*As promised, Juudai has arrived at the jewellery shop owned by Slate's mother in the evening, in order to talk to Slate further on what had happened when the monster attacked her. He enters the store and looks around for her.*
I honestly couldn't of asked for a better send-off duel from the Pro League than that! Getting to duel Johan again was amazing and it was so much fun!! I really hope that everyone who watched enjoyed it just as much as we did!

I am really going to miss dueling in the Pro League a whole lot.

After the duel and a few interviews, Johan and I spent some time catching up with each other. I hadn't seen him in so long and there was definitely a lot for us to catch up on!

But I guess I am now closing one door and opening a grand new one.

I'll be working on the merge of the Spirit Foundation and the Arcadia Movement over the next month. I'm aiming for it to be ready to open in the New Year under the new name of the Spirit Arcadia Institute, or SAI for short, and it will be based in what is currently the Arcadia Movement building.

((OOC: The log of Juudai's retirement pro-duel with Johan can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ich4ijv0e6cflw/Juudai%20vs%20Johan%20Retirement.txt?dl=0 ))
[Haven't done anything like this for a few years, so I thought why not!

Feel free to ask ANY questions about my characters, and I will respond with my answer/headcanon about it! (Other hobbies, character relationships, goals, what's going on in their lives other than card games... ect, anything you can think of!!)

Character List:
Juudai Yuuki
Yuma Tsukumo
Yuya Sakaki
Midori Hibiki
Sayuri Kawasaki
Tomoko Kawasaki

These are usually fun for getting to think of character aspects I may not of thought of before, or getting to mention already existing headcanons!
Go nuts!]
I got an e-mail today from one of the companies I e-mailed a week or so ago. The President of Leo Corporation in Maiami City e-mailed me directly to say he was interested in my cause and wished to support it. He even offered to send some technicians to install their solid vision system that's used for action duels!

With this extra support from Leo Corp and Noriko's Company, the Spirit Foundation and the Arcadia Movement merge can definitely happen! I can even do some extra things and make sure equipment and what not is completely up-to-date.

I guess that just leaves one more thing for me to do.

Private to Midori-san

I need to come over and talk to you at some point.
Hey, Noriko. I have something I need to chat to you about.
Scenario for Asuka

*It's late in the evening and Juudai is sat on his own at his desk at the Spirit Foundation. Everyone else had long since gone home, but he decided to stay behind to work on something and lost track of the time. Asuka, it's way past the time he usually comes home, so maybe you should check to see if he's at the Foundation and what he's doing!*


Scenario for Everyone Else

*Juudai is sat on a bench in the park and appears to be looking at something in a notepad that he has with him. He seems a little troubled. Want to talk to him?*
Synopsis: Juudai talks to Tomoko about her new powers, as well as the experience he had with his own.

Powers )
[Private to Shinoko]
Word has gotten to me about how you've been acting lately and I'm concerned.
It seems that you feel you can't trust us and with how you've been acting, it makes me feel the same way about you. The Foundation doesn't work on secrets, Shinoko. You were, what I thought, was a trusted member of my team I could rely on, but I'm not sure what to think any more.

I didn't want to do this but... effective from today, you are suspended from your position here until things are sorted out and I feel I can trust you again, or until you let me know what is going on.

I'm not angry at you, disappointed, but not angry and the Foundations doors ARE still open to you if you wish to talk to me privately about what's going on.

I will listen to you and I will help you.

[Private to Noriko]

I get the feeling I may know what the answer will be to this, but I promised I'd ask so...

...that young girl, Slate, was asking me a lot of questions the other day about people suddenly changing genders and if there are ways to change back. I... think something happened to her.
I told her I knew someone who might be able to help and I think that only person is you.

I'm still keeping out of Shian's side of things, just so you know. The girl just asked and it seems like an important issue.
This time of the year is always kind of nostalgic, seeing some of the new students posting who are starting at the academy for the first time, especially when I see students posting that they're in Osiris Red. Reminds me of when I first started there.

Which was 11 years ago.

Haha, wow.
Yeaaah, seems some of you have already noticed the state the park is in.

There was an incident there and from what I was told, a giant wind based monster appeared and was dragging that giant rock. Where it was taking the rock and what the rock was for, I don't know, but it's safe to say that it wasn't used to summon something as the creature pulling it was dealt with and it seemingly went back to where it came from.

Now... I need to figure out what to do with a giant rock.
Wait... it's the 17th of August today?

...I find myself in such weird situations sometimes.

[Private to Asuka]

... it seems you have a lookalike in the city.
Asuka and I managed to find one of the missing Numbers over the weekend, that was stolen from me ages ago. It's once again safely secured with the rest of the Numbers I have, but the whole situation is puzzling. Why exactly did someone take that one and then bury it?
*It's the weekend and naturally, you expect the areas around the schools in the city to be fairly quiet at this time of the week, but at the Domino City Duel Academy you will find Juudai and Asuka by the gate of the school, digging a hole.
Just digging a hole.
Why in the hell are they digging a hole? Weird.*

I really hope I'm right about this and we're not just digging this hole for nothing.
The other day I met a young girl who had come over here all the way from Russia because her mother is opening a jewellery shop in town.
I started chatting to her because she actually looked very physically similar to the Samasu family and wondered if she was a relative, but she'd never heard of the name before, so guess not! But I had a really interesting conversation with her and she seemed a little interested in spirits which she obviously wouldn't have experienced back in Russia.

I told her that she can come by the Spirit Foundation anytime to see some more and meet Tomoko, since she was a little unsure about making friends and Tomoko is the only person I know who is the closest in age to her.
A few days ago it was mine and Asuka's 4th wedding anniversary. Kinda amazing it's been 4 years already, it's gone by really fast!!
We were too busy to do anything on the actual day, so we're going out later today to celebrate it!
Things seem a little quiet at the moment, other than the issue with Shinoko's Ancient Fairy Dragon and her realm.

It's terrible that whenever it's like this, I never know if it's a good or bad thing.
So, the issue with the bots that were attacking spirits and certain people was resolved as of a few days ago, so none of you need to worry about that anymore.
Okay, after making a bit of a breakthrough on the issue with those strange creatures that have been appearing lately, I need to ask everyone to try and refrain from destroying them if you can. It's been confirmed that they have come from some kind of future timeline, so there are some... timey-whimey issues and all that.

Anyway I found the darker coloured creature from the other day and I got a lot of information. I was able to speak to their creator through one of them.

They're called "Automatons" and it seems that the blue ones were stolen and re-programmed in order to attack anyone whose roots are connected to the 12 dimensions, as well as anyone who's connected to the power of the person who created them. Whoever re-programmed them is looking to create a retaliation from those worlds it seems.
Anyway, the black coloured automatons are going to assist in helping to find the rift the others came through. The smaller black one may be able to temporarily fix the small one I have captive, which means we could use it to try and find the rift, hopefully.
I just came across another strange creature, similar to the previous ones, but much larger. Seemed just as hostile, but the weird thing is... when it tried to attack me, another creature came out of nowhere and protected me from it. It looked just like the other creature, except it was black in colour, it also did not seem hostile towards me, but was more hostile towards the original blue creature.

Seems like we may have two groups of these creatures here, but I still have no idea what these creatures are, where they are from and why they are here.



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