I swear, Pharaoh is such a difficult cat sometimes. He often only wants attention when I'm actually doing something and when I ignored his efforts today, he knocked over my drink on purpose.
...why Pharaoh hid all the PDA's in the apartment under the sofa I don't think I'll ever know. Neither will I know why I didn't look there at all during the weekend while I was looking for them... argh...!

I guess all I would of written is about how I just... I'm really not liking the events going on around the city right now, though all I really had to go on at the weekend were the news reports and you know how the news is, I think I'd get a clearer picture from everyone here.

So yeah, I round up of events and information might be good.
It's been an interesting weekend. My investigation into why Pharaoh was stealing food lead me to a small white and grey kitten who he had been stealing the food for. She was in a bad way when I found her so I had to rush her to a nearby veterinary center, luckily she perked up enough that they said I could take her home... and gave me a vet bill I really didn't need right now...
Still... to say how quiet and scared she was when I brought her back to the apartment, she's perked up a lot!! Haha, she's been following me everywhere around the apartment. I leave a room, she leaves it to! Though if I close a door so she can't follow me, she cries and scratches on it until I do open it for her...

Anyway, I don't think Pharaoh will cause anymore problems!
*Hey Sakana peoples~ Juudai is entering the apartment building with Pharaoh following him close behind. He's carrying a plastic bag on one arm and seems to be holding something in his arms, wrapped up in the jacket he was probably wearing earlier in the day. Wanna take a look what he's got?*
Urgh, great... Pharaoh is causing a problem. What the hell has gotten into him? It's not like him to just attack anyone OR steal this much food. Usually he's pretty docile.
Looks like I've got some investigating to do.
Haaa, been such a relaxing weekend! Mostly anyway!

Hmmm, I haven't seen Pharaoh all that much this past week, then earlier I was sat outside eating some fried shrimp and he came up to me, stole the last one then then just... ran off. I was really looking forward to that last one too!!
Che, weird cat.
So as usual, Pharaoh woke me up for college this morning. But then I noticed he kinda... smelled.
What in the hell has that cat been doing!?

Urgh, so after college today I tried to give him a bath... that was harder than it should of been.
My arms look like they've been attacked by a wild animal now, though I guess that's not too far from the truth.

They're gonna be sore for a while.
I stayed up late last night eating nothing but ice-cream! I even gave some to Pharaoh, he seemed to like it!
I think I fell asleep around... er... 2 or 3am. Then Pharaoh woke me up at 5am for some reason.

Haha, I slept most of the day today!
...I just discovered I had a stowaway in one of my bags I brought home from the Academy.
If anyone is wondering where Pharaoh is, he's with me. Seems he snuck into the bag and fell asleep in there.

Anyway things have really been looking up lately! Manjoume came around to my house earlier and we talked a bit more on the party idea we had. We decided on having a small party, so sorry to those we didn't get to invite. Those that are invited will get invitations soon!!
That said, if any of my friends want to do something with me this month, just message me on my PDA and we'll work something out!

To Ayumi: Sometime next week, do you want to hang out at the Domino arcade for a while? I wasn't able to invite you to the party but I figured you might enjoy spending time at a place like the Arcade more! Feel free to invite who you like to join us!

Also, I think next Monday I'll take Asuka to visit the Domino City zoo! They're holding some kind of special "Llama Day" on that day or something. Not sure if Asuka likes Llamas or not, but even if she doesn't, there's the rest of the zoo to see too!!

Hmmm, also need to visit this place Fujiwara gave me the address to, so I can ask about the apartments there.

OOC Notes: )
Urgh, okay, so much stuff has happened...

That nurse went and drugged Fubuki, Kohara and I with cookies she snuck into the ones Asuka made for us, she then spent the next few days torturing us with needles while we were under sedatives We seriously need to get her fired... but soon after she was dragged away kicking and screaming, leaving the three of us in really bad shape Shadow games I can handle, but her? Nooooope

So we had to stay in the hospital wing and rest. There was all these rumors about there being a vampire at the school, then last night Hayato rushed into the hospital wing to tell us Chronos-sensei was gonna have a shadow game with this Vampire Lady. Shou, Asuka and Hayato watched the duel on the PDA for a bit but eventually I told them I really wanted to go down there to watch and support Chronos-sensei, so Hayato carried me on his back and we both went down with Shou.

Chronos-sensei was amazing and it was such a cool duel....but he lost...the lady took his key and his soul is now trapped in some doll. I think the lady is after Kaiser next, she kept looking at him weirdly...
...but for now, what should we do? We currently have a vampire on the loose and a chronos doll on our hands. Maybe we should have a meeting, yes a meeting, maybe we could negotiate with the vampire lady to give Chronos-sensei his soul back, after all the doll is a bit annoying. I couldn't stop Pharaoh from trying to use him as a play toy, so we eventually just gave him to Manjoume to look after...

Ow...okay.....I'm still in pain from my Shadow Game and the numerous needle punctures on my arms I really need to sleep right now...but we should arrange a meeting with the vampire Lady maybe we could try getting her high on coffee which could hold her off for a week like with Darkness...it's okay....no coffee for me....I don't think my body could handle the caffeine rush right now...

I wonder what Manjoume will do with the Chronos-doll now he has it...
*puts on some loud music*

Whoooooo! Party!!!!!! :D :D
Manjoume! You got coffee from somewhere! GIMMIE!!! Before the monkeys TAKE IT FROM US!!!!
....I think I ate too much chocolate cake....

...my bling is shiny! Hehehehehehe!!!!

I'm totally abusing the use of exclamation marks!!!! And I don't CARE!!!! :D :D :D

...Is that a bear I just saw.... with a coffee pot and Kagurazaka? Hummmmm....
....Pharaoh is fluffy! X3

((OOC: Yes...sugar high Juudai is scaring me too))
Hummmm, I spent most of last night talking to the little rabid Hane Kuriboh hallucinations caused by Chronos' drugged chocolate that he gave us. That was kind of a relief, I was worried my flu was coming back Even if it was there is at least no nurse right now to make it any worse

Ugh, Pharaoh just coughed up a hairball on my bed... --;


Mar. 31st, 2005 09:33 am
Pharaoh has been cat-napped! A note was left at the Osiris Red dorms this morning which said that the cat-napper will be by the warehouses near the lighthouse at 8pm tonight. In exchange for Pharaoh, this cat-napper wants as many rare cards as possible! It said that if no one turns up or if we tried anything then the cat-napper will throw Pharaoh into the ocean and let him drown!

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Mar. 29th, 2005 11:39 am
*yawns* Morning class was cancelled because Chronos-sensei is still mumbling about ghosts. Datiokuchi-sensei told us this morning that he had seen him and he's slowly coming out of it so I guess his classes will be back on tomorrow.

Right now I'm sat under the tree in my favoruite spot, who knew these hand held things we have can also access the internet :D Well, I can update this thing on it anyway.
It's actually kinda breezy and cool today but even that has it's calmness to it. I like relaxing out here, it's peaceful.

Pharaoh is nearby, stalking around as usual, chasing the odd butterfly.

This is the life :D :D

I'm gonna make the most of it before I have to go to Daitokuchi-sensei's class this afternoon. :D



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