ready to party!
Bring music! Bring snacks! Bring games! :D :D
The school's medical room is completely burnt out Oo; I was playing card games with Asuka and a few others at the Vampire Lady's castle when Kohara ran in shouting about how Fubuki was trying to blow up the Nurse, then we heard this muffled explosion and saw a small puff of smoke come from the academy.
We ran over there and all what was left was Fubuki, just standing there, sniggering to himself, with this....really weird look on his face.

Gotta admit, when we heard he was trying to blow up the nurse we found it funny, cos we all agreed she deserved to be scared a little but...I think Fubuki went more than a little overboard. I don't even know what happened to the nurse, she wasn't there when we arrived.
I kind of hope she escaped, more for Fubuki's sake than her's...

Asuka, her face went an intresting shade of red when we got there. Fubuki just looked at us as if to ask us what we were all staring at, almost as if torching the medical room was the most natural thing in the world! Afterwards, Asuka just stormed off and I haven't seen her since. I'm starting to wonder if I should find out where she's gone...she seemed really upset...



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