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Haaa, well that was a pretty humiliating loss, but I guess it all turned out okay in the end!
...still kinda sore though.

Private to Sanshi )
I got challenged by whoever it is that's been messing with dreams lately. I won, but I didn't get that much information out of them, other than confirmation they're messing with people's dreams, seems like whoever they are, they feed off the nightmares and suffering of others. Urgh...
There has to be a way to stop them.

At least the dream I had after that was awesome. I dreamt it was raining fried shrimp and I ate all that I could!!

(Private to Isabel and Aki) )
Private )
Huh... I'm.. back I guess...
Not sure what happened but... I guess I was just... given another chance...?
Though I fully intend to use this second chance at life, completely.

I missed my friends so much! I should go and see them.

Private to Divine )


Event Post

*Hey Sakana. There's a supposedly dead guy wearing black red trimmed Haou armor, that's standing outside the door to the apartment where he lives/lived. Feel free to badger him if your character is around Sakana, though if you're actually in his apartment (AKA; Asuka, Manjoume ect.) there's a knocking on the door.
Although he had been in Dark Signer mode before he arrived, his eyes are now back to normal. generally, he just seems like normal Juudai just... dressed in his Haou outfit.
Please note if you are replying to the journal or the event.*
Well, at least I'm starting to feel better from that flu I had over this last week. Nice to be able to walk about and not feel like the room is spinning anyway.

I...guess I missed the whole thing with Jin, didn't I? Argh... I kinda promised him I'd be there but, guess I couldn't help that. Seems everything was sorted out without me though.
I'm not dwelling on that... I have my mind on more important things right now anyway.

Private )


Nov. 27th, 2008 05:04 pm
The fact that I'm still struggling to sleep is worrying...
...then when I finally managed it...

...what the hell was that...
Last night's duel was really tough... and I lost but... I guess in the end it doesn't completely matter, I know where to go, and at least she's gonna be safe for now.

Private )
Hey, Isabel? I need to talk to you about something.
Private to Katou Jin

Hey, I need to talk to you about something.


Private to Koumajutsu, Akki

I heard from a friend that you got some new cards recently, sensei?


Private to Desdemona-san

I managed to get Koumajutsu-sensei's attention... unfortunately she won't meet anywhere OTHER than a bar so er... seems it's our only choice to see if we can get her to hand over the Dark Synchro or not.
We need to have a little chat.
Private )


*Juudai is sat out in the courtyard of Sakana leaning against a tree, doodling stupid pictures on scrap pieces of paper... or the back of his college notes, he went out there with full intentions to do some work but, his attention span and concentration are terrible.
Alternatively, if you have no reason to be at the Sakana Apartments, he's also doing the same in the park YES HE CAN BE IN TWO PLACES AT ONCE!!

This is a general interaction thread, so come talk to him about whatever you want!*
Damn, I slept most of the day. I guess I was really tired.
And... I guess part of me didn't want to see the mess when I woke up.

Okay, explanation time.
Not gonna delve into the huge specifics or anything. All you need to know is something happened last night and it's thinned the barriers between our world and the world where Duel Monsters live.
Now, while the barrier is very thin, when spirits appear, they now appear solid rather than see through and while solid they can be seen by everyone. Though they can still disappear into our cards to keep them hidden and we CAN talk to them... more in our heads than anything, like telepathy.

It's important to have them go back into their cards. Their ability to become solid uses the Duel Energy of the human partner they're connected to, if they have one. So if they stay out too long, you could pass out, in worse case scenarios, you might die. They basically drain you of energy and stuff, so you should only have them solid at short times.

Unfortunately, this has also opened our world up to monsters from the duel monster world breaking through much easily. We're open to attacks so... keep your guard up, especially those with the original power to see spirits, they maybe attracted to us specifically.

As for any parties from the duel monster world that come here intending invasions, I'd like the chance to talk to you, probably more with your leaders, before you do anything.

Private )
I guess most of you managed to see the duel between Johan and I in some way or another! I hope you all enjoyed it and it made up for the tournament being cancelled and all! It was so much fun and it was really back and forth until Johan managed to get out Rainbow Dragon! Even though I lost, I'm glad I got to go up against it! Johan really surprised me with some of his moves too, but I guess as we grow as duelists the way we duel can change too and he was really pulling out all the stops for this one!

But watch out the next time we get to duel, Johan!

Private )


Jun. 21st, 2008 02:32 am
You know... whoever said love was complicated was right.

...I think out of all those who've ever had feelings for me, who I've had to turn away... Isabel was the hardest... and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I know it's something she kinda needs but... I can't be the one to give it to her.

I know how it feels to have feelings for someone and they aren't returned... sure, that whole thing between me and Asuka, when she was forced to hate me, was caused by Darkness, but it hurt... so damn much. Those short two weeks felt like months to me and I never EVER want to feel that again. That alone made me realize just how much she actually means to me.
Asuka and I have over seven months worth of a relationship now and I'd never throw that away, it means too much to me... SHE means too much to me. I never want to hurt her, I want to do things that make her smile, take her to places she's never been, show her as many amazing things as I can.
Too be honest, how I feel about her I don't think I could ever write down or even say properly in words.
Haha, if only she knew how many hearts I was breaking, just to stay with her.

I only hope one day, Isabel will find someone who can give her what she needs and I really hope my decision hasn't effected our friendship, but as difficult as it was... it had to be done.

...this entry sounded a lot more better when it was in my head.
Well not long until the Summer Festival. I managed to talk to Chronos-sensei and he's given permission for those who want to help me, to take Friday off from classes to help set things up, but he said at the maximum I can only have 10 people helping me.

Anyway, lets make this a fun weekend!

Private )
Private )

Private to Johan )
This island... always something happening.

Well...whatever's going on, I gave my promise to Manjoume I'd let him and the others handle anything that comes up and only deal with it myself if it ends up that way. They're strong and I trust them, I believe in them. Besides, they're taking the time to help me with all this work, they want to see me graduate, to throw away all the hard work they're putting into helping me would be wrong.
It'll be hard, but for now, I'll just have to force myself to take a back seat.

Seems right now I have two paths before me, the one I take if I do graduate and the one I take if I don't. If I do graduate, I'm gonna look into getting into the Pro-League, just see where that leads me, but if I don't ... I've decided I won't be staying here to repeat the third year a second time, I just don't feel like my place is here next year.
If I don't graduate, I'll go travelling. Anywhere. Everywhere. Find a way to move forward on a different path. Find people I can help.
Urgh, it's late and I'm rambling to a private post no one else but me can read...
.... yeah, I did the code right this time.


Apr. 7th, 2006 12:07 am

Private )
Those nightmares I mentioned, they never did go away after all the stuff with Carmulla. It's the same everytime, I'm in a Shadow Game and I lose...

Private )

DAMNIT! Duels are supposed to be fun!!

((OOC: Just some Juudai angst to entertain you all. I think I'll have him worry over these dreams for the next few days then hit the thing with the hotspring and Kaibaman :D))



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