So hey, haven't really had much time to write in this thing since returning from the tournament in Hong Kong. I had a great time there though! So many great duelists! I got into the finals and went up against one of the strongest duelists they have over there. The duel was really back and forth at the beginning before they got a upper hand on me. It wasn't until my life points were quite low when I was lucky enough to draw miracle fusion and get Great Tornado out to take out their ace monster and eventually win the duel!!

I've been kinda busy since coming back. Since I won the tournament, a number of people wanted to interview me for magazines, newspaper and such, but that's dying down now. Been busy catching up with the Spirit Foundation too.
I dueled a girl yesterday after coming across some commotion in a warehouse at the harbour. Something was weird about the duel though... she was able to do a chaos Xyz summon, which originally I've only seen a few of the Number cards be able to do, though what she had wasn't a Number card and it was done through a spell card, called a "rank-up" spell. The card ranked up the monster by one and sort of "evolved" it through the Chaos Xyz summon...
Also when she used it, this weird thing appeared on her. Sort of looked bat-shaped or something.

After the duel, she looked at the card and it was blank.

All she remembered was that some "blonde woman" gave it to her.

This is the second odd thing to pop up this past week...
Haaa, gosh, that duel was awesome!!
I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get to go up against them myself, but Hawkeye and Alex did such an awesome job!

Now we just need to make sure we are absolutely ready for Team New World.
Haaa! I was a little late to Team Spirits first duel in the WRGP today! I was on my way there when my D-Wheel just stopped dead. I had to call Yuusei to see if he could find out what was wrong and fix it. I can't remember what he said was up with it, but it was something he could fix on that spot thankfully! I managed to get to the duel while Hawkeye was still on his turn.

Despite trying our best, we did end up losing, but the duel was fun and at least we still have one more try, we've just gotta make sure to win the next one to stay in the competition!
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A few days ago I was on my way home from something when I was approached by a woman on a D-Wheel. Seems like she wanted to show me a way to defeat Ghost and during the duel I had with her, she showed me this awesome move called an "Accel Synchro". I'd never seen anything like that before. She synchro summoned on my turn, using something she called a "synchro tuner" and when she did, she completely vanished and then re-appeared behind me. It was really amazing!
But the message she was giving me by showing me that was right. Ghost can only adapt to what we throw at them, but we always have the ability to evolve further, beyond our current capabilities.

Now I just need to figure out exactly how.
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Haaa, well that was a pretty humiliating loss, but I guess it all turned out okay in the end!
...still kinda sore though.

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The Team Duel on Tuesday was a lot of fun!! It's great to accomplish something as a team, I'm really looking forward to future duels like that!
Didn't really get to update about it right away because I had finals as soon as we got back, but they're all done and over with now!

Oh! Asuka and I won't be around from Monday until next Sunday because we're going to Paris for the week on holiday! We've been looking forward to it a lot!
Haha! I had so much fun with my Pro duel today and it was great to meet and duel Edo again!! It's been such a long time since I last saw him or dueled him!
Afterwards we talked about what we've been doing since we last saw each other over tea! It was great to catch up!

I think the patrolling around is going well too. I've reassured a lot of people and haven't seen too much trouble being caused. I like how positive things are feeling right now!

It's been a busy week with all this, but... I feel like I'm forgetting something...

...argh! I think I have homework... I should probably go and do that!!
I won! I won! I'm so happy I won! That was amazing!!
Haha! I won my first match in the finals! That duel was so much fun!! I can't wait until my next match!!
Haha! I'm really looking forward to getting started on the finals of the tournament!! It's been a while since I really looked forward to something like this!! I'm so excited!
I've been working on my deck in what spare time I had and I think it's ready!
Haaa, I DID get up to five medals, but back down to three again. Hmm...
Think I'm gonna go for a walk.

EDIT: I finally have some kind of job! Haaa, might not pay that much but at least it's something!!

Still looking for tournament duels too!!
Haa, I had a really fun duel with Isabel yesterday! Nothing for the tournament or anything else, just an honest fun duel!
Talking of duels, I'm still looking for tournament opponents! Comment here if you're interested!!
Back up to 4 medals!! Haaa, that duel was so much fun! I really missed having duels like this!
Haaa, down to one medal! But it doesn't matter, that duel was so much fun!!
So, I've decided to definitely take part in the tournament that's happening. It'll be fun just to... duel without any huge thing on the line and just have some fun with it! It'll probably be good for the Pro-League too, y'know, add to the dueling portfolio and all that.
Talking of that, I talked to Midori-san and looks like I just have to wait for the Pro-League to give me someone to duel against. Do well against that and they'll probably give me more dueling offers.

I've been so busy catching up with college work this week, I've not done much else. Luckily I'm mostly caught up with everything I've missed.
Huh... seems like there's a tournament starting up soon.
Last night's duel was really tough... and I lost but... I guess in the end it doesn't completely matter, I know where to go, and at least she's gonna be safe for now.

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I really need to do some serious looking over of this deck of mine. I'll figure out the problem eventually.

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Well that was a fun duel, Hane's computer is really cool and Gladiator Beasts is an interesting deck to go against.

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