Haaa, gosh, that duel was awesome!!
I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to go up against them myself, but Hawkeye and Alex did such an awesome job!

Now we just need to make sure we are absolutely ready for Team New World.
Tch... Team New World...
I'm sure by now you've all seen the bracket of the next round of the tournament. Thing is, there's something off about it. Seems like some people have noticed, though most haven't, but it's vital that you all know what's going on with Team New World, especially since there's a chance we may end up dueling against them.

There was a team in the tournament that appears to of been completely erased, meaning, there's no news coverage or anything on Team Rearview. Instead, a team named Team New World have appeared in the bracket and they weren't in the tournament originally, no matter what the news coverage on them says now or what people remember. I think they've changed something to get themselves into the tournament.

Team New World are the ones behind the Ghost attacks on the city and the ones who wield the Machine Emperors. They're aiming to completely erase the city, apparently in an effort to stop some catastrophe caused by the Momentum in the future. I don't know if what they told me was true or not, but even if it is, there must be a way to avoid what may happen with the Momentum without erasing the city and everyone in it.
They need to be stopped.
Well, that was some duel... will have to ask Saiga about it all once she's feeling up to it.

Something weird happened during the duel though. I had Flame Wingman and Neos out, but it wasn't looking great for me and had no way to beat what Saiga had out. But then I started accelerating and there was this flash of light. I managed to pull out a new fusion from it, a high-speed contact fusion, Neos Wingman.
The more I look at the card, the more I think I understand what might of happened. I guess it makes sense that fighting for a friend in trouble was what made me be able to finally push myself and evolve. I guess going back more to my fusion roots was a good idea.

A combination of my two favourite cards. That's pretty awesome, and I think this is definitely going to come in handy.
I was just out on my D-Wheel and got jumped by a ton of Ghosts! I managed to take some out on my own, but they just wouldn't give up, no matter how many I took down, more just came out of nowhere. Thankfully I had some help and hopefully those Ghosts shouldn't be too much of a problem for now. If I didn't get the help when I did, and if they weren't able to destroy most of the Ghosts in one swoop... not sure what would of happened.
My parents just called to tell me they'll be going to see the rest of Team Spirits duels in the WRGP, they want to give us their support.
I was expecting them to follow it through the media coverage like they usually do, but I wasn't expecting them to actually be there in person! It's the first time they've ever decided to do something like this.

Heheh... somehow, I'm just a little bit more nervous about our next duel in the tournament now.
Haaa! I was a little late to Team Spirits first duel in the WRGP today! I was on my way there when my D-Wheel just stopped dead. I had to call Yuusei to see if he could find out what was wrong and fix it. I can't remember what he said was up with it, but it was something he could fix on that spot thankfully! I managed to get to the duel while Hawkeye was still on his turn.

Despite trying our best, we did end up losing, but the duel was fun and at least we still have one more try, we've just gotta make sure to win the next one to stay in the competition!
i_like_red: (Serious Face)
A few days ago I was on my way home from something when I was approached by a woman on a D-Wheel. Seems like she wanted to show me a way to defeat Ghost and during the duel I had with her, she showed me this awesome move called an "Accel Synchro". I'd never seen anything like that before. She synchro summoned on my turn, using something she called a "synchro tuner" and when she did, she completely vanished and then re-appeared behind me. It was really amazing!
But the message she was giving me by showing me that was right. Ghost can only adapt to what we throw at them, but we always have the ability to evolve further, beyond our current capabilities.

Now I just need to figure out exactly how.
Got into a duel with one of the Ghosts that have been attacking D-Wheelers recently. It seems like card effects can't target Wisel Infinity itself anymore... or at least, I attempted to use Vacuumen and it failed to work. I managed to burn a good chunk of his life points away via Speed World 2 though, but before the duel could end, an attack from Wisel Infinity shorted out the shield Misaki had put onto my D-Wheel and it stalled the bike, ending the duel.

But even if there was no final outcome from the duel, while I was dueling Ghost, Hawkeye was able to hack into Ghost's D-Wheel and managed to pull a little something from it. Namely biography's for me and 10 other people. Thing is, mine apparently spans over half a century worth of information and some of the other biography's go into the 22nd century. Ghost has FUTURE information on me and others.
I haven't read my biography that Hawkeye pulled from Ghost's D-Wheel, I might never, ya know... spoilers I guess.

Considering that I have met and know people who have traveled through time and have experienced it for myself, it's not something I find unbelievable, far from it. So if these... Ghosts... really are from the future, then why are they here and attacking people like they are doing.
Damn it... now there are two of those "Ghost" duelists about that are attacking D-Wheelers... I'm not going to let them prey on anymore innocent duelists!!
Well, for the time being, Ghost has been dealt with. I got into a duel with him and managed to defeat him after hanging onto only 500 LP for quite a while. It was one of the most toughest duels I've done in some time. The modifications to my bike worked like a charm though.

Anyway, it turns out that Ghost was nothing more than a robot... but it was specifically targeting duelists who use synchros. Ghost itself told me it considers synchros as a "disease". I think people need to still be cautious though. Whoever built and programmed this thing is still out there. Why they hate synchros I have no idea... but they're going to great lengths to attack those of us who use them.

Also, after I'd talked to Niyo about the situation, I returned to my bike to see a message on the HUD. Didn't say who it was from. All it said was "You are a mistake." I really don't know what it means... but I guess for now I shouldn't think too much about it.

Right now all I want to do is get something to eat, I'm starved!!
Well that was a lot of money.
But stopping Ghost is much more important and now my D-Wheel should be shielded from the real damage Ghost is able to give out. I just heard from Jinn that the guy's monster is able to absorb synchros... so I guess I may have to just use fusions for the duel.
Either way, I plan to stop him once and for all.
So hey! We got back from the tournament in Hawaii yesterday! It was so much fun and we really blew the competition away! Thanks to that, we now have an official invite to the WRGP here in Domino City! I am so excited for that!! Though I guess I've been excited for that ever since it was announced, haha!
When we weren't busy with the tournament, we got to do a hell of a lot of fun stuff in Hawaii too, just hanging out spending time on the beach, going swimming and stuff like that, I'll have to upload the photos from that at some point!

On another note, I was checking up on things with Ruka earlier and she happened to mention something about a D-Wheeler calling themselves "Ghost" who's been hassling other D-Wheelers late at night recently. She said she'd asked around but couldn't find much more information than that. I've been going through news reports online but I haven't found out anything more either... they're mostly just full of speculation on who this "mysterious D-Wheeler" could be. With the WRPG coming up, a lot seem to be suggesting it's a member of a team entered into it that's trying to eliminate the competition... a few others suggest it's just someone who's showing off and trying to make the headlines.
Urgh... and of course, there's the news sites that automatically jump to blame Duel Spirits every single time even though there's no evidence to suggest that it is.

Has anyone here run into this D-Wheeler? Or know anything more about them?



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