Asuka, I have a question, is our chick a boy or a girl?

Hummm, apparently we have to wear suits to the dance >>;
Last night Asuka and I finally had our egg hatch! It's an adorable little purple chick and it runs around and it likes Asuka a lot! :D
I tried petting it but it bit me ;____; but it got used to me eventually. Now it's running around on the floor of the dorm, it's a really happy chick!! :D We're sure to get a passing grade now!! I am so glad I won't have to retake this class!!
Asuka is really happy that we won't fail too, in fact she hugs the chick a lot because she's so happy about it! :D She seemed kinda sad when she read Daitokuchi-sensei's newest journal entry though :/ Not sure why, maybe she's worried we won't pass after all...

Also last night this group called the "Black Scorpion Robber Group" stole our keys! But Detective Manjoume Thunder figured it all out and then dueled the leader! He got his Armed Dragon all the way up to Lv. 7 in his first turn!! But Ojama King was the one who gave the final blow and win it for Manjoume! Apparnetly they were working for the seven stars, but now Manjoume has got some new friends to hang out in his room with him! It sounded like they were having so much fun last night! :D :D

Manjoume still can't post due to that problem with that er...."router" thing, whatever that is, he told me today that his order for a replacement has been delayed or something...

Awwww, the purple chick is playing with Shou, it's pretending to attack him and-- Ah! No! Wait! Bad chick!!
Asuka, we have until Friday for the egg project, maybe we should both pull an all-nighter tonight to make sure we pass this thing :/ Especially since we've had our new egg for only a day.
I don't wanna have to re-take this class ;____;

((I just thought it might be a cool idea if they were both together when it hatched XD;;))


Jun. 28th, 2005 11:33 am
The chickens attacked me last night and took back the red chick!! They kept pecking and scratching and swaking at me!! ;____; Che, I don't see what the big deal was, they had 500 other chicks anyway!

Thankyou for leaving the health potion outside your door, Mary Sue. I needed it!

The strange thing was while I was sat on the dorm room floor I noticed something under the beds, I reached to grab it and it was an egg that I must have missed before I took them to the chicken coop! Asuka, we have an egg again! :D :D
Maybe you should take it before I break it...


Jun. 27th, 2005 11:36 pm
So last night I decided to put the egg under the pillow to keep it warm, I thought that way it would make a cool colourful chick hatch from it! :D Buuut....yeah...I had to go back to the chicken coop this morning as egg number 7 met a very messy end. Then when I got to the chicken coop I found it full of multi coloured chicks Oo; So I just picked one up and ran!
Look Asuka! I got us a red coloured one! :D :D

It won't quit chirping and pecking me though >_<;;; Auuuussskaaa, it's your turn to look after it!!


Jun. 26th, 2005 07:35 pm
Okay, so everyone's eggs are hatching! Why aren't the ones Asuka and I have hatching!?
Fubuki's baby chicks are cute! They follow him everywhere! :D :D
So last night Asuka and I took the eggs and hid them in the chicken coop, there was no golden egg though --;
And on the way there Rei found us and....kept latching onto me, since when did she come back? Oo; Then a monkey stole one of the eggs and climbed a tree, I went after it but then fell out of the tree, didn't really hurt though! Actually it was kinda fun! :D :D

So we kept one of the eggs from the collection (egg number 7) and Asuka looked after it last night and once again it's my turn today. I hope I don't break this one.

I think before I go to meet Asuka I'll go relax under my favoruite tree over looking the ocean! :D
Asuka, I have some bad news... I kinda...broke the egg...'s just, this morning I was stood on the balcony of the Osiris Red dorms just admiring the view and it just...slipped out of my hands. Daitokuchi-sensei walked under it at that exact time and it landed on his head and broke X___x; I hid and he just looked up and carried on his way....I don't think he knows he has the egg on his head...
...actually it was kind of funny! :D I quickly went to the dining area to see if we had a spare egg but the only round thing I can find is an orange!
Do you think we'd be able to pass it off as a growth spurt...? :D :D

Okay so...does anyone know where I can get a replacement egg before the Nurse and the teachers find out!?
I don't want to have to repeat this class... --;
So I guess it's my turn to look after the egg tonight...
Asuka, did we ever pick a name for it? I can't keep calling it "egg", it makes me want to eat it ;___;
Yesterday Shou was really mad at me, I really don't like it when he yells, he's loud when he yells, plus it makes me feel bad that he was angry...
...then we all got deafened by some guy who came to the school in a submarine. We all thought he was after the three demon cards, but when I won he went and kidnapped me Oo; I escaped though! I stole one of his boats and joy-rided it back to the academy! :D
Er....then it kinda caught on fire, but Shou was really happy to see me and he's not mad at me anymore! :D

With all this going on and the situation with Fubuki and Darkness I totally forgot we were having some kind of special class today! It was mentioned last week but they didn't explain to us what it was so I was really excited to know what this new class was! The class was this morning wasn't QUITE what I was expecting...

They said we needed to know the pains of the real world and so for some odd reason they paired us all up into....couples and then gave us an EGG! Apparently we have to take care of this egg like it's a child or something Oo;'s just an EGG!!

Manjoume wasn't very happy with the situation, he was sat at the back of the class and I could hear him mumbling bad words to himself. Then he stood up and protested a lot about being paired with Mary Sue. He claimed he didn't see the point in it and I have to agree!
What does all this have to do with dueling!? It's crazy!!

Anyway I got paired with Asuka, we were told we have to take turns looking after the egg...
...can't I just scramble it...? --;;;
They say we have to name it too...
...Asuka, can we name the egg "Flame Wingman"? :D :D Please!!

We have to do this for a week...
...this is going to be a long week... --;



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