So... I guess things are more or less back to normal, I'm glad everything is over now.
I still feel guilty over everything that happened... even if most of it was pretty much out of my own control, but I guess that's just the way things are. I really should just... move on and be happy that things are okay, which I am.

Last night, I started making this weird list of things I wanted to do and things I should do now things are back to normal and I found myself hoping my tendency to get caught up in supernatural goings on will stay away for a while... so I can get to do them and sort myself out. I kinda feel like a wreck in some ways. Just mentally, emotionally and even physically exhausted.

I want to carry on getting myself into the Pro-League... I think before all this stuff happened, my paperwork and application were or had been processed. I'll have to talk to Midori-san and Kouyou-san about that, but damn, I need a job, I really can't keep having Asuka and Manjoume pay for everything, but guess I'll have to make sure to pace myself with this, so it doesn't add to the exhaustion I'm feeling right now.

I want to go and see my parents again. I... miss them. After my dad's reaction the last time I met them I'm a bit apprehensive but... I want to tell them everything, just get everything out of the way and let them see the person I've become. Not sure how they'll react but... guess we'll see...

I need to catch up with my college work... luckily Shou's gonna lend me his notes for the dueling classes we have together... the Duel Spirit class shouldn't be too hard to catch up on.

Though, I think right now I just wanna relax a little and just spend time with Asuka and my friends.

Private to Desdemona-san )
I don't care what happens to me... no matter what I have to do, I'm going to make sure Virus dies by my hands and STAYS dead this time.
This is between him and me. Nobody follow me.
.... what the hell have I done....


Apr. 5th, 2009 05:09 pm
All four switches down in only a few days... most of the others have abandoned our goal, all accept Alex... I'm grateful for how loyal she is.
They'll attack the Momentum next... we'll be ready for them.


Apr. 1st, 2009 10:39 pm
Seven days.
It's gonna be long and a bit lonely, but it will at least ensure we can keep to our promise of making the world a safer place and with the ability to keep our Earthbound Gods under control, this will be perfect!
I know Isabel and the others probably aren't liking this, as I'm sure those Dragons aren't either... but I guess if the Dragons get in the way, we can deal with them then... I want to show Isabel and make her understand what I'm trying to do.
This isn't just for me, but for her, for Asuka and for everyone.

After this has succeeded, I'll research into ways to bring Asuka back... there just has to be a way, these Gods don't need to live on souls anymore...


Apr. 1st, 2009 01:20 am
......... I..... what....

..... I need the cores and Momentum together and soon.........


Mar. 21st, 2009 02:58 am
......what did I just do.....

...Asuka... I'm so sorry. I'm so so sorry...
Okay, the important thing I needed to see to is done! I'm catching the next flight home!

Dark Signer Filter )
Just a note - I'm going away for a while and I'm not exactly sure when I'll be back, I've got something I need to do. I'll have my PDA and phone with me if anyone needs to contact me.
I'll see you all when I get back.
Okay, the spiders have come back to me about the locations of the Superbia Cores. I've assigned you all one to go after:

• There's one on a mountain in Hokkaido. Kevin, you're assigned to this one.
• There's one on one of the Kuril Islands, between the Japanese and Russian coasts. Alexandra, this is yours to deal with.
• There is one in the city of Kobe. Shiroko, this is the one you'll be getting.
• There is another in a military base in the Death Valley desert in America. Since she's already on her way there, Angelina is assigned this one.
• The final one is in a temple in Nazca, Peru. This is the one that I will get.

The sooner we retrieve these the better. Let me know when you get yours. I'll probably be leaving tomorrow morning for Peru.
Urgh, I hope this week is better than last week.

Private to Dark Signers - Except Kiryu (Open to Erland and Icarus) )
((NOTE: This actually happened around Monday afternoon, I've just been too busy/lazy to actually write this up XD))

Worlds Apart )
March 1st already? That came really fast, but I guess losing five days really didn't help. But I'm back now, sorry that I worried everyone. Kinda went for a trip somewhere and I didn't have much say in it!

Filtered to the Dark Signers + Erland )
Pfft, Sundays can be kinda boring.

Private )
We'll be meeting up Saturday night. There's an old abandoned hotel in the rundown part of Domino City which will be our meeting place.
Be there.
Huh... I'm.. back I guess...
Not sure what happened but... I guess I was just... given another chance...?
Though I fully intend to use this second chance at life, completely.

I missed my friends so much! I should go and see them.

Private to Divine )


Event Post

*Hey Sakana. There's a supposedly dead guy wearing black red trimmed Haou armor, that's standing outside the door to the apartment where he lives/lived. Feel free to badger him if your character is around Sakana, though if you're actually in his apartment (AKA; Asuka, Manjoume ect.) there's a knocking on the door.
Although he had been in Dark Signer mode before he arrived, his eyes are now back to normal. generally, he just seems like normal Juudai just... dressed in his Haou outfit.
Please note if you are replying to the journal or the event.*
Well, at least I'm starting to feel better from that flu I had over this last week. Nice to be able to walk about and not feel like the room is spinning anyway.

I...guess I missed the whole thing with Jin, didn't I? Argh... I kinda promised him I'd be there but, guess I couldn't help that. Seems everything was sorted out without me though.
I'm not dwelling on that... I have my mind on more important things right now anyway.

Private )
.....the news... the... all in one night...



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