So. Haven't updated here in a while. Things got a bit crazy. Really crazy actually, but things are starting to improve now.

Well, January was mostly a good month. Spent a week in Germany for a small tournament and the spirit foundation was as busy as ever the rest of the time. Ruka and I spent time checking up on spirit communities, seeing how things were going as well as doing some talks, lots of positive things!!

Then at the beginning of February things sort of went downhill.
Asuka came down with the flu, then I got it only a few days later. It hit us pretty hard too. I can barely even remember that week, I was so out of it and what I can remember I am never sure if it was real or not. Our high fevers pretty much made us lose any sense of reality for a while, I think. Ruka was amazing though, as well as Yubel, Winged Kuriboh and the other spirits, who all helped Ruka look after us when we were at our worst.
By the second week, we were getting better, but slowly. We still felt very under the weather. It was taking some shaking off.
But then Ruka came down with it last weekend and well, long story short, we had to call an ambulance. She complained about having sharp pains in her chest at first and she eventually started having trouble breathing, she became distressed from it which made it worse.
The hospital told us that she had pneumonia which had arisen as a complication from the flu virus.

While her fever was at it's worst, she was unconscious for two days, but after her fever broke and she woke up, she steadily began making progress thanks to the care the hospital gave her. Today, a week later, they have allowed her to come home, but with medication and orders for strict bed rest for the next two weeks. If she has problems breathing again, we have to rush her back, but she seems to be doing okay. She's tired and still very ill but the hospital has said they expect her to make a full recovery.

Asuka and I are... better, not great but better. We're still feeling a bit under the weather and generally run down, so for the next couple of weeks Asuka is off work and I have no pro-duels and I'm only going to be occasionally popping into the Spirit Foundation to see how things are. This way we can fully recover and at least one of us will be at home with Ruka.

That said, all this has made me really behind on things, especially with any spirit foundation work and on-going issues ect. so if anything needs my attention, let me know, even if I can't look into it or do anything straight away. Minor issues can be dealt with through the foundations volunteers and other staff, who are thankfully staying on top of things a bit better than I am at the moment.
Gah, first week back at college and I wake up this morning with a cold!!
Stupid colds!
I feel really out of it and I think I took too much cough syrup for it and the room is kinda spinning so maybe I should lay down now.

Though I woke up this morning and got up since I couldn't sleep and switched on the TV and watched the news... what's up with all these depressing deaths and stuff??
I turned it over and watched some kids program until I fell asleep on the sofa, I can't even remember what it was...

Yeaaah I should probably stop typing on this now.
Urgh... stupid flu... everything hurrrts, especially my head....

...I don't even know what day it is...
I'm sure it's Thursday...
...maybe... I dunno...
....I should probably go back to sleep....
ow my head...
I feel terrible... just... urgh... spent half the night in the bathroom, eventually got to bed and collapsed... then I wake up with this huge headache the size of...
...something really really big...
... I still feel kinda sick too...

...I'm just gonna stay in bed all day.
So, I guess I'm feeling a bit better today. Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and got me presents or baked cakes for me, sorry I wasn't around to thank you then.
Maybe next year I'll actually have a proper birthday. It's just another year, I guess, so no big deal.

Private to Desdemona )

Private )
*Juudai hadn't been awake for long and in most of that time all he had done was lay quietly, staring at the ceiling of the infirmary, deep in his own thoughts. He was feeling drowsy and confused, he knew where he was at least, but he wasn't sure how he got there, or how long he'd been there, couldn't of been too long though, it really felt to him like very little time had passed. He remembered feeling unwell, the incident with the mirror, although not very clearly, he remembered walking down the corridor of the school then... falling only for Yubel to catch him. He'd spent some time with her and his other spirits, just resting... he figured he had probably passed out, but surely this was the same day... right? Or maybe a day later?

Feel free to visit Juudai if you wish to, he's still a little sick and out of it though, so be gentle.
Oh! And if you have a birthday present for him, feel free to bring it along to give to him!!*
((This takes place on Thursday the 7th of August, just before 2pm which is when the Doctor's science class starts.))

Juudai felt really sick, he had been all day.
Hunched over a sink in the boys bathroom in the main academy building, Juudai honestly felt like throwing up, though he had barely eaten anything these past few days. Breathing heavily, he waited for the feeling to pass enough so he could stand up straight, the whole room spinning for a moment as he did. He knew he should be in bed resting, but he was graduating soon, he couldn't afford to really miss anymore classes.

Looking up, his eyes caught his own reflection in the mirror before him that was on the wall above the sinks. He found himself just staring at his own image, as he did, he rose his hand up to the mirror. He wasn't sure why, maybe he was reaching out to that other him in that mirror, maybe that Juudai had a better life, maybe... he wasn't a Supreme King destined only to kill millions to make some stupid card. Maybe he wasn't such a screw up.
He stared and stared at this image before him, the more he did, the more he believed what was running through his feverish head, he found himself jealous of this fictitious other Juudai in the mirror, he began to hate himself, his life, everything. He loathed this image of himself, it was like it was mocking him, because he had the life he wanted but felt he could never have.
His expression became angrier. As his rage grew, he pressed his hand down harder and harder onto the glasses surface. All he felt was this raging anger, he wasn't aware of anything else, other than this strange sound he could hear in his head, it sounded like distant terrified screaming and yelling.
Eventually his eyes began fading from brown to a burning gold, the more anger he felt, the more brightly they shined and the more pressure he put on the mirror with his hand.
He had to die, this other Juudai in the mirror with this perfect life had to die.
At that moment there was a cracking sound as a large crack appeared in the mirror close to where his hand was, then all of a sudden, the entire mirror shattered into tiny pieces, snapping Juudai out of his trance, the sounds in his head fading away and his eyes returning back to normal.
Did he do that?

Shocked and scared, Juudai looked down at his shaking hand. Turning it over, he found it was covered in blood from where the shards of glass had cut him. He looked around in a panic, no body else was in the room with him, so he quickly made his way out and down the corridor, trying to conceal his wounded hand as he did.

The corridor walls seemed to sway and dance around him as he walked, making him feel sick and woozy again, the painful throbbing from his hand was not helping with how he was feeling. He was sure if he just made the Doctor's class and got to sit down, he'll be fine, of course he'll be fine....
Stumbling, he tried to ignore the people staring at him as he passed, their questions on if he was okay, their comments that he didn't look well.
The corridor danced and swirled, until he suddenly just felt like he was falling into a black nothing, he felt he had no strength anymore, so he just waited to hit whatever was below him.
Only that didn't seem to happen.
Instead he seemed to float down into what seemed to be someone's arms, that instantly wrapped around him gently, allowing him to rest his weary head on their chest. Eventually, the one who caught him sat down and allowed him to just lean against them, one arm was holding him, one hand stroking his chocolate orange hair softly. Juudai felt so weak, but somehow, this embrace felt warm and caring.
After about five minutes had passed, Juudai found the strength to finally open his eyes slightly, although his vision blurred at first as the brightness of where he was hit his eyes, he soon recognized the arm that was holding onto him.
With that, he uttered out a name in a frail whisper.
"Yu... bel..."

Yubel gave Juudai a caring but sad smile as she watched him close his eyes again, he seemed content with being in her arms.

"Yes. I am here, Juudai"

"Hm...." Juudai faintly nodded to acknowledge that he heard her, his breathing was still heavy and fast, his cheeks flushed a bright red due to the fever he had.

"Your soul has become tired and frail, it feels older than it should, but do not worry, we are going to help you"

As Yubel spoke, Juudai's other spirits appeared around them. The Neo Spacians, Neos and Hane Kuriboh all looked around each other, then down at Juudai and Yubel. Juudai could not bring himself to re-open his eyes again, but he felt their presence... it felt warm and soothing to him.

"Rest, Juudai"
Upon hearing Yubel's final words to him, he found himself giving up to the want to sleep. He felt comfortable and safe here with his spirits and in Yubel's arms.
He felt like he didn't have to worry anymore.
In reality, Juudai's feverish and unconscious body lay in the corridor he had collapsed in.

((So while I'm at Amecon, Juudai will be unconscious for most of the weekend. He may regain consciousness a few times, but it will only be for a few seconds and the fever will make him so out of it, he won't realize anyone is there, or react to anything anyone says. On Sunday, which just so happens to be his birthday, his fever will be a lot worse, but it'll then burn out late Sunday and go down to a mild fever. I'll post an event when he wakes up on Monday when I get back.
Yeah, the poor thing is really really sick, and he's missing his birthday too ;o; I'm so mean. But I know they'll be plenty of characters to visit him and keep him company. This information I have left you in case you want to post about visiting him ect. \o/

Also no one will know what's going on with Juudai and Yubel 'n co. They're just kind of using their spirit mojo to try and revitalize Juudai's worn out and weary soul~~))
Gwah!! I know there's a ton of stuff that I needed to do over the last few days, but I kinda got sick and it made me feel so tired I've been doing nothing but sleeping. It makes me feel bad because I have to get Hane Kuriboh back, there's other things that need dealing with just...argh... I got sick at totally the wrong time!!
So I guess that explains where I've been for the past few days, if you'd been wondering. I should be fine in a few days, at least I don't feel sick now just...really, really tired.

((Decided to use this as an excuse to keep him out of major plots until I at least feel much better myself, which I should be fine in a few days, this won't effect the plot with Ayumi that will happen later today though, since that's been in planning for ages XD He's not at the shop at the moment either, he's back in his dorm room, he kinda went there and...collapsed and it's where he's been the past few days))
My head hurts, my back hurts, my stomach hurts...
I generally just feel like crap and I don't feel like moving right now.
I can hear them all the way up in this room.

...I've had a bad few days...I hurt all over... and I just want to sleep.

EDIT: Sorry, I'm not at the shop anymore. You were all way too loud. Staying with Edo for now.
Well, I'm out of the infirmary once again! Hopefully I won't be back in there for a long long time.

I apologize for my last entry, I was sick and hallucinating. Most of you seemed to figure that out anyway, but some of the stuff I said I feel really bad for. Hopefully nothing like that will ever happen again! Now it's back to getting back on track again and moving forward!

I'll be visiting Yuuko-san later, I haven't visited for a while so it'll be nice to hang out there and let Aibou play with Mokona! :D Though maybe I should ask Yuuko-san about Shou while I'm there...I really don't know what's up with him... but something isn't right.


Feb. 7th, 2008 01:56 pm
This can't be happening... What happened while I was unconscious!? There's Mr. T's everywhere!! All around the school! I... I couldn't even find one person around, it's just...them...

((So if your characters were in the infirmary, they would of seen Juudai wake up this morning and instantly freak out, calling you all "Mr. T" and asking where everyone was. He then bolted it to Osiris Red, locking himself in, so any characters you have are free to of seen him running there, looking panicked/angry/terribly sick.
The only person he WON'T see as Mr. T is Darkness/Fujiwara. Online, he will see your characters icons as Mr. T, so he'll think they've even taken over his friends online LJ accounts!))


Feb. 6th, 2008 09:56 am
Well, we finally got some help, Saiou's in the infirmary now, they wanted to keep me there too when they noticed I didn't look too good, but all I really wanted to do is go back to my dorm and sleep. I'm glad they let me, I didn't want to spend another day in the infirmary... I was kinda hoping this feeling would of passed by now, but it hasn' fact I feel worse, just...really in pain...feverish...urgh...
...maybe it's the flu.

I don't think I'll be going to classes today.
ALRIGHT! I'm feeling so much better!! All that chicken soup people gave me really worked and Shou made sure to keep making me hot tea!! I think I'll be back to dueling by tomorrow! :D I WOULD of been back to dueling today but Shou and Kenzan wouldn't let me ¬¬;
I'mnotsick I'mnotsick I'mnotsick I'mnotsick I'mnotsick I'mnotsick...
...okay, maybe I am a little but I don't have time to stay here, I have to go out and find people to duel in the Genex tournament!! And I will!! Er...once the room stops spinning that is...
Interesting! Interesting! Interesting! A Kabuki styled duel!!! It was so much fun! :D And I got another Genex medal!!

I would write more about it but I'm kinda feeling really tired right now and I'm not sure why :/ Ah well, I'm sure a good nights sleep will cure that!! :D

...I wonder why it feels so warm in my dorm room :/ Kenzan keeps telling me he doesn't feel it...

((So tomorrow he won't turn up in any classes or be in any of his favourite spots, he's got himself sick by standing out in the rain and watching a thunderstorm yesterday :D))
...I think I'll just sleep...I'll be better tomorrow...
Urrrrgh, I woke up this morning with a really sore throat (well sorer than it has been already) and a pounding headache. Ow, ow, it really hurts >>;

I'm never taking flu medicine off that nurse again, I swear she's trying to kill me with it. I can barely remember last night at all, I can only go by the extremely weird things I wrote in my last journal entry and the comments. I guess I watched movies with Manjoume (*And quite possibly with Shou and Asuka*)? Did we even get round to that? I don't remember anything at all! All I remember is the nurse giving me the flu medicine and that was it, the rest of the night is a blur Oo;

I wonder if this is what it's like to have a hangover...?

((OOC: I write the sore throat from experience. Damnit Juudai, I think your giving ME the flu XD;;)


Apr. 6th, 2005 01:42 am
Well apparently all classes are cancelled! This is good because it means I get more company and it won't be so boring now.
Shou, Asuka! Want to do something fun tomorrow that doesn't involve much moving around? :D How about we steal some popcorn from somewhere and stream some movies from the PDA?

Ya know, this is the first time I've felt near enough to my usual self :D Although, that could possibly be because the nurse was here a little while earlier and gave me more flu drugs and stuff. Ever since then I've been feeling really happy weird!
I like happy weird!! :D :D

....why is the room spinning?
The nurse came to the dorm room really early this morning, she woke us all up! What kind of nurse does that!?
She kept banging on the door, threatening to knock it down, so Shou eventually got up and opened it. She came in mumbling something about how the crowded Obelisk Blue dorms is very unsanitary and how it's "unhealthy" for a girl to share with two guys. I don't think she even wanted to know about our sleeping arrangements, she just looked at the two beds and gave us a really weird look.
She said she's expecting an even bigger outbreak of the flu cos of all this.
I didn't care, I just wanted to sleep --;

She told me my fever has come down quite a bit now and said as long as I carry on resting I shouldn't have a problem keeping it down and should be up and about by the end of the week at the least.
She left me some aspirin and told me to take it, she then gave us all a really stern look before leaving.
It seemed to be directed towards myself and Shou rather than Asuka though Oo; Not sure why...

Asuka and Shou brought me up some breakfast before they left for class :D :D I still don't have my appetite back but I know if I don't eat the nurse will kill me.....or Fubuki would....either one ^^;

Asuka...seemed kinda upset this morning though. She didn't seem to be paying much attention to anything. It was a little weird. I was going to say something to her before she left, but I really didn't know what to say. She mentioned something about feeling a bit ill last night, so maybe that's it. I really hope she hasn't caught the flu from me. I don't want her to go through what I have, but with us being in the same room I think it was only a matter of time before either her or Shou caught it >>;



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