I don't know who sent that newsletter to my e-mail, but it got deleted straight away. I really don't care for stupid gossip things like that.

Anyway, Saiga, I got a result from talking to Manjoume!
Also, Isabel, you still looking at building that house thing for the spirits?
They arrested Saiou just because they found tarot cards and stuff at the scene of the murders? He's not the only one who uses tarot cards...
I don't believe he has anything to do with this, he'd have no reason to! The stuff he did in the past was because he was influenced by the Light of Destruction! He's been fine since then and as a friend I believe in him!

Tch... I really hope we can get to the bottom of all this soon.

Private to Cyril and Isabel )
Well that was a bust.
We found the lab where Honjou was and saw the damage Ruka described... there was blood on the floor which is concerning but...
We checked out as much of the underground forest as we could, but we didn't find any clues or leads to where they are.
Then we checked some of the island and asked around some of the students if they'd seen them but, nothing.

Eventually it got late and we had to go back to the city.

Where the hell are they...
There's been no word.
I'm going to the island to look for them.
Has anyone seen or heard from Isabel or Desdemona-san recently? It seems like no one has seen them since Tuesday, the last activity I saw from them was on Jean's entry on that day, seems they were both gonna go after Honjou... but that's over with now so... where are they?

EDIT: Honjou, if you see this, I want to know if you know anything about where Isabel and Desdemona-san are.
...hopefully, they'll do okay.

When Isabel told him all that stuff, it reminded me of when I told my parents about the things I'd done and been through, their reaction was sorta similar.

I'm sure it'll work out for them.
Haa, I had a really fun duel with Isabel yesterday! Nothing for the tournament or anything else, just an honest fun duel!
Talking of duels, I'm still looking for tournament opponents! Comment here if you're interested!!


Jan. 10th, 2009 06:42 am
Tch! Attacking us like that and rambling on about how it's fate we're gonna cause an apocalypse due to some damn gods apparently taking us over. I'm not gonna believe it! I've stopped the world from ending so many times, I'm not gonna go and cause an apocalypse!! Fate isn't a set thing and that is NOT going to happen!

Only thing is, now the five of us have to watch our backs. At least Shiroko and Alex are in the safest place they can be. I'm more in the hornet's nest since I live with a bunch of the signers. Though... Isabel didn't seem to know anything, she was acting pretty normal so I guess she hasn't been told anything.
Still, if I want to avoid those dragons... I have to avoid the signers, as much as I don't want to because they're my friends! Especially Isabel!

Argh, really didn't need this crap. Right now I'd rather be sleeping... I need to clear my head a bit and tomorrow is important so...

...cause an apocalypse.... che....
Urgh, well that didn't go very well at all and I have the bruise to prove it, ow.
I tried my best, Isabel.
Last night's duel was really tough... and I lost but... I guess in the end it doesn't completely matter, I know where to go, and at least she's gonna be safe for now.

Private )


Nov. 19th, 2008 05:39 pm
Note to self: Don't piss off a male friends female alter-ego ever again. Scary! ;o;
But if anything, she'll get through Onni's zone I'm sure.
Actually I feel kinda sorry for Onni...

I've got Isabel, Hoshi and maybe Hikari to take on. I really hope I do better in the duels against them that against Saikou. Getting Goyo Guardian rushed wasn't pleasant. And it hurt.
Gotta keep moving though, because I know if I crash and stop, I'll find it hard to get going again. I need to stay strong and focused on this for everyone!

Though once this is over, I think I'll sleep for the rest of my life, I swear... it's what I feel like doing...

...I'm thankful for Live Journal and it somehow still being functional even during the end of the world.
Hey, Isabel? I need to talk to you about something.
Well... seems that rumor of Akuma still being alive was true and it seems she still really hates me, suitcase to the head confirmed that pretty well.
Oh well, the important thing is Isabel and Hikari have their sister back, who they've missed loads. I'm happy for them.
I guess sometimes, you don't need to do anything big, flashy or heroic to set someone back on the right path.


Jun. 21st, 2008 02:32 am
You know... whoever said love was complicated was right.

...I think out of all those who've ever had feelings for me, who I've had to turn away... Isabel was the hardest... and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I know it's something she kinda needs but... I can't be the one to give it to her.

I know how it feels to have feelings for someone and they aren't returned... sure, that whole thing between me and Asuka, when she was forced to hate me, was caused by Darkness, but it hurt... so damn much. Those short two weeks felt like months to me and I never EVER want to feel that again. That alone made me realize just how much she actually means to me.
Asuka and I have over seven months worth of a relationship now and I'd never throw that away, it means too much to me... SHE means too much to me. I never want to hurt her, I want to do things that make her smile, take her to places she's never been, show her as many amazing things as I can.
Too be honest, how I feel about her I don't think I could ever write down or even say properly in words.
Haha, if only she knew how many hearts I was breaking, just to stay with her.

I only hope one day, Isabel will find someone who can give her what she needs and I really hope my decision hasn't effected our friendship, but as difficult as it was... it had to be done.

...this entry sounded a lot more better when it was in my head.
So, I feel like I've missed a bunch of stuff, but I've been so busy setting up for the festival I haven't had the time to post until now.

Hope you all like the decorations though! Thanks to all those that helped me set those up and everything else! Fireworks get set off at about 10pm tonight.

Hey Isabel. You wanted to see me? I have some time before the fireworks so feel free to come round.

OOC: So, the island is decorated with loads of rainbow coloured banners, streamers and balloons. All in the trees, all over the dorms, all over the academy. Enjoy!))
*As promised, Juudai has headed around to Manjoume's old room a few doors up from his own room to talk to Isabel and Hikari. He's not looking forward to it and it might end badly, but he feels there are things he just has to tell them and make them understand if he's to actually try and help them.
In his hand he's carrying a brown paper bag. He's at least brought something nice to hopefully lighten the mood.
He hoped they like donuts.
He reaches the door, knocks and waits.
Xi's new coffee shop is a godsend. Spent some time there today drowning my sorrows in coffee and snacks!

So, I guess I'm feeling a bit better today, still feeling a bit groggy, but I'll live. I'll be back in classes tomorrow.

Isabel. Hikari. Need to talk to you both later. Together and in person. I'll come around later.

Also... I really don't want to know what those noises were last night... actually I think I can guess but... to whoever was making them, just...thanks for making it harder to sleep. Really.
Next time keep that stuff to yourselves, the rest of the dorm doesn't want to hear it.
I've come to the conclusion that Isabel and Manjoume need to smile more in the pictures I take of them.
...that was a really weird day...



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