Jun. 28th, 2005 11:33 am
The chickens attacked me last night and took back the red chick!! They kept pecking and scratching and swaking at me!! ;____; Che, I don't see what the big deal was, they had 500 other chicks anyway!

Thankyou for leaving the health potion outside your door, Mary Sue. I needed it!

The strange thing was while I was sat on the dorm room floor I noticed something under the beds, I reached to grab it and it was an egg that I must have missed before I took them to the chicken coop! Asuka, we have an egg again! :D :D
Maybe you should take it before I break it...
Well after the incident with those monkeys, Fubuki came and gave me an old Obelisk Blue uniform. It's kinda big on me and blue reeeeeeeally isn't my colour long live the colour red!! :D

Ya know....for some reason this uniform is making me want to go and angst by the lighthouse...
...ooookay, I really gotta get my spare uniform from my dorm and get out of this thing!!

Oh yeah and I did this quiz everyone is doing at the moment:

LiveJournal Username
Where you most likely were in your dream:
Favorite Color:
You go to sleep and find youself with:vehicle_sho
Who WANTS to be with:vehicle_sho
This person:academy_nurse
screamed this:"UNDRESS ME!"
Who replied:"FINE. Be that way."
Amount of dream that could have actually happened:
Person in your bed when you wake up:manjoumejun
This Fun Quiz created by CERL at BlogQuiz.Net
Virgo Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

Not sure which part scares me most....


May. 21st, 2005 03:40 pm
I was taking a bath and...
Er...actually... where are my clothes...I can't find them...
...argh! they stole my clothes too!? is kind of embarassing, heh.... ^^;;;
Ah~! I spent most of today in my spot on the roof of the academy. I haven't relaxed like this in a long while, plus the whole weekend is ahead of me! Life is gooood! :D
It was so warm and the sun was shining all day! Just being able to lay on my back and watch the clouds is relaxing.

I think I may take a bath soon and see if my friends, the animals, are there! :D

Anyone want to do something over the weekend since the weather is apparnetly going to be nice? well that's what I heard two Ra Yellow Students say earlier anyway Maybe we could have a picnic or something. I think a little group gathering would be lots of fun! :D :D
Maybe we could steal borrow some sports equipment from Ayuko-sensei too!
*puts on some loud music*

Whoooooo! Party!!!!!! :D :D
Manjoume! You got coffee from somewhere! GIMMIE!!! Before the monkeys TAKE IT FROM US!!!!
....I think I ate too much chocolate cake.... bling is shiny! Hehehehehehe!!!!

I'm totally abusing the use of exclamation marks!!!! And I don't CARE!!!! :D :D :D

...Is that a bear I just saw.... with a coffee pot and Kagurazaka? Hummmmm....
....Pharaoh is fluffy! X3

((OOC: Yes...sugar high Juudai is scaring me too))


Apr. 25th, 2005 12:54 am
Well, the coffee party seems kinda dead now, especially since some monkeys came in earlier and stole the last coffee pot. Most people left when they heard the nurse had come back....mostly to hide from her I think.
Anyway, just now Tome-san came in with a huge cake she had made just for us (No, it's not coffee flavoured, it's chocolate :D :D)
Anyone up for eating lots of cake!? :D :D Sugar highs are the next best thing to caffiene highs!! And chocolate tastes better


Apr. 15th, 2005 01:23 pm
Well we're finally home!! :D :D

We got to see the animals in the hot spring again last night, but there was no bear, I wonder where it went...? The squirrel was just as cool though! :D :D

Oh and all our dorms have been fixed up now so we can all live back in our original dorms! Though sharing with Asuka was really fun too! But it's nice to have our own dorm back.
Most of us that were on the Egypt trip have classes starting next week, we have the weekend to catch up on things and sleep off any jet lag :D
I look forward to sleeping through Daitokuchi-sensei's classes again! Though according to Shou I often miss him blowing himself up when I do. I'd stay awake but alchemy is boring...

I can't stop staring at my shiney bling! :D
YAY! Apparently we're all finally going to Egypt!!! I want to see something that's been mummified! :D :D

Yeah I haven't posted all day, spent most of it hiding out with the bear from....a certain someone who shall remain nameless...
...then I check the PDA and find out the nurse got a journal and apparently she now thinks I'm suicidal. I'm not suicidal!! ;___;
I went to her stupid counseling session since she would have thrown me in Obelisk Blue's snake pit if I hadn't and all she did was talk about how suicide is stupid, I kept telling her that I wasn't trying to kill myself last night but she wouldn't listen, she wants to put me on some sort of anti-depression drugs....whaaaaa!? Oo;
What does depression mean anyway!?

I wonder how Asuka and Manjoume faired with her for their appointments...or if they even went at all!
And Kohara too....he was bleeding quite badly last night while he was with me and the bear...that really didn't look healthy Oo;

...Rei is not only a love freak she's also a yaoi fangirl...
....nobody is safe from her --;
Just saw the nurse and she didn't seem pleased that my fever had gone up slightly again. Also she somehow knew I spent last night sleeping on the floor...
...and about the hallucinations... she reading this journal!?
Or she's a know-it-all ghost like Fubuki, or just a know-it-all nurse :D :D
She also said I was slightly dehydrated, which is apparently a bad thing.

She threatened if I didn't look after myself and if my condition doesn't improve that she'd ship me off to a REAL hospital in Domino City somewhere. Augh! I don't wanna leave the island ;_; I'll chain myself to the Academy if that's what it takes!!

So that means nothing but rest, which sucks cos it's such a nice day out and I could spend this time relaxing in my favoruite spots rather than in bed.
Both Shou and Asuka are in classes all day so I guess it's a good chance to sleep even though it's so boring.
I at least have Hane Kuriboh for company....and quite possibly the hallucination ones too

Hummmm, I think I just saw Kagurazaka, wearing an Obelisk Blue skirt while being carried by a bear...
....I sure hope I'm not hallucinating again...
....then again, maybe that would be better off as an hallucination...
Well today, despite everything, I managed to pull a prank on Chronos-sensei. I put a whoopie cusion on his chair and everyone laughed when he sat on it. Then he spouted a lot of Italian words....some I don't think he should of said in front of a class of 15-year-olds, though I'm not sure as I don't understand a word of Italian.
Yeah it is like the oldest trick in the book, but hey, it's April Fools! :D

I still feel terrible over what happened with Asuka's brother, I haven't felt like this in....well... ever, really. Sure I've felt guilty over things before, but not like this. Hell, I think a Yami no Game is less painful than what I feel right now, after all I've probably screwed over Asuka's life, I've broken her brother thanks to my stupid idea and Kaiser Ryou seems to hate me now. Asuka is trying to move some of the blame to herself, but I don't think anyone would blame her and I personally don't think anyone should. Being from Osiris Red the blame would automaticlly go to me anyway.
Whatever blame I continue to get I'm not going to mope about it, what's done is done and neither I or Asuka or anyone else can change that. I can only say I'm sorry and carry on with my life here.

Earlier I went to the library and I figured out how to make one of those neat cards. So I made a card of apology and left it outside the forbbiden dorm...I'm not even sure if Fubuki is even there right now... I can only hope he reads it...

On the way back to the Osiris Red dorm, I really started feeling unwell and I've spent the time since then sat in my bed shivering with the covers around me. I'm updating this journal from my PDA thingy which has really come in handy... it seems I may have caught the flu that's been going around the academy. I very very rarely get sick, I've never been sick one day since I came here, then suddenly I get this.
Well, they say bad things come in threes, first the thing with Asuka's brother, then I get the flu...oh and on the way to the forbidden dorm one of the monkeys through a coconut at my head....I'm not sure where it got the coconut, but it really hurt --;
I hope, if anything, that I'm better for next week. Daitokuchi-sensei mentioned he might be taking some of us...somewhere, he didn't exactly say where though... but I'm looking forward to it! :D :D

I think right now I should just try and sleep, maybe I'll feel better in the morning...



Apr. 1st, 2005 09:29 am
So...Fubuki found us out, he used the animals. Why did I not expect the animals!?

Fubuki, don't be angry at Asuka, this was all my idea. I should have gone about this the usual way and challenged you to a duel for you to show your true self instead....I can pick up a duel disk and cards right?
Just don't be angry at her or any of the others. I take the full responsibility and whatever may come with that.

Think I can pass all this off as an April Fools joke? ^^;
That was a fun duel, Manjoume!! Er...I mean....MANJOUME THUNDER!!!! :D :D

Oh yeah and welcome to Osiris Red too! We're gonna all have so much fun together! :D Our dorm has a lovely view of the ocean, I'm sure you'll love it here!
Watch out for the animals in the hot spring baths!


Mar. 26th, 2005 09:03 pm
So a little while ago I went to the hot springs for a bath and all the animals were there, the monkeys (*No SAL though*), the bear, the seal and there was also a few mice, a fox and a couple of rabbits. It was awesome! But when I appeared they all looked at me then all walked off ;_; I wanted to hang out with all the cool animals but I get the feeling I disturbed something...
....maybe they were having an animal meeting :D :D

Also I'd just like to say....
...You won't defeat me so easily, Manjoume!! :D :D

Oh and get well soon to Kaiser Ryou! The flu sucks, I heard it's been going around the school recently.


Mar. 25th, 2005 12:19 pm
Whaaaaaaa! I overslept and was late for class again!!
But I like sleeping ;_; And the fact that Shou had washed the towel had made it extra comfy... >>;
Thanks to that, Chronos-sensei issued me with a 30-page dueling essay --;;

After class, I talked to Kagurazaka and he said a bunch of monkeys came in through his dorm room window last night :D It took him a whole hour to get rid of them! Guess we know where the Monkeys went then

I best get started on that essay....arrrrh....I hate essays ;_;


Mar. 24th, 2005 11:48 am
Yesterday, I spent some time relaxing in my favoruite spot under a tree that over looks the ocean. It was a warm day and the ocean looked awesome, I would have been crazy to have missed that :D It looks like a nice day today too and class doesn't start for a while, maybe I'll go relax a bit now aswell :D

Also, last night, I had a dream that the bear and the seal got married :D I can't remember what made me dream that, oh well but the best part of the dream was when the Bear dueled one of the monkeys, then afterwards we all ate cake :D It was tasty! Well actually, it tasted like my pillow

Well I'm gonna go and relax under the tree now :D :D
This morning I woke up to find I had been sleeping with the towel that I used to dry my hair with last night. Not sure how it got there It was comfy though

I won against Kohara last night, that was such an fun duel! Also I feel he's gaining much more confidence in his dueling and in himself, he certainly gave it his all! :D
I took him to the hot spring afterwards but the monkeys weren't there Awww, I wanted to show him the Monkeys ;_;
I'm so excited about the duel against the North School! I so can't wait for that! :D :D

Shou! I'm taking you with me to the Tamagopan today, you have to have a go! It's so much fun! I don't think Tome-san's bread is gonna poison you

I best go, or I'll be late for class again.

((OOC: Yes we must all agree JUUDAI/TOWEL 4EVA! I'm tempted so easilly with teh crack! XD))


Mar. 21st, 2005 10:51 pm
I just bathed with monkeys! :D

Well I went to take a bath at the hot spring where we usually bathe and a bunch of monkeys were hanging out there. Eventually I realized they were some of SAL's friends, they reconized me and let me join! :D The bear and the seal weren't there tonight though.

Right now I'm off to meet Kohara. He wanted to duel and I never turn down a chance for a fun duel with someone. This'll give me the chance to test out the deck I've prepared for my match against the North School! :D :D



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