Wow, one minute it's November, and the next it's two weeks before Christmas. Guess I've been so busy I didn't even realize.
I hope everyone is having a great Christmas Day! It's a shame that even on days like this, it doesn't stop some people completely spoiling it for others... but they'll be dealt with soon.

I really enjoyed Noriko's party a few days ago too! I ate so much and it was great to catch up with others and have a good time.

Presents!! )
Well, despite the weird time thing that's going on, I had a pretty cool Christmas. I spent most of Christmas Eve with Asuka and just relaxed on Christmas Day after giving out presents!!

I still wonder what's going on with this whole thing with people suddenly turning up older or younger though. I haven't found any clue to what caused it.

OOC: Present Stuff! )
I decided to actually get up early this morning!! I usually don't on a Sunday, I like to sleep in, but I wanted to get an early start on getting some Christmas decorations up before Asuka woke up so I could surprise her with them when she did!! (Haa, I probably wouldn't of gotten up if it wasn't for Pharaoh, he's the best alarm clock I have!)
I think they look pretty awesome! This Christmas is gonna be awesome, I just know it!

Hmm, I decided to do this review meme thing again! I remember doing it last year and it was an interesting way to look back at the year, so I'm doing it this year too!!

Review meme )
Haaa, December sure has creeped up!! It'll be Christmas soon! It doesn't seem like it was Christmas all that long ago, this year went by super fast! But I'm excited for it!!

I really need to start actually getting some presents for people...but I gotta be careful this year. I went to overboard last year and it really put Asuka and I in a bad situation, I really don't want to do that again.
I think I might put up decorations in our apartment this weekend!!
Haaa! Christmas Day was so awesome!! Kouyou-san's duel rocked so much! He was just so amazing!! I mean I've seen him duel before, sure, but not in an official duel like this one. I only had one other chance to see that before back when I was a kid, but I ended up sleeping through it. But the atmosphere in the arena was amazing!!
Kouyou-san put up a really good fight against that counter angel deck he was up against and won of course!

Haaaa, I can't wait until it's me up there, dueling in the pro-league!!

Did you guys watch the duel on TV?

Anyway, after that Kouyou-san did some interviews and stuff and once we managed to escape we went back to the hotel and exchanged presents, since we didn't have the time in the morning to do that. Then we decided to go out for a late meal at a nearby restaurant! That was nice!! But... I couldn't read the menu ;o; Kouyou-san and Midori-san had to tell me what they had.
Today we mostly did some shopping and sight-seeing! :D

I hope you all had a really awesome Christmas!!
HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! :D :D I hope you're all having an awesome day!

Also happy birthday to Fubuki-san!


Anyway this is the list, I think I got everyone he would give presents to. Most people will have to wait until he comes back from America to get theirs, but Asuka, Kouyou and Midori got theirs today :D

Asuka: Cute white coloured and super soft Christmas themed bunny plush and Chocolates!
Kouyou: Small Duel Monsters Collectors Statue: Elemental Hero The Earth
Midori: Chocolates and a gift set of fancy pens.

Johan: Rainbow coloured Hat/Scarf/Gloves and a rainbow slinky for the chicks to play with
Kenzan: Buildable Dinosaur figure
Shou: Collection of various cute cartoony looking cars
Rei: Brightly coloured stationery set (Pen, notebook ect.)
Manjoume: Ojama Blue and Ojama Red
Fubuki: Small Duel Monsters Collectors Statue: Red Eyes Black Dragon
Yuusei: Collectable Motorbike figure
Rua: Small Remote Controlled robot
Ruka: Plush Unicorn
Tomoko: Plush Buneary
Sayuri: Watercolour paints
Jin: Free stuff from the Kouyou duel (Like Pamphlets and crap) but they're signed by Kouyou :D
Isabel: Various video game character collectors cards!
Saiga: A big encyclopaedia thing of every comic book hero EVER (*Also as a gag present... a cowboy hat*)
Shikou: A book on swords
Souha: Various spicy snack foods
Hoshi: 2009 diary. The cover and back are coloured dark blue and have yellow stars.
Pharaoh: Cat toys
Hikari: A jar of various chocolates and candy (Also cat toys for her new kitty!)
Ayumi: Cute notepad and pen with animals on them
Jean: A large jar of multi-coloured Jelly Beans
I'M IN AMERICA!! In fact I'm in freakin' NEW YORK this is the best thing EVER!! It's so amazing!! This place is so big and there are so many awesome Christmas decorations all over the place and huge Christmas trees!!
Haaa, the plane ride was so loooong ;o; But I slept through most of it... eventually anyway, I was too excited to sleep at first, but I must of fallen asleep at some point. It's gonna take a bit to get used to the time difference too!
Hotel bed is cooooomfy~

So hey everyone! What's going on on the other side of the world?? :D :D
...stupid crazy text message, che. Whoever that was, they better not be up to no good...
Really didn't like the fact that they used that outfit either...

Ah well! Nothing will bring me down right now, because I am going to have the best Christmas EVER! I'm really really excited!!
Kinda bored so I did these meme things!

Christmas Memes! )


Jan. 12th, 2006 11:57 am
Hehehehe!! I'm still getting used to my new deck but I don't plan to lose Edo!! Whooo!
And I also have my Aibou back!! I missed you Aibou!!

Anyway everyone gave me their Christmas presents last night, which I could barely open, Shou and Kenzan wouldn't let go of me.

Thanks for the shuriken Manjoume!It's awesome! Kinda sharp though, I keep cutting my fingers on it :/

Thanks Ran for the DVD-R of the duel I had with Kaiser! It's lovely to have this and be able to watch it over and over again! And thanks for the little Kuriboh plush too!

Wow! Linka! This red coloured Nintendo DS must of cost you a lot O_O But it's so awesome! And I never did get a replacement for the Gameboy I lost last year. Whooo! We're gonna have to play a game against each other sometime!! :D :D

Thanks for the rose Asuka!! :D It's pretty and it's RED! :D

Thanks for the Asuka doll Fubuki, where'd you get it? I wouldn't mind dolls of everyone else too ^^

Filtered from Napoleon and the rest of the school staff )

Shou and Kenzan said they're gonna give me their presents today!!
I hope everyone liked what I brought back from the forest!! :D

((Oh and what he got Fubuki was a pile of dirt~! XD))



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