Well, I'm out of the infirmary once again! Hopefully I won't be back in there for a long long time.

I apologize for my last entry, I was sick and hallucinating. Most of you seemed to figure that out anyway, but some of the stuff I said I feel really bad for. Hopefully nothing like that will ever happen again! Now it's back to getting back on track again and moving forward!

I'll be visiting Yuuko-san later, I haven't visited for a while so it'll be nice to hang out there and let Aibou play with Mokona! :D Though maybe I should ask Yuuko-san about Shou while I'm there...I really don't know what's up with him... but something isn't right.


Apr. 13th, 2006 05:12 pm
*Yawn* Argh, I'm tired. Aibou got me up in the middle of the night, telling me Kenzan wasn't there. Turns out Alice lead him and Misawa out into the woods, I decided to duel her I didn't want her to do anything to either Misawa or Kenzan. Dueling her was awesome and so much fun, especially with her Doll Chimera!! Turns out she was a spirit trying to get revenge for her card being all torn up. In the end Aibou helped me win the duel, I used Wings of Evolution to evolve Hane Kuriboh to LV10!! :DDD She was happy after that, though Kenzan didn't seem as happy :/

We returned the doll to Tome-san, she was glad to have it back in it's proper place! :DD

I'm going back to bed now to catch up on the sleep I missed ~_~ Though sleeping in my classes helped! :D
Thankyou to Mary Sue who reminded me that Yugi-san's birthday is this coming Saturday! So on Saturday I'm throwing a party for him at the Osiris Red dorms! Sure he can't be there in person, but it's a good reason to have a party in his name! :D :D Hane Kuriboh is being all bouncy and agrees with me that we should throw the party!
So this is an invitation for all students, teachers and Duel Monster Spirits of the academy. Be at the Osiris Red dorms at 5pm Saturday and get ready to party!
Bring music! Bring snacks! Bring games! :D :D


May. 27th, 2005 11:34 am
So Shou, Hayato and I decided to go to the hot springs to relax. It was fun and I stole Shou's towel :D :D Then Manjoume joined in on the fun!
Though even with all this I couldn't keep my mind off recent events, I didn't even join in the fun when Shou and Hayato grabbed Manjoume's towel and started throwing it to each other!
Then I saw Hane Kuriboh so I followed it only to find myself pulled down into the Duel Monster spirit world and I was wearing clothes down there! Shou and the others soon followed and I was challenged to a duel by Kaibaman! :o
I was so worried about losing to him in a Shadow Game and something happening to Shou and Hayato, like in my dream. So I tried the best I could and I thought I had him when I thought I had took out his Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon...but he had played De-fusion and I lost to three Burst Stream attacks, but in the end nothing happened to my friends and it re-taught me that duels ARE fun! :D Even the Shadow Games! I just have to try my best and just deal with everything as it comes! :D

Thankyou, Aibou. You knew I needed a bit of a dueling pick-me-up ^^

The Duel Monster spirits are so awesome! :D We should all go to the hot spring again one day!
WOW! It's so amazing! Out there, there's a whole other world with Duel Monster spirits. Sure I've wondered a little about it since Hane Kuriboh started appearing to me but I never really gave it that much thought, it's just awesome!

Guess I should explain. Hummmm...well Daitokuchi-sensei's picnic turned out to be really interesting! We were all sat down ready to eat our food and while Daitokuchi-sensei was trying to get some food off us Hehehe, Pharaoh ate his food there was suddenly all this green light and afterwards the sky went really weird. There were like three suns and the sky had pretty coloured lights in it.

We ran off and while the others hid I carried on running, next thing I know I'm waking up in a weird place where all the ruins we were at were all intact. Also I found I could touch Hane Kuriboh He's just as fluffy as he looks then this lady comes out of nowhere and warns me I shouldn't be there, then we hear marching and she drags me to a wall to hide me...*coughs* yeah, that was a little...uncomfortable...
Anyway afterwards she told me that my friends had been captured and that they were going to be buried alive as that was the punishment for trespassing. I wanted her to take me to them so I could help them escape but she said I'd be caught too. Instead she took me inside a building and told me to wait.

While waiting, I heard Daitokuchi-sensei's voice, so I looked out of the window and they were all out there wrapped in bandages and in caskets. At this point I wasn't sure what to do....then somebody poked something sharp in my butt >>; Behind me were a bunch of people, a lot of them holding spears. It was actually pretty scary but I asked them to release my friends but none of them replied, I wondered if they could understand me but the guy who seemed to be the leader spoke to me telling me he could understand me.

Anyway he challenged me to a duel and told me if I won he'd release my friends. I didn't have to think twice about excepting :D My friends were counting on me to win.

The Shadow Game was really interesting and was a lot of fun despite feeling all the pain from the attacks. The guy, the Tombkeeper Leader I was dueling against even summoned himself! Kinda reminded me of my duel against Psycho Shocker It was so amazing and I never felt like giving up even when it looked kinda bad for me, I'm aiming to be duel king one day and I'll never reach that if I can't take shadow games, Yugi-san has been through many of them himself!
Necrovalley was a pain, not being able to get cards from my graveyard and such was quite a hard thing to work around, I liked the challenge of it though :D and it's a good thing I had Necro Darkman to fall back on in the end so I could summon Edgeman for the finishing blow.

Afterwards I went to see if the Tombkeeper Leader was okay. He saw my shiny pendant I got from Egypt and he told me he knew about it and that he knows that someone else has the other part of it, someone else who could withstand a shadow game, but apparently he didn't enjoy it like I did. How could anyone not enjoy a duel? Hummm, I wonder if I'll ever meet the person who has the other part of my pendant...

Anyway the Tombkeeper Leader let my friends go but when we were about to leave all the other Tombkeepers approached and didn't seem to want us to leave. They went to attack but one of the other monsters that the Tombkeeper Leader had used in his duel, the Tombkeepers Assassin stepped in. The hood of her cloak fell down and I found out she was actually the lady who helped me earlier :D

Eventually she managed to convince the others to let us leave, we had to reach the gates to the tomb before the three suns in the sky became one, but while we were running Hayato tripped up. He wanted us to carry on running without him but I wasn't going to leave him behind. Then one of his monsters, Des Koala, appeared and carried him on his back! That was so awesome! We just managed to reach the gate in time and then there was all this green light...

Next thing I know I'm waking up back in our own world. The others were still unconscious, Daitokcuhi-sensei, Pharaoh, Hayato and Shou were all on the floor and Asuka was laid next to me. I propped her up so I could stand up and I then noticed Hane Kuriboh's card on the floor. Des Koala's card was by Hayato. I wondered if it was all a dream, but I know it wasn't, it was all real :D

It took a while for the others to all wake up too and they seemed just as confused. We then made our way back to the academy, I think that was enough of a picnic for us for one day :D I can't keep my mind off it though, it was amazing! :D

((OOC: Wrote up as quickly as I could cos I need to get ready for work XD I have no idea how Juudai knows it wasn't a dream since I had him get that pendant before hand *lol* Oh well...))
Hummmm, I spent most of last night talking to the little rabid Hane Kuriboh hallucinations caused by Chronos' drugged chocolate that he gave us. That was kind of a relief, I was worried my flu was coming back Even if it was there is at least no nurse right now to make it any worse

Ugh, Pharaoh just coughed up a hairball on my bed... --;


Apr. 12th, 2005 12:31 pm
Hummm, I wonder what happened with Fubuki and the Nurse last night... I sure hope Fubuki managed to escape Oo;

I woke up this morning to find a note under my hotel room door. All it contains is a challenge to a duel the place and time. The place is the Pyramid we rescued Kohara from, the time is 8pm.
Hane Kuriboh looks worried and doesn't seem to want me to go, but a duel is a duel no matter who challenges me :D :D A man never backs down from a challenge!
Oh there is also small writing on the bottom of it which reads: "You must pay for stepping on sacred ground"

...I wonder if Kohara got one of these too...

((OOC: Yeah I felt like trying to tie in the recent episodes with our Egypt trip the best way I could :D Shadow Game fun~!))


Apr. 11th, 2005 11:43 am
Well it took a long time, but I managed to find Kohara who was stuck in a Pyramid yesterday. Augh! There were so many traps set up in there Oo; I almost got squished by a boulder, almost fell into a pit of spikes and at one point walls started closing in on me!!
Actually, despite all the danger, it was really fun! :D
So Kohara and I managed to get out before the poisonous snakes got to us so that was a relief. Hummm....couldn't help but get the feeling we were being watched though...

Augh, I have really bad sunburn too and I think the Nurse knows somehow! I think she can sense a medical problem from miles away! She's gonna find me and hurt me! >>;

Manjoume didn't find the Sennen Items either It doesn't matter, I get the feeling I'm gonna get something much cooler soon anyway! :D :D

Hane Kuriboh is still freaking out, I don't think it likes being in Egypt anymore...
...humm, maybe I'll go for a walk around today :D Anyone want to join me?


Apr. 10th, 2005 01:04 pm
Well we didn't find any Sennen Items. The place was caved in but we managed to move enough of the rocks and stuff to get inside. There was this HUUUUUGE door and a big hole in the floor. I was going to jump down the hole but Shou told me that was a bad idea and through the whole thing Hane Kuriboh just kept freaking out. Eventually we left but I'm not sure if Manjoume went back later, I haven't seen him all morning. I wonder where he is...

....guys, Hane Kuriboh is still freaking out. It keeps telling us we should leave Egypt cos there is danger, but it won't tell me what it is.
Aibou, what's up with you?

....maybe it can sense that the nurse is coming! :D :D
WOW! I've had so much fun today already!!! :D :D This place is so cool!
A while ago, I bought some small shiney things from a stall! I don't know what they are but they were so shiney!! I spent a while making them shine on a wall in the hotel and Hane Kuriboh kept chasing it. It was fun and it killed a few hours while it was really hot!

Then I saw Manjoume's post about finding the door to the afterlife and maybe searching for the Sennen Items. At this point Hane Kuriboh went nuts and kept repeating the same thing over and over again:
"Don't Go! Don't Go!"
....you think Hane Kuriboh is trying to tell us something?
Hummm, if we do find them Shou made me promise to let everyone know that he must have the Sennen Rod and apparnetly I have to have the Puzzle...
...I think he wants us to cosplay as the Pharaoh and Priest Seto or something, I'm not sure Oo;

Hummm, nothing going on right now so I might go out and find Asuka, she's probably hanging around a tomb somewhere :D


Apr. 8th, 2005 02:03 am

I'm so excited! This is going to be so much fun! :D :D Even Hane Kuriboh is excited, it's bouncing around a lot :D :D
We should all go out and do something really really fun! Like explore a pyramid, or find a mummified Pharaoh or...erm, I dunno, I don't care, as long as it's fun :D
I think we all could use some fun after everything that's happened :D :D
--Entry Filtered from Rei--

I'm posting from under one of the beds in Asuka's room and I am NOT leaving until that girl is gone!! Nobody can make me leave ;____; I can hear her calling for me now and I can't pinpoint where she is, this is scarrrrry!!
Shouuuuu! Asuka! Kaiser! Manjoume! Fubuki! Anyone! Please help!!

Argh! I think she's outside the door Oo;;;;

...maybe I should sneak out of the window.
Yeah, I shouldn't be moving, but I'd rather risk my fever flaring up again than be with that crazy girl!

....Hane Kuriboh seems to think this is funny... >>;


Apr. 4th, 2005 11:26 pm
Well, I slept most of the day and feel a little better cos of it. My head still hurts though, as does my throat and pretty much everything else....again. I guess the painkillers the nurse gave me earlier have worn off. She said she'd come down to the dorm room at some point to check me over again, she doesn't want me moving from all the bed rest I have to do.

Augh, it's been so boring. Earlier I did a drawing cos I was so bored. I drew Manjoume and Hane Kuriboh and Yugi-san too :D :D


Drawing is fun! :D But not as much fun as dueling!


Apr. 4th, 2005 09:14 am
Well last night I think I passed out again and spent the night sleeping on the floor, I think that's a good thing considering our.....current sleeping arrangement dilemma Oo;
I guess Asuka and Shou didn't want to move me, but at least they gave me a blanket and a spare pillow :D

Private to Asuka and Shou )

I don't think I should spend another night on the floor, if the Nurse knew, she'd try and kill me or something, so I best not mention it too her when I go for that checkup...
...also...I don't think I should mention the return of the tiny dancing Hane Kuriboh hallutinations that appeared and started biting me again last night.... though she said my fever was down...
...maybe the nurse just gave me too many painkillers Oo;


Apr. 2nd, 2005 11:34 am
Hahaha! Our Chronos humiliating himself on TV party was so much fun! :D :D Manjoume and I rigged up Chronos' TV to play it and you could hear his screaming all the way at the Osiris Red dorms :D


It was the most fun EVER!
After watching the show we decided it would be fun to duel each other, just with placing the cards on the floor of our room and not with the duel disks though, but I can't remember any of it cos I fell asleep, yeah I think the only time I'll fall asleep when any kind of duel is going on is when I'm sick with a high fever. I vaguely recall someone trying to wake me up but all I remember is mumbling something about "Flame Wingman" and "Pie" before going back to sleep.

Then when I woke up this morning I found I had pen doodles over my face...
....which one of you did that? Whoever did they were some awesome drawings...then again it might have been more than one of you who did, I at least recognized who the drawing of the pretty Chronos of my forehead belonged too Shouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
It took me forever to wash them off though Oo;

Afterwards, I started on my way to the Library but on the way I bumped into Daitokuchi-sensei and he told me that I looked kinda pale and that I really should rest some more but I said I was fine...
....yeah kinda wished I took his suggestion now, I really do feel awful and I guess throwing a party while I was ill probably wasn't the best thing to do... but nothing stops me from having FUN!!!! Not even an extremely high fever!!!!!! :D :D :D

Oh look....there's some little Hane Kuribohs dancing on the keyboard! :D :D
Okay....that either means I'm delirious or have gone insane...
....or both...

Talking of insane.... yeah...Fubuki... all this talk on Shadow Games and managing to control things within the academy....yeah... I don't feel comfortable with any of that.
So your challenging me to a Shadow Game? Well I've always believed that a man should except any challenge thrown his way and I've never been one to turn down a duel... but... from what I've learned about Shadow Games, the loser always suffers. I don't think Asuka would be happy if anything happens to either of us, she's the one who's really suffering here! You should really take a look at what all this is doing to her! She's your little sister! Doesn't that mean anything to you!?
I don't know anything about having a real little brother or sister, Shou is pretty much the closest thing I have to one, but I know the reason why older brothers are born first, to protect those who come after...

Though, something tells me I'm not actually going to have a choice in whether I duel you or not... and I personally don't like the way your screwing around with us. I'm worried you'll do something to hurt my friends and everyone else at the academy and that is unforgivable!
If worse comes to worse, and a Shadow Duel is the only thing that'll stop you...then yes....at the risk of Asuka hating me for the rest of my life or having my soul sucked into something, I'll except your challenge. Both are high prices to pay, but the safety of my friends and the whole academy is worth it.

That said, I really think I should go back to bed...the little Hane Kuribohs are starting to bite me now...

((OOC: Yeah, I'm guessing Juudai has no real brothers or sisters of his own. Nothing has been revealed about his family so I'm allowed to have a creative license with that :D :D))



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