I honestly couldn't of asked for a better send-off duel from the Pro League than that! Getting to duel Johan again was amazing and it was so much fun!! I really hope that everyone who watched enjoyed it just as much as we did!

I am really going to miss dueling in the Pro League a whole lot.

After the duel and a few interviews, Johan and I spent some time catching up with each other. I hadn't seen him in so long and there was definitely a lot for us to catch up on!

But I guess I am now closing one door and opening a grand new one.

I'll be working on the merge of the Spirit Foundation and the Arcadia Movement over the next month. I'm aiming for it to be ready to open in the New Year under the new name of the Spirit Arcadia Institute, or SAI for short, and it will be based in what is currently the Arcadia Movement building.

((OOC: The log of Juudai's retirement pro-duel with Johan can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ich4ijv0e6cflw/Juudai%20vs%20Johan%20Retirement.txt?dl=0 ))
So um... I went for a walk last night and something happened.
Manjoume. Asuka. I'm sorry I didn't come home or tell you where I am until now, but something major has come up and it means I could be in a lot of danger, and in turn it's... well... pretty much an end of the world thing...
...so I'm laying low with Jin until we can figure out how to deal with this.

I'm safe, for now and you can contact me over the journals, PDA or my cellphone if you need to.

Manjoume. While I'm here, you carry on hunting down the Dark Synchros and destorying them. Johan, Kenzan and Shou can help you.

((Post mostly filtered to Juudai's close friends ect. So mostly his canon friends and some OCs. If you're unsure if your character can comment or not, feel free to ask. He's keeping it very low key though, so this will be restricted :< Sorry!))
So they released me from the hospital today, with ointment and medical instructions which mostly was "Use this twice a day, keep the burns clean" ect. Apparently they're possibly gonna take up to three weeks to fully heal, but I guess that's not too bad, I don't care about the look of them, they're just really painful right now ;o;
I owe huge thanks to Johan and Asuka, for getting me to the hospital the other day and keeping me company while I was in there and to Saiga for visiting too.

I was really disappointed I couldn't take Asuka to the zoo to see those Llama things like I'd promised, but I guess if things go okay, we can just go there some other day.
As for the outing to the arcade with Ayumi, I'll have to pick a new day for that too. I'll let you know, sorry for having to cancel it for now.
I still intend going to see about this apartment this week though. Maybe Thursday or Friday.

As for Isabel... I don't hate her, nor am I going to abandon her, but right now she's got herself into a lot of trouble that even I can't get her out of. I think she's got a lot of things to figure out on her own, like what is the most important to her.
I just... for now... I need to take Saiou's recent advice to me... or I'll just end up dragging myself into a deeper hole than I'm already in.

Eh, I'm kinda tired right now so I think I'll just go and try to sleep.
I guess most of you managed to see the duel between Johan and I in some way or another! I hope you all enjoyed it and it made up for the tournament being cancelled and all! It was so much fun and it was really back and forth until Johan managed to get out Rainbow Dragon! Even though I lost, I'm glad I got to go up against it! Johan really surprised me with some of his moves too, but I guess as we grow as duelists the way we duel can change too and he was really pulling out all the stops for this one!

But watch out the next time we get to duel, Johan!

Private )
The North School tournament is cancelled!? After waiting all that time it's CANCELLED!?
ARGH! Screw that! Johan and I waited all that time for our re-match and like hell we're not getting it!
Johan! Let's give everyone the finale anyway!! What do you say!? :D

Also, Giga Gagagigo, I'm ready to duel you tonight.
Looks like we're finally reaching the end of the first part of the North School Tournament! Guess that means we'll be going up there soon to do the second part. I'm really looking forward to my duel with Johan, I hope we get to it soon!
So first things first...

Everyone stay away from Tanaka Yukio

Seems he's gone nuts again. He attacked me and stole something important and very dangerous from me, so it's better to stay away from him at all costs, he seems to stop at nothing to get what he wants as I found out the hard way... I've got the bruise on my head to prove it... and it still hurts a hell of a lot...

Gah, it took Ayumi, Johan and I ages to clean up my room after Yukio trashed it, and I lost a few things there meant a lot to me, like the signed Battle City poster Asuka got me for Christmas and some of Ayumi's drawings, but I guess the important thing is I got away with just a bump and cut on my head and nothing more serious than that.
Private )

Private to Johan )
Congratulations to all those that made it to that new Honor Dorm! Sounds like you'll all be getting some really awesome chances through it! Although I'm kinda glad they didn't consider me for it, all that extra work sounds like it's gonna be really tough. Haha! I wouldn't move up dorms for it anyway!

Private (Although Johan may see~) )

((Mood will most likely read as "Happy" for everyone else))
Shikou and I were talking about the current situation with Yukio and we agreed that the only way to deal with him is to try and tackle him as a group. We needed people who'd be right for this and who we could trust, so I chose the three of you.
Please post here and let me know if you want in on this.
Hey, Johan! Be at the card shop, tomorrow, 12pm. Someone wants to meet up with you! :D


Dec. 23rd, 2006 12:44 pm
I can't remember what day it is...where's Shou with that water? It feels like he's been gone days...I want to help Johan, but I can't get up...
...damnit! DAMNIT!
I believe in you Johan, in you and your Jewel Beasts...

Question....what do you all duel for?

...who knew writing a journal entry on a PDA would make you so tired...
Johan's deck is so awesome!!! I really enjoyed the duel, to bad he bluffed about the Rainbow Dragon, I would of loved to of seen it! But seeing the other monsters in his deck was great too!! :D
Anyway! We enjoyed the duel so much we dueled again later on the school roof, without duel disks, but then we had to stop because it had gotten really dark and we couldn't see our cards that well anymore :/ I won again anyway! :D

I can still feel the pain from Amethyst Cat's attacks! :D
...Owowowowow! ><;;;
Today has been such an interesting day!! First I was just er...taking some time to relax on the academy roof and when I woke up, Hane Kuriboh and I saw a duel monster spirit, it kinda looked like a purple cat. Turned out it was a friend of this new guy called Johan, he seems really awesome AND he could see Hane Kuriboh too! Oh! And at the assembly earlier today I was chosen to duel him!! He has such an interesting and exciting deck!! :D WHOO!

Private )

((Mood is read as "Excited" to everyone else 8D))



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